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Shelley Bunnell

I'm a single,(for now), bookworm/music-loving/artist/writer/singer wannabe, who loves her amazing parents and friends, loyally and will defend them to the death. My roomie and my heart is (Spunk)Ransom. A beautiful, clever and highly entertaining black cat of the male persuasion, who approves all books as they come through the door. We live humbly in a small house in my beautiful hometown, Salem, Oregon, where we spend many days(and nights) dreaming of what will be.

Kathryn Grimes 
Hi everyone!  My name is Kathryn.  I am a teacher and an avid reader.  I always have a book with me wherever I am and I love connecting with others through reading.  When I am not with my family or reading, I enjoy listening to music, riding horses, photography, and maybe planning some place to travel to, but it all comes down to what do I want to read next...??
Having the chance to meet Shelley has been phenomenal.  Sharing the passion of what a good book brings to your life is exhilarating and with this blog, we hope that we can pass some of our excitement on to you.

Thanks for stopping by...and we hope that we can get to know you as well!! <3

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  1. I tagged you guys for the Liebster blog award. http://www.breatheinbooks.blogspot.com/2012/07/liebster-blog-award.html I love reading your reviews!