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Our Review Policy:

THANK YOU for stopping by to check out our review request policy. We appreciate your courtesy.
FIRST AND FOREMOST: WE. LOVE. BOOKS. We love to read, review AND interview; authors and characters alike.
So...what are we interested in?
At Tsk Tsk What to Read, we have a hunger for all things paranormal, though we lean toward YA and Adult Paranormal Romance. Our taste is eclectic...a multi-genre smorgasbord that can reshape itself without warning. Having said that, here is what we're most inclined to read and accept:
Kathryn's preferences include:
Well PNR is first on her list and this includes YA & Adult, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, pretty much anything with a paranormal flare to it.  She loves Dystopian novels, Mythology,  Adult Contemporary, some Steampunk, and some Adult Romance/Erotica. 
Shelley's interests include:
See above: PNR is #1 and in her eyes includes; Science fiction; Horror; YA and Adult Urban Fantasy; YA and Adult High Fantasy, including, Historical romance and Steampunk; Mystery and Suspense with a paranormal twist; as well as some YA Contemporary/Realistic fiction and Adult Romance/Erotica. (Please note she does not care for hardcore "porn", but is a fan of Fifty Shades and Anne Rice's Claiming Beauty trilogy-go figure.)

At this time, we are NOT accepting requests for books by authors we do not have a relationship with or have not worked with in the past. This policy applies to INDIE and SELF-PUBLISHED authors and is TEMPORARY.  This is simply because we have found ourselves extremely busy and don't feel we have the time to give our full attention to someone's work we are not familiar with. We do this out of respect for the time and effort you've put in to your work.
*THAT is not to say we do not make exceptions.
Please note these exceptions will be based on requests from or referred to us by bloggers and publishers we trust and have a working relationship with.*

For all other requests, please contact us at:,  with as much detail as possible in order for us to respond in a timely and fully informed manner.
Happy reading, Kathryn and Shelley 

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