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COVER REVEAL: Broken WIngs (Hidden Wings series) by Cameo Renae

Boy do we have a GORGEOUS treat for you today....
Check out the cover for Broken Wings (Hidden Wings series) by Cameo Renae...
Just can't stop staring at it....

Broken Wings (Book 2 in the Hidden Wings Series) 
by Cameo Renae

Cover Design by: Regina Wamba of Mae I Design

Emma’s world is falling apart, and Kade, the only one who seems to hold her together, is missing. With death lingering right outside their door, decisions must be made before it’s too late.
The Midway has refused to send help, so they are left to seek out the only other who can stop Lucian.
A perilous quest sends Emma and a few Guardians into the Underworld, where the unimaginable abide, to beseech the Prince of Darkness himself. Lucifer.
Now, they must endure the deadly levels of Hell, which not one …mortal or immortal… has ever survived.
Prepare for love, loss, and the unexpected.

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BLOG TOUR: In a Heartbeat by Teodora Kostova

We have something very special for you today...But, first, We truly can't believe the tour has come to an end.  It has been so fun.  There have been some fabulous stops, fantastic reviews, and some great giveaways.  TSK TSK What to Read would like to thank all of the tour hosts for participating and really just getting the word out there of this FANTABULOUS book....
So, as the last day is here, we wanted to do something different.  So, after speaking with Teodora, we decided to choose a scene from In a Heartbeat and she would write it from an alternate POV. Squeeee!!! So exciting!! 
So, without further adieu...Here it is... ENJOY!!!
Max's POV  in Chapter 32

When Stella took Max’s hand and led him towards the living room, he couldn’t help but feel both relieved and nervous. He was glad she wanted him there, with her mother and with her whole family, but at the same time had the nagging feeling that he shouldn’t be there. That her mum would not appreciate his presence. As if he was a part of the family. God, the mere thought of that made him ecstatic.
What if Helen doesn’t like me? What if she thinks I’m just a fling for Stella?
What if he was?
No, that wasn’t true. Despite everything they’ve said about their relationship ending when Stella headed back home, and both being OK with that, Max knew he wasn’t OK with that. Not anymore. And he was pretty sure Stella wasn’t either.
She led him to the huge green beanbag and Max sat down, expecting Stella to sit on the sofa next to her mum and Niki. Instead, she sat right between his legs as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Max stiffened, not sure what to do. He glanced in Helen’s direction, but she was chatting animatedly with Niki and wasn’t even looking at them. Sensing his discomfort, Stella turned her head over her shoulder and gave him one of her charming, reassuring smiles that always eased and relaxed him. It reminded him of the day she had told him how proud she was of him after he’d dragged that guy out of the water. Her presence and behaviour that day had nipped the panic attack at the bud. Just like right now.
He exhaled the breath he didn’t even realise he was holding and wrapped Stella in his arms. His whole body relaxed under her weight on his chest. Reassuring. Comforting. Wonderful.
Lisa had picked up her sketch book as she always did when they gathered in the living room and had started drawing something, not even lifting her eyes from the paper. It was like all she needed was a single glance and she memorized the scene she wanted to draw. Max knew how talented she was with a simple pencil in her hand – he’d seen it... no, experienced it, himself.
The familiar scent of Stella’s shampoo filled his nostrils and he realised he’d buried his face in her hair. She hadn’t moved in a while and was uncharacteristically quiet.
 “What are you thinking about?” Max whispered in her ear.
“How good this feels.”
Yeah, me too.
Helen glanced their way and smiled, right before she yawned and Max noticed how tired she looked. She must be dying to get into bed. Niki took pity on her friend and finally stopped talking about their plans for Helen’s visit. They wished everyone ‘goodnight’, and climbed upstairs to the bedrooms.
 “It’s still early for us. You guys wanna watch a movie?” Stella asked.
“I haven’t slept all day, unlike you,” Lisa stood up, giving them a pointed look.
Yeah, right, slept.
“Who said we slept all day?” Max teased. Lisa rolled her eyes and tore a page out of her sketchbook.
“Whatever. Here.” She extended her arm towards them, holding the page she’d just torn. “See how sickeningly cute you look.” Winking at them, Lisa climbed the stairs to her room.
Stella held the drawing in her hand, her mouth open. Max could see it over her shoulder – it was them. And it was amazing, just like the first drawing Lisa had shown him a long time ago.
 “She’s incredible, isn’t she?” said Max, remembering the moment Lisa had come to him five years ago and given him a piece of paper, as if it was yesterday. “When I first saw her at the counselling meeting, she was sitting on a chair, her legs crossed and a sketch pad over her knees. She never stopped drawing, even when she talked, but she never showed us anything. It took me four weeks of listening to others before I gathered enough courage to speak myself. The day I spoke about my dad, Lisa came to me after the meeting and gave me a sheet just like this one.” Max needed to stop talking and collect himself, because he felt unexpected emotion bubbling up inside. That had happened a lifetime ago, but it still felt raw. Stella didn’t say anything – she knew all too well how it felt to remember stuff you didn’t really want to remember, but couldn’t help to anyway. She waited patiently for him to finish picking imaginary fluff off the beanbag until his hands stopped trembling.
 “When I looked at it, it was as if I was hit by a high-speed train. The emotion behind that simple pencil drawing was exactly what I’d felt when I’d talked that day. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s got an amazing talent of capturing feelings on a piece of paper.”
Stella nodded slowly as if realising that was exactly what it was – not just a drawing, but emotion caught on a piece of paper.
 “Stella ...” Max whispered, his lips touching the skin under her ear. “I don’t want to watch a movie.” He was suddenly overcome by the need to be as close to Stella as humanly possible and never let go. He wanted her body imprinted on his own, because she was already, irreversibly, a part of him.
Stella reacted to the touch of his lips and his soft tone of voice as she always did – she shivered in his arms, goose bumps exploding everywhere his lips touched her skin and her breath caught.
 “What do you want to do?” Stella asked, her voice low and unsteady. Max wrapped his arms more tightly around her and nipped her earlobe.
“I want to be inside you. Badly. And then I want you sleeping snuggled beside me.”
He kept that part to himself, but couldn't control his actions as Stella’s whole body shuddered with need and lust. Max stood them both up in a flash and scooping her up in his arms, took her upstairs to her room.

“I’ve been in and out of hospitals for the past ten months. I’ve had half my liver removed and even though this time the doctors are very optimistic that they’ve removed all of the tumours, they can’t be sure. In another three months they want me here again for a check up. Right now I feel better than I’ve ever felt. I know the damn thing is gone, at least for the moment. Despite that, I can’t make any plans for the future, not yet. I need to go somewhere where nobody knows me, where I can relax and maybe even forget about all this. Where I can meet people who don’t think of me as the girl who lost her father and her brother in a car accident, and who has cancer. I want to have fun, even if it’s for a couple of months.” 

When Stella decides to visit her estranged cousin Lisa in Genoa, she has no idea Italy will give her a new reason to live.


“Her gaze locked on a scene so beautiful, the picturesque beach paled in comparison. A lifeguard emerged from the water, his orange trunks stuck to his legs and water dripping all over him. He shook his head to get rid of some of the water in his hair and Stella felt as if everything started developing in slow motion – tiny drops of water slid from his neck down his broad chest and muscular arms, along a weaving tattoo on his right shoulder, and continued downwards towards his chest and washboard stomach, finally getting lost in the waistband of his trunks. A part of another tattoo peeked over his trunks on his left hip, the other part hidden under them. It was a total Baywatch moment.”

Their love is epic. But there are too many things keeping them apart.

“How could you keep this from me, Lisa? If you had told me the first day I met him, I would have avoided him like the plague. Nothing would have happened between us.”
“I kept your secrets, too, Stella.”

Are Max and Stella strong enough to fight not only for their love, but for their lives?

Check out Kathryn's REVIEW HERE.

Hi, my name is Teodora and I live in London with my husband Ted and my son Jason. I've been writing ever since I can remember, but it became my full time job in 2010 when I decided that everything else I've tried bores me to death and I have to do what I've always wanted to do, but never had to guts to fully embrace. I've been a journalist, an editor, a personal assistant and an interior designer among other things, but as soon as the novelty of the new, exciting job wears off, I always go back to writing. Being twitchy, impatient, loud and hasty are not qualities that help a writer, because I have to sit alone, preferably still, and write for most of the day, but I absolutely love it. It's the only time that I'm truly at peace and the only thing I can do for more than ten minutes at a time - my son has a bigger attention span than me.
When I'm procrastinating, I like to go to the gym, cook Italian meals (and eat them), read, listen to rock music, watch indie movies and True Blood re-runs. Or, in the worst case scenario, get beaten at every Wii game by a five year old.

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BLOG TOUR: Deer in the Headlights by Staci Hart

What do the Greek gods do when they're bored? Because they're always bored, so humans are the perfect players in their games.

Aphrodite owns love; she hasn't lost a competition on her turf in over three millennia. Apollo is on a mission to win. He's counting on it to finally get the one woman he's never been able to have. The two gods will choose their human players, and if Aphrodite can't get them together before the clock runs out, Apollo will get his way. And Aphrodite couldn't have that.
Lex and Dean are perfect for each other, they just don't know it yet. Dean is a perpetual bachelor, and a brooding, beautiful rock star. Lex is always with a man, but she'll never fully give herself up. Aphrodite has her work cut out for her, but if she can't make it work, no one can.
The gods have their own drama. Apollo killed Aphrodite's mortal love - they've got beef that's been dragging on for thousands of years. Ares, the douchebag, is forever trying to pick a fight, and trying to get Aphrodite into bed. And Persephone, Aphrodite's best friend, is the one person who Aphrodite shares everything with. 
Follow the gods as they fight, laugh, cry, lose,  love, gain power, and make a mess with humans.

Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life -- a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can't forget that. She's also been a mom; she has three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She's been a wife; even though she's certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She's also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she's been drinking whiskey. Her favorite word starts with f, ends with k, and there a uc in there. Just saying. From roots in Houston, to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she's not writing, she's sleeping, cleaning, or designing graphics. But let's be honest, she's mostly writing. 


What a fun, sexy and wildly entertaining read. Staci has combined Greek mythology and current pop culture to create a genuinely unique look at finding true love in a complicated modern world. I absolutely loved the twists on the mythology. Weaving so much of what we believe to be true and expanding on the histories of the twelve Olympians and their assumed loves and losses. Tragic, intense and soooo fascinating.
I was so intrigued by the premise of this story. Fun and games with the original Olympians? I jumped right in and was hooked from the get-go. This novella packs a punch and amazingly crams a complete tale in only 166 pages. Is that really possible? Oh, hell yes!

This is not your momma's mythology. It's so much more. The world building is great. The characters are full bodied, fresh and exciting. From following the gods and goddesses through the past, often in flashbacks or daydreams, to their crazy cool, eccentric lives in our world secretly among our heartbroken, shattered, confused and unsatisfied human would-be lovebirds.
I laughed out loud and ate up their crazy manner and extravagance... how they have assimilated their centuries and eons old customs and battles so easily and charmingly with all things hip. I especially enjoyed Dita (Aphrodite) and her penchant for breaking out in dance. Busting a move when excited or taunting her rivals. She was by far the "star of the show", though I completely absorbed all of their memories.

So what about our (unaware)human participants? Lex was sweet and kind. A talented artist and poet. A great friend to her best friend Kara and boyfriend Travis. Who was adorable and talented in his own right. But as much as Lex cares for Travis she knows she's not in love him. And he's not in love with her. With her issues as a child, she wants nothing more than to find that you be true, passionate love but she's too afraid to really put her heart there, so she settles into the comfortable relationship she has with Travis. 
And then there's Dean. Good gawd y'all, Dean!!! He was the epitome of the fractured and beautiful rockstar. A serial one nightstander so broken he doesn't let anyone in but writes the most haunting and moving songs. And once he sees Lex he only wants to sing to her.

Lex and Dean seem to have an instant, undeniable connection. Trust me guys, this connection is not gratuitous. It's very evident. And strong. But is it fate? As if they don't have enough troubles on their own, the god's influences create a tug of war with their hearts and wreaks havoc on their minds.
While the god's plot their next moves in their elaborate game, we see after all these centuries they still have have troubles and sorrows of their own. Each of their stories go beyond fun and games and ancient rivalries. Stories so gut wrenching and heartbreaking, it's no wonder they resort to their challenges in order to seek revenge and redemption.

Throw in Lex's friend and Dean's band and the romances gets that much more complicated and entangled.
Can anyone find love and happiness in this crazy mixed world? Pick up Deer In the Headlights and find out for yourself. It will be an afternoon or evening well spent.

Each blog is can give away two ecopies of the book.
Tour Wide Giveaway:
5 signed copies of Deer in Headlights
2 $25 Amazon Gift cards

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COVER REVEAL: Beauty from Surrender by Georgia Cates

OH YES everyone!!! Look what we have here...Check out the cover for Beauty from Surrender, book 2 in the Beauty series from Georgia Cates.
Just like Beauty from Pain, book 1, an AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS cover... 

Release date: May 30th

Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet.

When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. When she’s being domestic, she’s listening to her iPod and visualizing scenes for her current work in progress. Every story coming from her always has a song to inspire it. 

COVER REVEAL: Just One Cup by Cassandra Giovanni

GENRE: New Adult>Contemporary Romance


Emma Walker was a writer who'd lost herself to someone else's anger--who had given up on ever feeling like herself again.
Evan Levesque was a rock-god--the one all the woman wanted, but he'd never gotten used to the loneliness between the stage and real life.
With just one cup of coffee they'll begin a journey of self-discovery at each others sides, but can Emma handle Evan's fame while dealing with her own demons? Emma's checkered personal past, a bad relationship that haunts the edges of her memories, threatens to make everything implode on them when Evan takes matters into his own hands.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words...they'll destroy my soul--Can Emma handle being put back together and facing who she's become because of it?
When he came off the plane he was wearing aviators, a black button-up, dark wash jeans and those Converse shoes that I hated on anyone but him. He lifted his sunglasses and broke into a smile as I ran into his arms. He dropped his bag and spun me around as soon as I was in his arms.
"How did you know?" he asked as he set me on the ground, his hands tangled in my hair.
"You told me what flight you were on."
He shook his head and held my chin in his hand. "I've always wanted to have someone to wait for me—to spin them around and then do this."
He pulled my chin up and tilted it until our lips touched—soft at first and then the reminder that we hadn't kissed in two months came over us. The only thing that could pull us apart was the whistle that echoed through the terminal and then the incessant flash of cameras.
"Crap," Evan hissed, his forehead pressed to mine with his hands on either side of my face so they couldn't get a good picture of me. "You don't want them to know who you are yet, do you?"
I shook my head but said with my voice shaking, "I knew the risk."
He swallowed and then smiled. "Tilt your head down so that your hair covers your face from view."
I did what he said and then felt his hands slip the glasses over my eyes. As I looked up his cocky half-smile made me laugh.
"They look a hell of a lot hotter on you," he teased, throwing his duffel bag over his shoulder and wrapping his arm around my waist so that his fingers were in the front pocket of my jeans.
"I don't think that's possible," I replied, breathless from the feel of his touch as my t-shirt rose, exposing the flesh of my hip to his warmth.
"It’s very possible with you," he whispered into my ear as we made our way past the flashing cameras. "I can't wait to see the tabloids on this one."
"It would be much better if we did something dangerous, like locked ourselves in a public restroom."
He looked down at me through his eyebrows. "Really? That's not all that clean."
"I haven't seen you in two months," I said, turning and stopping in front of him. "I've thought about you every single day. Do you know what that does to a girl? Especially when pictures of you half-naked are strewn across the internet."
"I see you found those." His voice was edged with amusement, but his face was red in embarrassment.
I pulled on the collar of his shirt before leaning up on my toes and whispering into his ear, "I need some real ones."
"What do you need pictures of when I'm here?" he answered, his breath hot on my chin, voice seductive.
"I need you to burn the images into my mind then," I said before gently biting his ear.
His free hand drifted down the small of my back to my rear pocket. "I thought I already had."
"Mhmm...I need more."
"I have to admit I kind of enjoy this." He smirked down at me. "But teasing me like this is just cruel."
"Does the rental car have blacked out windows?" I asked over my shoulder as I turned.
I watched his Evan's Adam’s apple rise and fall. "I sure hope so."

Cassandra doesn't remember a time when she wasn't writing. In fact, the first time she was published was when she was seven years old and won a contest to be published in an American Girl Doll novel. Since then Cassandra has written more novels than she can count and put just as many in the circular bin. Her personal goal with her writing is to show the reader the character's stories through their dialogue and actions instead of just telling the reader what is happening. In 2012 she became a published Young Adult author, releasing In Between Seasons (The Fall, #1) and Walking in the Shadows. In 2013 she branched out by using her artistic illustrating talents to publish her first Children's novel, The Adventures of Skippy Von Flippy: Tales of Friendship (Skippy Tales, #1). Cassandra will also release her first New Adult novel, Just One Cup, in the Spring of 2013.

Cassandra is a freelance professional photographer known for her automotive, nature and architectural shots. She is the owner of Gio Design Studios, a photography and publication marketing company that designs covers and marketing materials for authors utilizing the company's photography. She is currently studying to receive her associates degree in Marketing. Cassandra is happily married to the man of her dreams and they live in the rolling hills of New England with the other loves of her life their dogs, Bubski and Kanga.

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MOST WANTED: 4/29/13

No Attachments
by Tiffany King
** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations, language and mature subject matter **

Ashton Garrison walked away from a privileged life in order to hide from the one thing she's not willing to face. She knows she left behind a trail of pain, but in the long run, her betrayal will hurt less than the truth. She now has one goal: Live life to the fullest with no regrets and no attachments. She has high hopes that a move to new surroundings will provide the escape she desires, but what Ashton doesn't count on is how fate always seems to find a way to screw up any good plan. Sometimes, when love comes knocking, the pull is too strong not to answer. Suddenly, what she thought she wanted to escape from is what Ashton now wants more than anything.
Nathan Lockton has one mission: find his target and complete the task he was hired to do—no attachments and no emotion necessary. He's done it over and over again. What he thought was a typical lost-and-found job has turned into a life examining moment as Nathan is forced to deal with something he has always ignored--his feelings. Now faced with a decision, Nathan must choose to either follow his heart or complete the job.
Love can come when you least expect it. The question is: If the odds are stacked against you, how far are you willing to go for the one you love?

The Eternity Cure
(Blood of Eden series)
by Julie Kagawa
 Allison Sekemoto has vowed to rescue her creator, Kanin, who is being held hostage and tortured by the psychotic vampire Sarren. The call of blood leads her back to the beginning—New Covington and the Fringe, and a vampire prince who wants her dead yet may become her wary ally.

Even as Allie faces shocking revelations and heartbreak like she’s never known, a new strain of the Red Lung virus that decimated humanity is rising to threaten human and vampire alike.

Oath Bound
(Unbound series)
by Rachel Vincent
The Tower Syndicate will fall...
The secret daughter of the head of an infamous Skilled crime family, Sera Brandt has hidden her past, her potential and especially her powers. But when a tragedy strikes her other family, Sera needs justice. And the only way to get it is to reveal her heritage–including a rare Skill–and take the reins of the Tower Syndicate from her cunning and malicious aunt.
If he can figure out how...
Kristopher Daniels might have the answer. He's fought the syndicate to protect his sisters, but he'd never realized just how close to the new heir he needed to get....
And if they can survive
Neither is used to trusting. But there's something between them that can't be ignored. And so Sera is on the run with a man she can't figure out, a target on her back and the new knowledge of just how powerful she really is...

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COVER REVEAL: Until I Break by M. Leighton

Squeeeee!!!! Does excited even begin to define what we are feeling about Until I Break by M. Leighton?
Probably not, but let us just say....IT IS PHENOMENAL!!!
CANNOT WAIT to read this one!! :D
And now...Here is the FABULOUS cover....

In love, sometimes what you fear most is exactly what you need.

Laura Drake is an author. She writes bestselling paranormal romances that continue to top thecharts.  She is sharp.  She is confident.  She is in control. 
And she doesn’t exist.
Samantha Jansen is the woman behind the wig, the woman mostof the world doesn’t know exists.  She isshy.  She is insecure.  She is nothing like her main character or her alter ego.  She is scarred—deeply scarred—by a past shecan’t let go of and a present she can’t make peace with.
Samantha’s dreams are consumed by one man, the broken herofrom her books.  Mason Strait is both herwildest fantasy and her most terrifying nightmare. 
When Samantha meets Alec Brand, a corporate consultant, itis as though Mason has come to life. Alec is handsome to a fault, as elegant as he is arrogant, and moreintense than any man has a right to be.
Samantha is soon sucked into a world that mirrors thefiction she writes.  Just like her maincharacter, Daire Kirby, Samantha finds herself unable to resist the forbiddenlure of Alec.  And just like Daire, shealso finds that she is faced with taking a chance on a man who could either sether free or destroy her.
The scale tilts toward destruction when Samantha finds outthat Alec is as much a work of fiction as Mason.  And he has scars of his own, scars that couldruin them both.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, M. Leighton, is a native of Ohio. She relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she can be near the water all summer and miss the snow all winter. Possessed of an overactive imagination from early in her childhood, Michelle finally found an acceptable outlet for her fantastical visions: literary fiction. Having written over a dozen novels, these days Michelle enjoys letting her mind wander to more romantic settings with sexy Southern guys, much like the one she married and the ones you'll find in her latest books. When her thoughts aren't roaming in that direction, she'll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.

About Michelle:  I love coffee and chocolate, even more so when they are combined.  I'm convinced that one day they could be the basis for world peace.  I also love the color red and am seriously considering dying my hair.

RELEASE DAY BLAST: Playing Patience by Tabatha Vargo

Sometimes all you need is Patience.

Life’s been hard for Zeke. Being a punching bag for his alcoholic father has turned him into stone. Not even the dodgy trailer park he lives in can scare him. Fighting is his release and sex, drugs, and his guitar bring him peace, but deep down Zeke isn’t quite as hard as he makes himself out to be. When he meets Patience, she finds all his broken pieces and puts him back together, but she’s a ray of light in his shadowed life and the last thing he wants to do is bring her into his dark world. Playing careless is easy, playing the bad guy can be fun, but playing Patience is impossible, especially when she can see right through him.

Zeke isn’t the only one who’s broken, and for the first time, in a long time, Patience feels alive. Her black and white world gets a shot of color when she meets Zeke. He’s unlike anyone she’s ever met with his tattoos, piercings, and blunt honesty. She wants nothing more than to let go and ride the wild side with him, but some wounds never heal and the broken pieces of Patience aren’t so easy to find.

***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young adult readers.***

She reached up, tucked her hair behind her ear, and bit at her lip like she knew what I was thinking. She closed her eyes and sighed when I ran my thumb across her bottom lip.

“I think I want to kiss you.”

There. I’d said it. It was out there and there was no taking it back. I hadn’t kissed a girl since I was fourteen. Mainly because it felt entirely too personal, but with Patience I wanted to be personal. I wanted to taste her in ways I hadn’t tasted other women, and kissing was the only way I could do that.

Her eyes widened, and her throat bobbed up and down as she swallowed hard. Her breathing accelerated as I gave her a minute to let my words sink it. If she wasn’t okay with being kissed good and hard, I was giving her plenty of time to say so. I had a feeling that once my mouth connected with hers it would take a lot for me to stop. 

“I think I want you to kiss me,” she whispered.

I looked down at her sweet mouth and bit at my lip ring. I tilted her head up to meet mine and moved in. I let my lips skim hers and they were every bit as soft as they looked. A tiny noise escaped her mouth and I lost it.

Check out my review here.

Tabatha's been writing since she could pick up a pencil. Her first publication was a little poem in her elementary school paper, from that point on she was hooked. When she was a teenager, she traded in her girly magazines for personalized writing notebooks.

At nineteen, she met her own personal prince charming and writing took a back burner for a while. She's now married to that prince and the mother of a beautiful seven-year-old princess/rock star. Once her daughter was born, writing came back into her life, and she finished her very first novel, Wicked Fate, in May of 2009.

She's now pursuing her English degree and she hopes to one day teach while continuing to write.

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Playing Patience by Tabatha Vargo

Playing Patience

by Tabatha Vargo

Giveaway ends June 01, 2013.
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