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Road to Hell Blog Tour

Rounding out the tour, we here at TSK TSK What to Read decided to send everyone off with a playlist that we feel speaks volumes for the Road to Hell series...
Hope you enjoy!!

Kathryn's RTH Playlist...
Where as there are soooo many songs that encompass this series to me, these are songs that I have listened to day in and day out and felt that they spoke volumes about the series. They aren't in any order and some songs represent all the books so far...So, enjoy!! 

1.  Soldiers by Otherwise
2.  Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin
3.  Breath by Breaking Benjamin
4.  Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars
5.  Love-Hate-Sex-Pain by Godsmack
6.  Forever by Papa Roach
7.  Burn by Papa Roach
8.  Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold
9.  Down with the Sickness by Disturbed
10.  Savior by Rise Against
11.  The Reason by Hoobastank
12.  Broken by Seether ft. Amy Lee
13.  I Don't Trust Myself by John Mayer
14.  Nobody by Keith Sweat
15.  For You by Staind
16.  Freek-A-Leek by Petey Pablo
17.  Nookie by Limp Bizkit
18.  My Immortal by Evanescence
19.. Send the Pain Below by Chevelle
20.  Comfortable Liar by Chevelle
21.  Revenge by Chevelle
22.  Face to the Floor by Chevelle
23.  Ruse by Chevelle

Shelley's RTH Playlist...

My list has somewhat of a timeline that runs true with the books, although there are several songs that you might find appropriate throughout the series.
  1. Magic Man- Heart
  2. In This Life- Chantal Kreviazuk
  3. Quicksand- Incubus
  4. Dig-Incubus
  5. *Hate Your Way- Nina Gordon
  6. Let It Die- Foo Fighters
  7. Stolen Car- Beth Orton
  8. Feelin Love- Paula Cole
  9. You Make A Fool Out Of Me- Brendan Benson
  10. All This and Nothing- Sponge
  11. Heavy- Collective Soul
  12. Once- Pearl Jam
  13. Done All Wrong- Black Rebel Motorcycle Gang
  14. Everything Zen- Bush
  15. Back Against The Wall- Cage The Elephant
  16. Black And White- Sarah McLachlan
  17. Ways And Means- Snow Patrol
  18. No Light- Florence And The Machine
  19. I Will Possess Your Heart- Death Cab For Cutie
  20. Satellite Mind- Metric
  21. So Far From Your Weapon- The Dead Weather
  22. All You Want- Dido
  23. Leave Out All The Rest- Linkin Park
  24. She Says- Howie Day
  25. The Royal We- Silversun Pickups
  26. Universe & U- KT Tunstall
*I wasn't able to find the video for Hate Your Way. I encourage you to look it up yourself. It really hits home for Madison while she struggles with her love for Micah in Madison's Life Lessons. And it ROCKS! 

And now...Wow! It's hard to believe we're at the end of the tour! We've had fun sharing our love for Gracen and her amazing series...visiting the participating blogs; reading wild and crazy cast interviews, great reviews and seeing the extras some of the girls threw in to make it even more exciting. So first off...THANK YOU BLOGGERS! You're all ROCKOLICOUS!!! We appreciate all you've done and without you, well we couldn't have pulled this off. We LOVE our Hellhound sisters and we're very thankful for all the friendships we've made as a result of meeting, reading and falling in with Gracen and her unique and thrilling Road to Hell world.
And with that...THANK YOU, GRACEN MILLER! For your friendship, the love and support you show your fans, supporters and aspiring writers...for a sexy, terrifying world we never want to leave and characters we can't bear to say goodbye to. You are a bright and shining star and to us, you always shine brilliantly. WE LOVE YOU, MOMMA!
And lastly, to all the readers and followers who came out to support Gracen by entering all the giveaways and sharing like crazy. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We've made new friends, added to the Hellhound family and hopefully gotten Gracen more of the exposure she and the Road to Hell series deserve. Again, we couldn't have accomplished any of this without YOU!
We sincerely hope you grow to love these characters the way we do. We're very excited...ok, we're salivating...awaiting the final installment, Genesis Queen. Be sure to stay tuned for details as we get them. Visit our facebook page, Gracen's and the Road to Hell series Fan Page, often, for up to the minute news on all things Gracen Miller and RTH.

Happy reading! ~Kathryn and Shelley

**Don't forget...a Couple more days to enter to win these FABULOUS prizes....**

Here is a list of the prizes:

autographed copies of Madison's Life Lessons & Pandora's Box
Road to Hell t-shirt
Road to Hell swag
Road to Hell bracelet and bookmark (made by Sezzy Sparkles)

2nd prize:
Road to Hell t-shirt
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3rd prize:
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Gracen's Prize Pack

Hell's Phoenix T-shirt (L or XL)
Road to Hell series baseball cap
Road to Hell series Window Cling
Gracen Miller's Hellhound pin
Gracen Miller pen
Gracen Miller's Hellhound Rubber Bracelet
Skull Ring (in your size and your choice of colored skull to be arranged 
between you and Gracen)

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Scorched Skies by Samantha Young

We have a surprise giveaway from the fabulous Samantha Young!!! After you check out the book trailer and some info about Scorched Skies....Scroll down for details on your chance to win a beautiful Scorched Skies, Fire Spirits 2 swag pack...

 Scorched Skies Book Trailer

Fear the Heat...

The White King has crossed the line, sounded the horn, sent out the wolves.

When blood is shed and life is lost the reality of Ari’s position as both hunter and prey finally sets in. It seems her father will stop at nothing to force her will to his own and distracted by Charlie’s latest mistake and her seemingly misguided attraction to Jai, Ari never thought to fear anyone else but the Jinn King.

Blindsided and attacked, Ari learns a new wolf has joined the hunt. A dark sorcerer believes he knows a way to bleed the power of the Seal and wield it as his own, and he is even less patient than The White King.

The War for the Seal has only just begun… and it’s time for Ari to turn it on its head.
It’s time for Ari to stop acting like the hunted.

It’s time for Ari to become the hunter.

Click here to see Shelley's Review of Scorched Skies

Click here to check out our interview with the Fire Spirits Cast

Where to find more info:
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13108754-scorched-skies
Samantha Young: http://www.samanthayoungbooks.com/
Fire Spirits Blog: http://firespiritsnovels.blogspot.com/

Where to purchase the book:
 Scorched Skies:
 On the Fire Spirits blog you can find more sources for International purchase.


Now...on to the FUN stuff...
With much thanks to Samantha Young, she has donated a FANTASTIC prize pack to be given away to ONE lucky winner...
The Prize pack consists of:

 Fire Spirit Swag and autographed copy of Scorched Skies..

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Creatura "The Lethal Book" Blog Tour

Kathryn: We're kicking off the Creatura Lethal tour right here and as an introduction, we've challenged the cast to tell us about themselves in no more than 3 sentences. So here they are; Isis, David, Claire, Nyx, the twins, Eryx and Galen (aka Gemini), Andy, and Gabriel.

Shelley: Welcome to Tsk Tsk What to Read, everyone! Who wants to start???

Galen: “I will begin, thank you.”

Andy: “Uh…not ! It’s Isis’ story. She should go first.”

Galen:  *rolls eyes* It’s always about Isis.

Isis: “I’m not ready. I need to think about this one.”

Nyx: “I’ll begin.” *clears throat* “I am mother to Galen, Eryx, an David, a wife and a lover of natural remedies. My hobbies include cooking and reading. For exercise, I shop while wearing couture fashion in five-inch heels. I can spot a lie a mile away.” Turns to look at Claire. “Your turn, dear.”

Claire: *nods* “Hi. I’m Isis’ mom. I love Italian food, 80’s music, watching movies, and my daughter…oh, and according to her I have no fashion sense.”

Isis: *smiles*

Andy: “I’ll go next. I’m Isis’ BFF. I hate it when people keep things from me.” *turns to eye Isis* “That’s why my boyfriend, Bill, doesn’t keep secrets from me.”

Galen: *mumbles to Eryx* “That isn’t what Bill tells me.”

Andy: *frowns* “What did you say?”

Galen: “That I should speak next…Hello, Kathryn and Shelley. I am Galen, by far the most attractive of the three brothers. I’m a warrior, a lover of life, and am considered a phenomenon by all women.” *raises an eye brow and grins* “Shelley, thank you for looking at me like eye candy. I know how hard it must be to exercise such self-control in my presence.”
*Shelley blushes uncontrollably but can't look away*

Nyx: *gasps and slaps Galen’s arm* Galen!

David: *puts a hand over his eyes and shakes his head*

Kathryn: Okaaay...who's next?

Gabriel: “I wanna go next. I don’t have anything to say about myself, but I did come here for a reason.” *looks at the floor* “I know Isis and David might have something going, but…” *glances at David out of the corner of his eye* “She was mine first, and I’m not letting her go.” *stares at David in the eye* “This isn’t over.” *lifts himself off the chair and to his feet and walks out of the room*
*Shelley raises an eyebrow at Kathryn*

Andy: *whispers* “Ooo…Scandal.”

David: *slightly lifts the corner of his upper lip, emitting a snarl*
   *Isis, Nyx, Eryx and Galen’s eyes widen*
Shelley and Kathryn: <We're getting a little worried here>

Claire: “Did you just growl?”

David: *not looking at Claire* “It was my stomach.”

Eryx: *repositioning himself on the seat* “Ehem…I should go next. As both my brothers, I too am a warrior. I tend to be the quiet one in the family because unlike my twin, Galen, I reflect on my words before I speak stupidities. Oh, and my favorite sport is Rugby.”
David: “My name is David Chios. I am in love with Isis Martin and she knows this well.” *reaches for Isis’ hand* “That’s the only thing about me you need to know.”

Isis: “My name is Isis Martin, and I can’t be described in three sentences or less because I am both more than human and less than human. I am, by some miraculous act, still alive. Creatura is the story of my first love, the story of my former life, and the story of my new birth.”

Claire: *with a puzzled expression* “Honey, what the hell are you talking about?”
Isis: *alarmed* “Uh…err…Just plugging the book, Mom.”

Andy: *crosses her arms over her chest and mumbles to herself* “Whatever.”

Nyx: “Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to present ourselves to the public, Shelley and Kathryn. *pulls Isis and David off the sofa and ushers them to the door, turning to look at Kathryn and Shelley* “Kiss, kiss, my dears. We must do this again. Until then, farewell.”

Isis: *with only her head and one waving hand peeking from behind the door* Thank you! Bye! 

*Kathryn and Shelley look at each other, stunned and wave toward the door* 

Kathryn: Well, we lost control of that real quick. 
Shelley: Indeed we did...

We here at TSK TSK What to Read are honored to host and also kick off
The Lethal Book Blog Tour and as you can see above, the characters of Creatura are a fun, lively, comical, and overly dramatic group...
So, we would like for you to take a look at our Reviews of Creatura if you would like and then make sure you take the time to check all the stops of the tour for interviews, guest posts, and participate in the HUGE GIVEAWAY set up just for this tour....

Creatura "The Lethal Book" Blog Tour Schedule 

June 15
TSK TSK What to Read
June 16
 Best Books
June 17

June 17
June 18
Alchemy of Annes Anomalies
June 19
June 20
Paranormal Book Club
June 21
Shadow Mundane
June 22
Paranormal Reads
June 23
Leather and Lace13
June 24
Angel Haze
June 25
Delphina Reads too Much
June 26
Bibliophile Mystery
June 27
June 28
Books Complete Me
June 29
June 30
 Escaping One Book at a Time
July 1
Bad Boys
July 2
Starry Night Book Reviews
July 3
The Secret Sanctuary of Books
July 4
Kristina’s Books and More
July 5
Amber’s Supernatural and YA Review
July 6
Juniper Grove
July 7
Books with Bite
July 8
Jean BookNerd
July 9
Mad Sheep

NOW....On to the FUN stuff...Listed below is all the fabulous prizes that you will have a chance to win on this "LETHAL" tour...so, fill out the rafflecopter below to participate.

Our fabulous prizes:
GRAND Prize - Book,T-shirt, Dog Tag, Nylon Bag, Bookmark & Pen

2nd Prize - Purse, lipgloss & pen

3rd Prize - Book Charm Bracelet & bookmark

4th Prize - Book Charm Necklace & bookmark

5th Prize - Poem from David, lipgloss & Pen

6th Prize - Cosmetic Bag, lipgloss & pen

7th Prize - Pencil Bag, Pen & Bookmark

8th Prize - Nylon Bag, Bookmark & Pen

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

If I Die (Soul Screamers # 5) by Rachel Vincent

The entire school's talking about the gorgeous new math teacher, Mr. Beck. Everyone except Kaylee Cavanaugh. After all, Kaylee's no ordinary high-school junior. She's a banshee—she screams when someone dies.

But the next scream might be for Kaylee.

Yeah—it's a shock to her, too. So to distract herself, Kaylee's going to save every girl in school. Because that hot new teacher is really an incubus who feeds on the desire of unsuspecting students. The only girls immune to his lure are Kaylee and Sabine, her boyfriend's needy ex-girlfriend. Now the unlikely allies have to get rid of Mr. Beck…before he discovers they aren't quite human, either.

But Kaylee's borrowed lifeline is nearing its end. And those who care about her will do anything to save her life.


Where to find more info:
Rachel VIncent: http://rachelvincent.com/ 

Shelley's Review
I was reluctant to read this fifth book in the Soul Screamers series. So many things changed in My Soul to Steal. And not for the better. Those who read it before me, told me I wouldn't like it, there were more surprises, it might break my heart. Well, to that I say, when hasn't Rachel broken my heart?...Really? So I was nervous. Knowing Kaylee and Nash were still in pain, knowing they would have to struggle to get back what they'd once had, if they could. I knew things would be drastic, the challenges would be more difficult, the relationships would remain strained. Still, I wasn't quite ready for what was in store.
She takes the torture to the nth degree here. I went through every emotion; love, hate, anger,disbelief, disappointment and hope...a small bit of hope, that maybe in the end, things would turn out the way I imagine they should be. In an attempt at not giving anything away, I'll say this book was at times, difficult to read and just as difficult to put down. I didn't like the direction things were going or how quickly changes were taking place. I was scared and shocked at the risks taken and more than dismayed when events took a turn for the worst.
You might think that means I didn't care for If I Die, on the contrary, I really enjoyed it. Yes, I do apparently enjoy a certain amount of pain, but I think this installment has been my favorite of the series.
It was suspenseful, unpredictable, eye opening and a thrill a minute. There was no downtime as time was running out. Decisions were made impulsively and out of emotion and each had a ripple effect that rocked the beane sidhe's world and hit everyone at their core. There isn't anyone that's not affected by Kaylee's impending doom and there isn't anything they wouldn't do to prevent it.
If I Die isn't so much a roller coaster ride. It's more like a train wreck. Something tragic you can't pull yourself away from.  A beautiful disaster.
I was stunned by the ending...flipping the pages, thinking, "No! She can't leave it here?". But oh yes, she did. I can hardly wait to get my hands on Before I Wake. Bravo Rachel. You and Kaylee have made it onto my Top 5 Favorite Love/hate fictional relationships list. Job. Well. Done.



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dark Angel's Ward by Nia Shay

Two years ago, Jandra Maxwell walked away from the secret Fairlight Society and started a new life in a quiet Texas town. When her former Ward, the dark angel Zeph, seeks her out and begs for her help, Jandra faces an impossible choice. She knows he can only offer her heartache, but she can’t turn her back on the only man she’s ever loved.
Zeph teeters on the brink of madness, pummeled by emotions his angelic blood once rendered him incapable of feeling. Driven to protect Jandra from a threat he can only glimpse in nightmares, he refuses to leave her side. As they explore the mystery of his recurring dreams, they discover the Fairlight Society has been keeping a terrible secret – one they’ll kill to protect.
Fighting for her life isn’t so easy when Jandra’s also fighting her heart. Her her inexorable attraction to Zeph may save them...or may damn them both.

Where to find more info:

Kathryn's Review
I think I am going to start this review by saying.... WHOA!!! Totally blown away!! Absolutely LOVED it!
I had no idea what was in store for me when I began reading Dark Angel's Ward... Meeting Jandra (cool name btw) and learning about her was fascinating... And to top it off... In walks sexy hot guy, Zepyh... OMG... The chemistry between these two is electric!!
But, not all is rosy and as we are brought on this tale with these two intriguing characters, we learn about nephillim, dark angels, and how they are controlled with a warden...
The concept Nia has given us is refreshing, unique, providing twists on old stories dealing with angels and their half breed children, nephillim... I didn't want to put this book down. I was captured from the first chapter and as each chapter came and went, I knew this was a book I was going to LOVE and add to my favorites list.. It is full of action, suspense, passion, romance, humor, loyalty, and bonded friendships that withstand through all these trials...
This is a great book... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get it today and read it yourself!!  

Shelley's Review
I'm going to start this review by saying there was NOTHING I didn't like about this twisted little tale.
From our smart, super snarky and fearless heroine; her amazing, somewhat frightening and complicated love interest/assignment, Zeph; her dream stalker (you'll just have to read it!); her co-workers and friends, the Twins, to the secretive and manipulative Society, where she serves as a Ward.
Dark Angel's Ward is a fast paced thriller with non stop action, unpredictable twists and lots of romance...very complicated romance. It's hot and sexy...keeps you on the edge of your seat and always guessing and is full of dark humor- mostly courtesy of Jandra and the Twins. Throughout the story, Jandra isn't sure who to trust and as the reader, neither are we. This makes for a great game of cat and mouse, where you're not always sure who's the cat or the mouse. Add in the paranormal and you've got me hooked.
I loved Nia's writing style. It flowed beautifully and had me enchanted start to finish. I didn't want it end. I got a bit snarky myself whenever I was forced to put it down. The characters are engaging, fun and refreshing. It's not all fun and games, there are some terrifying and graphic scenes, but Nia- and Jandra handles them with style and grace. At times like the train wreck you can't help but peek at, she keeps you entranced and emotionally bound to the very end. And lucky me...the journey continues in Ugly Like Me. I'm already diving in to the sequel...I'm so glad I didn't have to wait long for more of these amazing characters. I was missing them as soon I read the final page.
This is a book I'll recommend again and again. I'm trying to keep this short and sweet. Ha ha, I know, but I could easily go on and on about Dark Angel's Ward...and Jandra and Zeph...and Brax...and...well, I think you get the idea. Race to your kindle, PC...whatever reading device you have, and get this little gem NOW.  

We BOTH give Dark Angel's Ward:


Want to know more about Jandra???
Well, here is your lucky day...

Hey everyone! Gather 'round and take a seat. We're chattin it up with Jandra Maxwell, one of the extraordinary characters from Dark Angel's Ward by Nia Shay. <WE LOVE HER!!!>
She's quickly become a new favorite fascinating, fearless female, and she's stopped by to indulge our curiosities and answer a few questions for us. So here's your chance to find out what makes Jandra tick. Her story is unique and all-consuming...we dare you to not to fall in love.
Let's get right to it...Jandra, thanks so much for joining us. It's so cool to have you here. *fangirl beaming smiles* <we've no shame>

1. Kathryn:  What is something you would like to do but feel you missed out on b/c of the life people chose for you?
J: The first words that spring to my mind are "be normal," but considering everything I've—shall we say, discovered—in the past few months, that's a bit of a laugh, isn't it? I know there's no going back now, so it doesn't really cross my mind all that often. I'm keeping my eyes firmly on the future these days. Not that the future makes much more sense than the past.
S: What is normal?
K: Certainly not you! Ha!
S: That was just mean *sticks her bottom lip out and pouts*

2. Kathryn:  Are you excited about the future now that so much has changed for you?
J: Not so much. "Determined" would be a better word. I honestly don't know what I'd be doing right now if I didn't have a bunch of evil bastards to track down.
K: Still there is more hope that you'll actually have a future. *we all nod in agreement*

3. Kathryn:  Would love to hear more about your relationship and thoughts about Zeph. How do you feel about you two being together? What aggravates you the most about him?
J: It's so good to have him back in my life. I never felt quite right without him. But to answer both parts of your question at once, it's kind of a weird mix of having a husband and raising a child at the same time (don't tell him I said that!)
K: We completely understand.
S: Our lips are sealed.

4. Shelley:  You have a fond affection for the twins, do you see them being part of your future missions?
J: We're keeping in touch of course, but they've moved to San Diego and enrolled at UCSD, so I don't know how much we'll be actually seeing each other for the next few years. Which is just fine with me, because I don't want them involved with any more of this Society crap than they already have been.
S: Gotta keep those girls save! We adore them!
K: You're so sappy.
S: *shrugs* Well we do!

5. Kathryn: What kind of things do you do for fun? Any hobbies? Something you would like to learn?
J: I read, of course—doesn't everyone who wants an escape from reality? I also love music, and now that I don't work way too much anymore, I've begun spending way too much time on the Internet instead. I've always wanted to be able to learn one of those quiet, occupy-your-hands type of hobbies, like knitting, but I'm not the type to sit still that long.
K: Totally trying to picture you sitting and knitting...
S: So not happening. *girls chuckle*

6. Kathryn:  Can you describe your feelings for Abraxas? Hate him or It's complicated?
J: Gawd, don't even get me started on that creep. If I ever see him again I'm gonna wring his freaking neck.
K: He sure is a creep.
S: A HAWT creep!
K: Geez! You're in rare form today.
* look apologetically at Jandra*

7. Shelley:  Is there anything about your powers that you enjoy?
J: Well, I guess it's good to that if anyone I love is ever dying right in front of me again, I might be able to save them. Not that that's stopped these wonky dreams I've been having lately, but that's a whole other story...
K: That is pretty cool, but it seems to take a lot out of you.
S: Stupid wonky dreams *Kathryn shakes head*

8. Shelley:Do you think you'll ever find out who your father is?
J: I'm kind of dreading that, actually, considering how my conception came to pass (which is something NO ONE should ever have to know the details of, by the way.) But we're hoping the angels are still alive, so it's a very real possibility.
*Kathryn and Shelley shudder and nod*

9. Kathryn: What do you plan to do on your downtime with Zeph?
S: Yes, yes, inquiring minds want to know...
J: Well, we settled down in Oklahoma City after I ran my little errand (haha) and right now we're both just trying to recover and rebuild our world view. It's not been easy, though. Zeph keeps suggesting that we move again, somewhere with "no memories" attached to it (which is rich, coming from him) but this place is just as good as anywhere else as far as I'm concerned. 
S: Man, I was hoping for some details.
K: Like Jandra's gonna share that with you.
S: Hey, we're tight! *Kathryn shakes head-AGAIN*

10. Shelley:  Is there is place you been in your dream state you'd like to visit in real life?
J: Dream talk = Brax talk = refer back to question 5.
K: Gotcha! 

11.Shelley:   Do you think your feelings for Brax are real? As real as your feelings for Zeph?
J: All right, let me set the record straight here. I do NOT have feelings for Demon Boy. It's a physical attraction, and an unwanted one at that. End of story.
*Kathryn raises one eyebrow at Shelley* : I told you not to ask her that!
S: Demon Boy *snorts*

Kathryn: And that's all the time we have.
Thank you, Jandra, for putting up with us. You can be sure we'll continue to follow you on your journey.
Thanks everyone for taking the time to read our blog. We hope it's been as fun for you as it was for us.
Shelley: Bye! Happy reading! *everyone waves goodbye*