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Auracle by Gina Rosati

Well here we are folks...we've been anxiously awaiting our date on the Auracle blog tour and it's finally here! This has been a fun filled event with something different at each blog. And today we're lucky enough to have our review of this very entertaining story, as well as a guest post from the author, Gina Rosati that offers great advice for not only teenagers, but adults as well...and as always, a giveaway. Read on...

Trapped outside her body, Anna sees and hears but cannot touch the one she longs to
Anna has a secret: she can astrally project out of her body. But when there's an accident and her classmate Taylor gets into Anna's body, what was an exhilarating gift
threatens to become a terrifying reality. Anna and her best friend Rei form a plan to set things right, but they don't anticipate the feelings that are beginning to grow between them. Auracle by Gina Rosati is an exciting, sensual novel that explores the relationship between body and soul and the power of a single touch.

Shelley's Review of Auracle 
What a fantastic book. Gina has created a world full of action, suspense, mystery, otherworldly beauty with magic and terrifying consequences, and characters I immediately connected with and fell for. Anna and Rei have an amazing friendship...always on the edge of a great romance, which of course neither of them is fully aware of. Their friendship is precious and something they are not willing to risk. I loved them both from the start. While Annie's home life is less than perfect, she's fun loving and a loyal friend. She's smart, snarky (which you know I love), and a bit reckless with her gift of astral projection. For me, this is where the story is unique. I wanted to fly along with Anna through each adventure, though not all of them are pleasant. The way that Gina describes her trips is fascinating. You could feel for yourself why Anna enjoyed her ability and why she felt it necessary to escape into another world.
Her connection with the very swoon worthy Rei is undeniable. Both will do whatever it takes to protect each other and their other best friend, Seth. And Seth definitely needs protecting. After a tragic accident they must do all they can to save their friend. Enter the source of all...well, most of their troubles, the popular and unpredictable Taylor. I won't go in to details here, to me it's all critical to the storyline and I feel you should discover it all for yourself. vaguely go back and mention, the is a tale of action and suspense and human nature. A story where everyone is simply looking to be loved and where that need leads to bad decisions with horrible consequences. They find out often the simplest of plans are not always the best, and rash and rushed choices can cause a ripple effect they weren't in any way ready for.
I was lost in their world and...actually, a little irritable when I had to put the book down. I wanted to read it all the way through. To see them make discoveries and take chances most adults would be afraid to take in order to save their fragile existences. It was all at once inspiring and heartbreaking and endearing. Your head and heart take a roller coaster ride, but it's well worth the pain and suffering we endure to see these characters become the people they are meant to be.
Auracle was original, refreshing and exhilarating. I recommend this read to everyone that likes paranormal adventure mixed in with a bit of realistic teenage angst. So much of this story could happen to anyone and that makes it that much more compelling.
I truly hope we get to continue on Anna and Rei's journey. I know there is so much more to each of them and I would love to follow along as they and their relationship continue to grow.


 Gina Rosati

Gina Rosati grew up in Boston suburbia and now lives with her husband, two teenagers and two chubby guinea pigs in Merrimack, NH. Gina is a long time volunteer at her local middle school library, and a member of SCBWI, the Apocalypsies and the Class of 2k12 debut author groups.  Her debut YA paranormal romance, AURACLE, is available on August 7, 2012 from Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan. 
Visit her website at

Guest Post with Gina Rosati

“What was the greatest thing you learned at school?”

The best thing I learned at school (besides how to read!!!) is that we each should learn to speak up for ourselves. I still have a hard time with this sometimes, but I know from my own school days and from having two kids in the school system now, you are your own best advocate. It’s important to know what you want, how to ask for it, and who to ask. And because people won’t hesitate to tell you “no” you need to have a Plan B. It can be very intimidating to ask someone who is in a position of greater authority for something, and it’s important to know where that line is between being assertive and aggressive, but this is one of the basic life skills that begins in school. What would you do if someone at school was bullying you? A teacher made an error grading your test? You are bored in a class and you think you’d learn better in a higher level? Some people might just let things slide, but to learn how to speak up and get the help you need is a great life skill to have.

What a wise woman! We hope you enjoyed your stop here and thank you for dropping by...Now onto the rafflecopter giveaway. Scroll down to make sure you enter...Good luck!!!

Thank you to Jean Vallesteros of Jean BookNerd, Gina Rosati and Roaring Brook Publishing for the opportunity to be part of such a great tour. I absolutely LOVED this book and I'm certain you will too. So...
PLEASE run out and get Auracle for yourself today!
Happy reading! ~Kathryn and Shelley

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