Monday, December 16, 2013

FAB FIVE of 2013 (Sign-Ups)

Well, it's nearing the end of another AMAZING reading year. 2013 brought us some of the best stories we've EVER read. And we've read a TON. We know you all have too. Sooooo....We thought we'd celebrate all the FABULOUSNESS with our own TOP of 2013 countdown. It's a SEVEN DAY countdown and it happens the week AFTER Christmas. When we're all snug in our blankets and recovering from the holiday rush. We're going to do ours with a couple of twists...  We've changed the standard format and added a category or two that aren't part of the norm. Yep...We're quirky like that. :D

We have a lot of trouble picking our top ten of every category found on most of these challenges. Sometimes it's because we can't narrow them down but sometimes, it's because we have a few certain faves and we can't pick beyond those. We have to really dig into our reading lists and dissect them to the point of taking all the fun out of it. We decided we'd make our lists the FAB FIVE just for that reason.
We don't want you to struggle over your lists for days on end. These should be the books that pop into your head as soon as the questions are asked. The books that you RAVED about the most. The ones that changed your life or way of thinking- blew your mind, or were just SO MUCH FUN you'll never forget them.
We do know one of the categories might force you to think a bit, but it's different (one we've never seen) and we're curious to see how many of you chose a book based on just it's name.
So there you have it... The FAB FIVE of 2013. We'd love to have you join us by signing up and sharing your links for everyone (readers and bloggers alike) to follow. You never know how much your choices might influence another's... and SHARING is what it's really all about!
The rules are simple. Each day has a new category. Unless otherwise noted, please keep your lists to just FIVE choices. If you absolutely MUST, you can add a few more as honorable mentions, but the idea is to promote your top FIVE.
We hope you'll have a blast reminiscing over the best of the best. And knowing how many different personalities we meet throughout the blogosphere, we know these lists will vary a lot. And for us, that's the really cool part. 

With all that said, here are your categories for each day, beginning December 30th...

COVER LUST: (Dec 30)
The Covers That Made You "Ooo! Ahhh! And Gush": You can sub-categorize; fave hottie covers, fave couples, fave art, graphics or text. Have some fun!
The books that had you checking them out just by the words on the cover: from the odd, funny, clever and intriguing
You know the ones we mean... those that captured your heart, made you weak in the knees, faint, swoon  and pant; best friends, heroes, bad boys, and villains alike. (Must be from 2013)
OK, they don't have to literally kick butt, but they should have made a big impression; make you want to be their bff or shown amazing growth and strength through difficult times. (Again from 2013 titles only)
Did you find a new Indie or Debut author? Finally read someone everyone has been raving about? Did you fall for a writer you hadn't given a chance until they wrote "that one book"? Well, share, share, SHARE...
(Jan 4)
(If you must put these into genres, please do. We get it. It's hard to list just FIVE. 2013 brought us some outstanding reads.)

RINGING in the NEW YEAR: (Jan 5)
What are your must haves for 2014? What have you preordered, have your eyes or have been anxiously and impatiently been waiting for?

On each of your posts, here is a graphic to add to show your FAB FIVE of 2013...

SQUEEE!!! Can't wait to see everyone's FAB FIVE!!!

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