Monday, March 24, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Teaching Willow: Session One by Paige James

My name is Willow Masters. I’m a senior in college, I’m smart and I keep to myself. I haven’t had an “incident” in over ten years. What all of these facts have in common is that none of them made any difference when it came to Ebon Daniels.
He started out as my sister’s date. I was instantly infatuated, but had no plans to do anything about it. I even managed to keep my feelings hidden when he took over my Modernist Literature class for the semester. The problems didn’t start until my sister took pages from my book—literal pages from a book I was writing—and gave them to the one person never intended to see them. That’s when the lies started. That’s also when I saw an opportunity to make my only dream become a reality.
How could a lie get me all that I ever wanted and, only a few months later, cost me everything that has ever mattered?
It doesn’t seem possible, but it is. It’s possible, it’s true and it’s tragic. In my book, there is a happy ending, but I don’t know if my life will have the same outcome.
My name is Willow Masters and this is the story of how falling in love with my teacher nearly destroyed both of our lives.
And it still might.

Connect with the Author:

I was completely captivated by this book.  Teaching Willow was like nothing I expected.  I mean, I knew it was going to be centered around college and a student being in love with her professor...
But...BUT...OH MY WORD...this was sooooo much more.

I thought I was going to get this exotic forbidden love story, but what lies in these pages will literally blow you away.  
Paige James kept me on my toes from start to finish. Thoroughly captured, constantly guessing at where the story is going to take me, Teaching Willow is an outstanding read.  I can't tell you how many times my jaw dropped at the explosive twists and turns found in the plot.
With this only being a novella, it is bursting with thrilling, heart-racing moments, along with some of the steamiest sex scenes I have ever read. *fans self*
I don't know if I can truly express to you just how astounded I am at this breath-taking novella.
I will say this...
Teaching Willow took me on one hell of a roller coaster ride.  Slowly taking you on that upward climb...building that suspense....getting you all worked up...excited...nervous...anxious...and then BAM!!!
You are thrown in to the craziness of the uncertainty.  Flipping you upside down, causing your stomach to jolt at the madness of this electrifying tale.  
And just when you think you are coming to the end of this tumultuous are left dangling...DYING...knowing that you are going to have to wait for the next spine-tingling, riveting session to continue on from this stunning break out author...
I highly...HIGHLY recommend you pick this up and join me on this exciting adventure... 

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