Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Into the Fae by Quinn Loftis

With peace finally descending on the Romanian Grey Wolves, longtime fae ambassador to the wolves, Perizada, has been given a new mission by the Great Luna. But Peri’s desire for revenge against her sister, Lorelle, burns in her heart. Further complicating matters, the great white wolf, Lucian Lupei, has been returned to the pack after centuries trapped in the Dark Forest, and it appears he is destined to be with Peri. Can she put aside her thoughts of vengeance long enough to accept Lucian’s love and complete her mission?

“I thought we already talked about this, Peri,” Sally said without standing up.
“Don’t get your herbs in a boiling beaker, gypsy lady. She just needs your help casting the spell, that’s all.” Peri said as she pointedly looked at her finger nails, inspecting them closely.
“Why do I feel like there is more to it than that?” Costin asked.
“Look,” Peri said shortly. “What I can guarantee is that you don’t have to sacrifice a puppy, you don’t have castrate and elephant and you don’t have to reenact the Lion King with Jen’s baby held up in the air, over a ledge with a bunch of hungry beasts hoping you will drop it, while singing a song about the circle of life. Oh, and you don’t have to give up either of your ovaries. So how much more to it can there really be?” 

 Quinn lives in beautiful NW Arkansas with her husband, son, Doberman and cat (who thinks she is a ninja in disguise). She is beyond thankful that she has been blessed to be able to write full time and hopes the readers know how much all of their support means to her. Some of her hobbies include reading, exercising, crochet, and spending time with family and friends. She gives all credit of her success to God because he gave her the creative spirit and vivid imagination it takes to write.

FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! Am I surprised? Of course not...
This is Quinn Loftis I am talking about by the way.
I am always excited to be able to read a new book from Quinn and when she decided to do a spin off from the Grey Wolves series, I was definitely cheering this on... There are some amazing characters here and getting the chance to know them more is just sweet...
Into the Fae focuses on Perizada, aka Peri, and her new mate Lucian.  And although it picks up where the Grey Wolves series left off, it provides an ample amount of background info for you to understand what is happening and how the story will play out.
I really enjoyed getting to be in Peri's head.  She is hilarious and with her being 3000 years old, the way she throws out some of the more modern lingo cracks me up.  Albeit she has had plenty of enough experience and happenings to allow her to be so modern and funny...But even though you see that we get to see the vulnerable and in my opinion, the softer side of her.  I LOVED IT!!! Lucien is the perfect mate for her...
But, I won't give it all away...You are going to have to read the book to know more about their relationship...
I also loved how this series will bring about some new and exciting characters.  Quinn has brought in some intriguing people to stimulate this mystical tale and all I have to say is OMG!!!
Into the Fae is a fast paced, action packed, humorous take with beautiful romances that truly melt the heart.  The way Quinn writes her couples and the trials they go through...the way they grow...the obstacles they overcome...You are hooked from start to finish...

AMAZINGLY AWESOME story that I can't wait for the next installment to come out!!!

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Meet Quinn:

June 20-22, 2014, UtopYAcon, Nashville TN: http://utopyacon.com/

July 21, 2014, Friends of the Library Meeting, Marion Co. Library, Yellville, AR http://www.marcolibrary.org/

September 12-13 2014, Penned Con, St. Louis, MO: http://pennedcon.wordpress.com/

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