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BLOG TOUR: Always Forever by Mary Smith

Welcome everyone!!!
Glad you stopped by on my tour stop for Mary Smith's ALWAYS FOREVER...

Today I have a little treat for you...
I get the chance to pick the brain of Mary's muse and cover model, Nolan Long...
So, check everything out and see what he has to say to my questions.....

Music has been there for them, Always Forever
Colton Cruise has a determined, focused, hardworking attitude. He’s the manager of one of the most popular bands. However, all of his problems are coming from a smart mouth, petite, guitar player of the opening band.

Ivee Jamison is a blunt, outspoken girl who has been on her own for a while. She does whatever she wants. That is, until her new boss, Colton Cruise, starts barking orders.

The secrets that drive them are the one holding them back. Now will the music be able to save them once again?

Hello everyone!!  So, today, I have with me Nolan Long, cover model for ALWAYS FOREVER...
So, lets get started... Kat:  Welcome Nolan..Can you tell us a little bit about yourself??
Nolan: I am a senior at the University of Mississippi majoring in Exercise Science. I am currently looking for agencies to start what I hope to be a long modeling/acting career.

Kat: That sounds awesome!! How long have you been modeling?

Nolan:  I have been modeling for about a year now

Kat: And, What is it you like about modeling?

Nolan: I guess the childhood dream of being famous never died in me. I want to be the best I can be and I don't shy away from cameras.

Kat: What was it like seeing yourself on the cover of Mary's book?

Nolan: It's very humbling and inspiring at the same time. I am eager to do bigger and better things now.

Kat: Do you have any plans outside of modeling?
Nolan: I plan on applying to different PTA schools this fall.

Kat: Oh that is good....Now, What type of things do you like to do in your spare time?
Nolan: Anything sports related. I love to compete in everything I do and I also love working out. Also, the party scene in a college town isn't to bad either.

Kat: HA!! Yeah, since you mention working out...Do you work out a lot??  Follow a certain eating regime to keep your physique?
Nolan: I just recently started watching my diet a little closer but I've always enjoyed working out.

Kat: Cool!! What is your favorite type of music?? Favorite band?? Favorite
song right now??

Nolan: I am a music lover so it would be hard for me to choose just one of each. Pretty cliche' I know.

Kat: Now, of course all the ladies are dying to know, are you single??
What qualities do you look for in a woman?

Nolan: I do have a girlfriend right now that I have been with for about 5 years. She is loving, compassionate, and outgoing. She's also not to bad on the eyes as the old timers would say.

Kat: I can definitely understand....Are you able to tell us what you are working on right now?
Nolan: I am currently making my modeling portfolio to send in to some of the biggest agencies out there.

Kat: Sweet...I know that is exciting!! So, to wrap this up....tell me...Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Nolan: In 10 years I see myself in the entertainment industry and still modeling if my looks don't fade haha!

Kat: Hehehe!! Well thank you so much for answering my questions...and definitely GOOD LUCK to all your future endeavors!!!
And TSK TSKers...if you guys want to know more about  
Nolan Long
You can check out his Facebook page.

Mary Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Princeton, Illinois. She is currently living in West Virginia with her amazing husband. Mary never misses a Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears or a Chicago Bulls game. She loves her sports. Mary never goes anywhere without her Kindle, her laptop or a book in hand. If you can’t find her reading than she is reviewing books on her site, which she co-founded, Book Nerds Across America. She is the author of the Amazon bestselling Sports Romance series, The Ice 
Series, and The Penalty Kill Trilogy, which she co-authors with Lindsay Paige.

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