Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Crossed and Bared Series by Misty Provencher

Re-Release of the Crossed & Bared Series!
FULL OF GRACE ~ on SALE for $2.99!
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~ Blurb ~
Hale Simmons’s life is already bottoming out and she’s only eighteen.  Struggling on welfare, while trying to keep her alcoholic father on track, her dreams of having a better life fade a little more each day.
But, when her dad witnesses a brutal accident at the bar one night, it changes the entire course of Hale’s future.
Thrust into an arranged marriage with Oscar Maree, the playboy son of a wealthy man, Hale must learn to trust a stranger to give her the life she’s always wanted. 
First, Hale needs to figure out if love can ever happen by accident.

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~ Blurb ~

Landon Grace is a stand-up guy, but running about 7-bananas-strong, from tequila shots at Oscar and Hale's wedding reception, what happened between him and Sher Simmons was supposed to be a one time thing. A quickie, between the Best Man and Maid of Honor, at their best friends' wedding.
But some one-night-stands refuse to be finished in one night.
Especially when they return with a hard shot of morning sickness.
Now, Landon is faced with a problem he never thought he'd have to consider...
Just how much sway does a guy really have, regarding a woman's choice to pursue or terminate the pregnancy of his child?

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Excerpt – Full of Grace

Sher goes off like a siren in my ear. “MOM! MA!! TRENT’S GOT HIS GUN OUT AGAIN!”
I’m about to ask Sher what she’s doing, when I suddenly hear Lisa overhead.
“Trent!” Lisa barks. “I told you what would happen if you waved that gun around my daughter again, didn’t I?” I swivel my head to see Lisa hanging over the balcony. She’s got her own pellet gun. A better one, in fact, and I hear her cock it. She repeats in a growl to Trent, “Didn’t I?”
Trent’s gun clangs as it hits the pavement. Luckily, it doesn’t go off. He springs away, like a terrified gazelle, dodging between parked cars, toward the exit of the complex.
“What’d I tell you about running away, Trent?” Lisa shouts after him, as she levels her gun. He serpentines. Lisa fires. The sound is a sharp crack and it only takes half a second for Trent to grab his calf and drop, howling, to the pavement.
I’m not sure what to say to Lisa. Thanks? Good shot? Holy crap, who gave you all guns?

~ About Misty ~
Misty Provencher is a long-term wife, mama, and author. The first two are a bit more recent, but Provencher's writing roots date back to the hieroglyphics she left in her mother's womb.

While Provencher can ride a motorcycle, knows how to Karate chop, and has learned enough French, Spanish, and Sign Language to get herself slapped, Misty's life is actually just the ruse she uses to connect with people. She is totally enchanted with them and spends her days trying to translate the soul bouquets of her muses into words.

Misty Provencher lives in the Mitten.

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