Friday, February 17, 2012

Hell's Phoenix Crew

Hi everyone!!  Welcome to our party here at Hades, a new and uprising club!  We have invited all of you to celebrate with us the release of Hell's Phoenix and with that we have a treat for you...An interview with none other than the stars themselves...Madison, Nix and Micah.

*Shelley, Kathryn, and Terri are sitting at a booth with Micah, Madison, and Nix*
*Music blaring in the background, Shelley and Kathryn are drinking some Micah Kool-aid, while Terri has some Nix Nectar* 

Kathryn:  Hi Madison, Nix and Micah, Thanks for joining us today and lets just go ahead and get started so we can enjoy our party.

Kathryn: Nix, besides your Charger, what other car/truck would you love to have?

Nix: A Harley would be cool. *sits forward in his chair, excitement shining from his eyes* Or any ole’ motorcycle would be fun. Speeding down a straight lane on a road to nowhere, beneath a full moon, Mads behind me with her arms wrapped around my waist…*groans* Orgasmic! *big grin* And leaning my gal over it and—

Mads: Nix!

Nix: *innocent face* What?

Micah: *glares, snaps fingers creating small flames with each snap*

Mads: Keep it PG, please. Micah, stop that. It’s impolite to show off.

Micah: Not showing off, kitten. That’s minor magic. *one-shoulder shrug* I was threatening Phoenix over the leaning his gal over the bike comment.

Nix: *grins at Micah* For Mads’s sanity…next question.

Kathryn: Ooookay…moving on….What is a secret indulgence that you have?  Something that you can’t live without and no one knows about?

Nix: I’d say Sherlocking is a secret indulgence since so few know about it, but I’m guessing you want something that even my family doesn’t know about. Hmm…*taps chin* My family knows about my fondness for sex, my love of coffee, even my love of cherry pie filling. It grosses them out when I eat it straight from the can. *winks* This can’t be put in your interview, okay? It’d ruin my ass-kickin’ image I’ve got going. But…*leans in and whispers*…I like watching Dr. Oz. He gives great health tips.

Micah: Dr. Oz is one of my personal demons.

Nix: *snorts* Figures.

Kathryn: HA!!  I like Dr. Oz too….Figures he would be one of Micah’s minions..  So Nix, How did you feel when you found out that Mads is married to Micah?

Nix: Stunned that someone who was supposed to love and cherish her—

Micah: I do love and cherish her.

Nix: —would torment her the way he does. *shoots Micah a glare* FYI, you have a strange way of showing your devotion, demon king. *looks at Mads* I was angry for Mads, too, because Micah manipulated her so easily—

Micah: Not true.

Madison: It’s impolite to continue interrupting him, Micah.

Micah: *grins* It’s so sexy when you reprimand me.

Madison: *rolls eyes*

Nix: *clears throat* As I was saying…*glares pointedly at Micah*…I was angry for her. Micah’s manipulation was deeper than any of us had realized. All her efforts to resist him were actually aiding him. I hurt for her, too, because I knew Micah’s true identity would crush her. *shakes head* I wanted to inflict harm on him for all the pain she’d endured because of him.

Micah: Thinking Zennyo Ryuo killed her was plenty suffering.

Nix: *nods* Worst moment of my life for sure.

Micah: We should kill Zennyo Ryuo on principal for frightening us, Phoenix.

Madison: Moving along before those two plot my friend’s murder.

Kathyrn: Sorry Madison….  Ok, lightening the mood here….Nix, What is your favorite sport?  Favorite team?

Micah: Easy…favorite team is Hell, sport is killing angels. *rubs hands together and eyes go fiery orange* Ooo…so much fun.

Nix: First…*notches forefinger with the other hand*…that question was directed at me. Second, Kathryn’s talking about football, basketball, those types of human sports that typically call for no death. *shakes head* And I’m supposed to be the socially coarse one.

Micah: I’m certain Kathryn wanted my answer to that question. Right, saucy? *winks* Hockey is my favorite human sport because it’s the bloodiest. I believe it’s your turn now, Phoenix. *smirks*

Nix: *sighs* Football is my fav. Grew up watching college ball with my dad. Uncle James and Gage aren’t much into it, but it kind of stuck with me. Zoe and I watch it together now. Damn, that girl is a freak about her football.

Madison: My favorite sport is dodging Micah.

Micah: That’s mean when all I want is what’s best for you.

Madison: Pfft…

Kathyrn: Ok Nix, I just got to know, With a physique like yours, what kind of things do you do to stay in shape?

Nix: *chuckles* It’s called good genetics mostly, but hunting demons and other supernatural monsters does help me stay in shape.

Micah: I was born this way. *winks*

Madison: I run and spar with Zen. A lot.

Kathryn: Awesome guys!  Ok, Last question Nix, With your name being Phoenix, do you feel that you went through a rebirth like your namesake?

Nix: Yes. Although I don’t think my parents would be proud that I lived up to my name. *makes a face* I’ve done a great many things I don’t think my parents would be proud of. *glances away and blinks rapidly* Hell has a way of changing you. It blackens your soul, brings out the worst in you.

Micah: Brought out the best in Phoenix if you ask me. He makes one hell of a demon. Good times, Phoenix, good times.

Madison: You’re a bastard for using him like that.

Micah: Don’t be like that, kitten. It was his finest moment.

Nix: It’s okay, Mads. I made the choice, and I’ll live with it. *shakes head* Kathryn, Hell forces you to see the world through a different set of filters. I sacrificed everything for the noblest of reasons…love. And Mads was furious because of it.

Mads: Not so much angry, as devastated that you’d sacrifice your soul for me. If that’s love, don’t love me so much.

Nix: *mouths ‘sorry’ to Mads* I’m saved from Hell, but that doesn’t mean I like the man the hellish place created.

Kathyrn: Thanks Nix for answering my questions….

Kathryn:  Ok, my next question is for Madison… so you like to dance, have you ever considered taking any belly dancing lessons?

Madison: I can belly dance.

Nix: I need to see you belly dance.

Micah: *sits straight in chair* Second that request.

Madison: *gives the boys a patient smile* I rented an instructional belly dancing DVD once and taught myself. It’s great exercise and fantastic for the abdominals. Goodness, that sounds geeky, huh? *laughs*

Micah: Sounds sexy, not geeky.

Nix: Sexy geeky sounds good too. *chuckles*

Kathryn: I think sexy geeky sounds good too!  Now, I am from AL too, what is something you like and dislike about AL?

Madison: I love southern charm and how southerners come together during a crisis. *brushes hair over her shoulder* They truly are some of the sweetest, most caring individuals on planet earth. I dislike the gossip a small town feeds to the busybodies.

Micah: Just say the word and I’ll take you back to Alabama, kitten.

Kathyrn: Is it hard learning the language of Hell? Pronunciation? Reading it?

Madison: *sad grin* I wish it had been difficult to learn Xapil. I knew the language before I realized I knew it. There was no language barrier. I just knew what the words meant, how to pronunciate them, it was as natural as breathing. I switch between Xapil and English, frequently not realizing which language I’m using until someone points it out. More often than not, the switch-up is at the most inappropriate times.

Micah: Shows you how strong your demon was before you willingly accepted it.

Madison: That’s disturbing.

Micah: That’s reality.

Kathryn: So Madison,  with all of your newfound powers, Do you get an adrenaline rush when you kill off demons?

Madison: Every single time. *stares at Micah* It feels like a small hard-fought victory against my husband.

Micah: Touché, kitten.

Kathryn:  Micah, you have been around a LONG time, what is something that you have now that you know you couldn’t live without that was created in the last 50 years?

Micah: Obviously, that would be Madison and Amos.

Kathryn: Obviously….but is there any technological device you can’t live without?

Micah: I’m fond of the internet. Makes corrupting souls so much easier.

Kathryn: Alright,  What do you guys do to relax?

Madison: Either dance or spar with Zen.

Micah: Torture the damned.

Nix: Kill demons. *smirks at Micah*

Micah: *shifts in his seat and gives Phoenix a haughty stare* Not too long ago, you were eagerly helping me torture the damned. Be forewarned, Phoenix, that hunger you fed to maim, torment and terrorize doesn’t just go away because you’ve exited Hell.

Madison: *pales*

Nix: *swallows nervously*

Kathryn: Whoa….It has definitely gotten warmer in here…..Um, ok, so Which is your favorite sin?

Micah: I have an appreciation for all of them, but I’m particularly fond of lust.

Nix: Definitely lust.

Madison: Um…I guess gluttony since all I seem to eat lately is sweets in an effort to tame my succubus.

Kathryn: Micah, what is the hardest decision you have ever had to make involving Mads and Amos?

Micah: Walking out the door and leaving them behind was the single hardest event I had to do.

Madison: I’m betting it was harder for us than you.

Micah: I wish I could have spared you the pain. *drags his fingertips along her cheek* The acts of violence I was forced to commit against Madison so she would accept her destiny were difficult. I cringed inside each time I lifted a hand against her.

Madison: *snorts and pulls away from Micah’s touch* You performed the violent behavior easy enough.

Micah: *leans over arm of chair toward Madison* If you believe nothing I’ve told you, you should believe I enjoy torturing the damned, but not my family. Never would I enjoy harming you, kitten.

Madison: *shifts in her seat and looks away*

Kathryn: Wow Micah, not many people get to hear you talk about how hard it was to leave Madison and Amos.  Thanks for sharing that….

Kathryn: Micah, has your fall from being an archangel been worth it?

Micah: Yes. I do not miss the pious ways of my father.

Kathryn: Oooookay….Is there anything that you miss from being in heaven?

Micah: I miss some of my brothers. Many of them were torn, some agreed with us, but were unwilling to rebel against Father. And I suppose I miss Heaven’s…beauty. *looks at Madison * Strike that last sentence. Madison is more beautiful than all of Heaven.

Nix: *groans* I think I’m gonna puke.

Madison: Kathryn…*pushes out of her chair quickly*…could you please point me in the direction of the restroom?

Kathryn:  Albeit that is a sweet answer Micah, I see that you have grossed out our other companions…So, that is all of my questions.  Thank you guys so much for talking with me.

Madison: It was a pleasure, Kathryn.

Nix: I enjoyed it.

Micah: *inclines his head*

Kathryn: Now I am going to hand it over to Shelley and let her fire some questions at you guys…

Shelley: First I'm sooo excited to have you with us today! I'm a huge fan of...well, all of you. *grins wickedly at Micah, then blushes upon seeing Nix's glare* Sorry Nix, Micah just does something...ahem *squirms self consciously* anyway...on to my questions...

Micah: *preens* Your response to me is only natural. I am godlike.

Madison: Dear God…*shakes head and rolls eyes* Please, Shelley, don’t inflate his ego.

Nix: *pinches the bridge of his nose* He’ll be impossible to live with after this.

Shelley: *shifts again* Sorry, Madison. Micah does have that effect on...people...Is he GLOWING? *blushes again*

Madison: If he starts glowing, I fear it might be a warning that his head is about to explode.

Nix: And Mads isn’t talking about his below the belt head.

Madison: Nix!

Nix: *devilish grin*

Micah: *chuckles* Neither of them could resist my charm any more than you can, Shelley.

Nix: *clears throat and shifts uncomfortably*

Madison: I was fifteen and very impressionable.

Micah: What’s your excuse now, kitten?

Madison: Bah! *waves hand at him* I’m not having this conversation with you.

Shelley: I'd like to know, if you could be anyone or anything other than a Sherlock, the King or Queen of Hell, what would you be?

Madison: What I already am. A mother. It’s the greatest job on earth.

Micah: *smiles and rubs her hair between his fingers* Madison is a great mother. We’ve got an amazing kid, too. We did good making him, kitten.

Madison: *nods* Amos is pretty special, but I’m sure all parents think that about their children.

Nix: I can’t disagree with them. Amos rocks and kicks my ass—can I say that here? *peers about sheepishly* Ahem…anyway, he kicks my butt on videogames. He shows no mercy.

Madison: Amos despises losing. *laughs* His competitive edge is crazy insane.

Micah: Gets that trait from me. *winks* So…what would I want to be other than the King of Hell, hmm? My answer…*grins at Madison* A full-time husband to Madison and daddy to Amos.

Nix: A domesticated King of Hell? *grunts* Nothing creepy about that.

Micah: You got something better, smartass?

Nix: *shrugs*

Madison: Micah…Nix…play nice.

Nix: I would want the same as Micah, to be with Mads, love and cherish her the way she deserves. *glares at Micah*

Madison: I really don’t have a self-confidence issue guys. You’re allowed to be something like a doctor, lawyer, fireman…even an Indian chief. *grins playfully* Something a lot more fun than sniffing after my skirts. *throws up a hand when both men start to comment* On second thought…next question, Shelley.

Shelley: Ok...moving on...*smiles sympathetically at Madison* My favorite t.v. show is Supernatural? We all know Dean was modeled after Nix! *winks* Do you have a fave?
Nix: Dean would be my fave if he’s modeled after me. That means he’s good-looking, charming and irresistible. *big smile*

Micah: I don’t think that’s what she meant at all.

Madison: *clears throat, interrupting the guys* I don’t watch television, so I don’t have a favorite. And I don’t know who this Dean character is.

Micah: If Supernatural was real, I’m sure those hunters would be hellbound. Give or take a century or two of torture, they would become demons and both would be my faves.

Nix: *leans forward to look at Micah* We might should check out this show and see if there is any reality to it.

Micah: Why do I care if no one takes it seriously?

Nix: Good point.

Shelley: How would you feel about a series being created specifically about your lives?

Madison: *frowns* It’s a little creepy that folks would find my life entertaining enough to want a series. They should be terrified, not amused by the hell I live, by the reality of life. Talk about disturbing reality T.V.

Nix: Cool! Who would play me?

Micah: I always did think a series about a King of Hell would be a major hit.

Madison: You two are warped in the head.

Micah: *winks*

Nix: It’s the reason why you love me, baby. *grins*

Shelley: Nix, we haven't found ANYONE that could play you...yet. Madison, I see your point, but people do enjoy watching a train wreck.

Madison: Sick and twisted, that’s all anyone is into these days. *harsh glance in Micah’s direction* Not one word about the wicked delights of Hell, Micah.

Micah: *Nods once*

Shelley: We readers love a playlist. Do you have a soundtrack or song that sums up your life, makes your day or keeps you motivated or "puts you in the mood"?

Madison: Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold details my life fairly accurately.

Nix: Renegade by Styx fits me damn good, especially if you use certain words for euphemisms. Micah would be the lawman, the hangman and the judge. I am the wanted man and the Sherlock renegade. I was retrieved by Micah for a bounty to be used against Mads. What I thought he did to her in that warehouse to gain my acceptance of the deal definitely put an end to the wanted man and all that I stood for.

Micah: The Monster You Made by Pop Evil. That would be my song to Madison. I’d ask her to listen to the lyrics. Show me some mercy because I deserve a second chance. By falling in love with her, I became the monster she made me and I’m not proud of the actions I committed against her.

Madison: *shifts uncomfortably* Micah, we’ll discuss this later. In private.

Shelley: Shelley: *chuckles* Did everyone else get the total visual of Nix in the Charger belting out Renegade? * clears throat*

Madison & Micah: *shake their heads*

Shelley: Mads and Micah, yeah we'll let you two resume that later...

Shelley: Favorite weapon(s)?

Micah: My hands. It’s up close and personal that way.

Nix: Depends on the monster I’m hunting. Sometimes it’s my pistol, other times it’s my tongue spewing a Gregorian Exorcism.

Micah: Give that wet-work a try on me and see what happens.

Madison: *smacks Micah on the arm* Enough with the baiting, Micah. *clears throat* Favorite weapon, I’m fond of my blade. It cuts nicely through demon skin.

Micah: Now who’s doing the baiting, kitten? *grins*

Shelley: *trembles slightly and glances sideways at Micah* To Madison: Every girl needs a wicked blade!

Madison: And mine is wicked sharp.

Shelley: Madison, I'm dying to know where you get your kick ass clothes?

Madison: Would you believe I find some of my best items from thrift stores? Crazy, right? With all that obscene cash he left me *indicates Micah* you’d think I’d shop high-end, but nope. Finding that ultimate bargain on that perfect piece gives me a rush. You should go shopping with me sometime.

Shelley: I'd love to go shopping with you! *checks wallet* Yes! Let's do it!

Madison: I have time after the interview, if you’re free.

Shelley: A hard question to answer I'm sure, but if Micah hadn't walked away, do you think you would have stayed with him and tried to enjoy, you know...?

Madison: Yes. *pats her hot cheeks with her cool hands* I loved him. I would have stayed.

Micah: She still loves me.

Madison: Dream on.

Micah: *chuckles* And she’s being modest. She’d have come to enjoy…you know. *winks at Shelley*

Madison: Feeling confident today, huh, with bald statements like those?

Micah: Need I remind you what transpired in Hell?

Madison: *looks away quickly*

Shelley: *fans self feverishly* Thank you guys so much for indulging, well mostly me, and our readers, of course. *makes quick exit to nearest water source to cool self down...yeah right!*

Terri: What are your biggest regrets?

Micah: It’s very un-kingly to admit to regrets, Terri. *scrapes his fingers along his jaw* My biggest regret is allowing Celeste to raise Madison without heavy guidance from me.

Madison: I would’ve liked to have gone to college, earned a degree. But as far as true regrets go…*shakes head* I can’t come up with any. Micah gave me Amos and Nix, so I can’t regret that part of my life.

Nix: *shrugs* I have a lot of regrets and almost all of them end up with an innocent killed by something supernatural in origin.

Terri: What is the thing that has frightened you the most?

Micah: Thinking Zennyo Ryuo killed Madison. *eyes go fiery with retribution* I long for the day I can repay him for that fear.

Nix: Same here. *pinches the bridge of his nose* Nothing has ever frightened me that much, not even when my parents were murdered in front of me.

Madison: Being helpless while my son went demonic. No parent should have to endure that. *wipes the sudden moisture out of her eyes* The second most frightening thing was watching Micah take Nix to Hell.

Terri: Do you think there is anything out there that could be scarier than that moment in your life?

Micah: Madison’s real death.

Nix: We have got to quit agreeing like this, Micah. *makes an annoyed face* I went pretty dark after I thought Mads was killed the first time. I wouldn’t come back from her real death.

Madison: Becoming the Queen of Hell is my greatest fear because it will lead to the ultimate sacrifice…my son falling with me.

Micah: Your destiny cannot be avoided.

Madison: *jabs Micah in the shoulder* Watch me.

Micah: *wicked grin* I look forward to watching your efforts.

Whew...It has gotten hot in here...Well thank you all for joining us today. Make sure enter in for our Hell's Phoenix Prize Pack.  It consists of a copy of Madison's Life Lessons, a copy of Pandora's Box, a copy of Hell's Phoenix, and some awesome swag to adorn it all. Head over to the Giveaway page and enter through Rafflecopter.


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