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Interview with Gracen Miller

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Welcome everyone!  So, Hell's Phoenix Book 2 of the Road to Hell series is out and we at TSK TSK What to Read have the pleasure of hosting Gracen Miller, author, to this series today.  In a previous post, you had a chance to hear our thoughts about Hell's Phoenix and now we have put Gracen Miller in the hot seat to answer some of our pressing questions. 

*Gracen walks in and takes a seat in front of Kathryn, Shelley, and Terri*

TSK TSK What to ReadHi Gracen and welcome!  Thank you so much for joining us today.

Gracen:  Thank you for having me.
TSK TSK: So, let's get started because we know you are busy with your book releasing today....
When creating new characters do you find it easy to write men over women?

Gracen: In some ways I think guys are easier because I’m surrounding by men in my own life. I like to believe I understand them, even though I’m quoted often as saying “Boys are so weird and I don’t get y’all.” And I’m constantly giving advice like, “Girls really do not find that trait attractive”, or “FYI, girls don’t think it’s funny when you rank your burb loudness or your fart smell.” But boys are so much fun, too, they like to laugh and have fun and they’re not into appearances. That means I still get the privilege of sitting beside them at the theater even though my eldest is 14. I like writing about girls, but I don’t relate to them as well as I do boys.

TSK TSK:  Well Gracen, We'd like the readers to get to know YOU a bit better. We
(Kathryn , Terri and Shelley) have the privilege of being Hellhound sisters and part
of the Road to Hell family, and as such, already know certain things...
so for the readers...What is your secret indulgence? 
Does your husband know about it or...indulge YOU?

Gracen: LOL My secret indulgence would probably be all the sex I have in my
head with my characters. People would be surprised by how often I’m
crafting something naughty in my brain. Yes, my husband knows about it and he
definitely encourages it. He likes reading my sex scenes and begs me to
write nothing but sex for his reading pleasure. Haha!

TSK TSK: So, does your husband ever tell you that it is too much or critique
the sex scene?

Gracen:  My husband has only read Fairy Casanova. He's a 
type of guy and wants to get straight to the sex scenes.  He doesn't want to 
have to live through the whole story to get to the "good stuff".
He loved Fairy Casanova and encourages me to write more novellas like it.

TSK TSK:  Favorite food? Dessert?

Gracen:  My favorite dessert (kind of!) is Reese Cups. 
Mmm…equals mouth orgasms. ;-)

TSK TSK: I would rather be ___________?

Gracen: Writing, having sex or drinking nectar of the gods (coffee)…
not necessarily in order of preference. *grins*

TSK TSK: Dream vacation for you and the hubs and why?

Gracen:  My dream vacation would be without my hubs. Not because I don’t love
being with him, but a vacation to him involves so much running around that I always
need a vacation from our vacation. My ideal dream vacation would be sitting on
a beach beneath a cabana doing nada for several days.

TSK TSK: Well then, is there any particular beach that you would like to travel to?

Gracen:  Hawaii!!  I really want to see it.  But, I'd equally love to visit Alaska.

TSK TSK: Favorite thing to do with the girlfriends?

Gracen: Just being with the girlfriends is fantastic. But I love to go to the
movies or out to eat.

TSK TSK: If you weren't a writer, what would you be?

Gracen: Probably still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
LOL I seriously have no idea! Writing is all I have ever wanted to do,
other than be a mom.

TSK TSK: Flowers or candy???

Gracen: Neither. Flowers die and I can’t bear to throw them away. And the
innocent act of sniffing candy adds to my full-figure! I prefer a book certificate
or free time to do whatever I want to do. Of course…diamonds are always nice. ;-)

TSK TSK:  Yes, diamonds are very nice….and if you have read Elfin Blood, 
you can understand why they are especially nice!!

Thank you Gracen for sitting in the hot seat with us today!  Any parting words?

Gracen: If you haven’t joined me on the Road to Hell already, 
what are you waiting for? It’s a wild ride with a lot of fabulous Hellhounds!
Check her out on her blog at

Ok everyone, thank for checking out our reviews and Gracen's interview.  Now, make sure you come back later and join us for our Release Party where we will be accompanied by the three main people starring in Hell's Phoenix.  That is right...Madison, Nix, and the King of Hell himself, Micah will be partying with us and answering some of our questions too!
Once the party is over, make sure you enter in our Fabulous Hell's Phoenix Prize Pack!
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