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Interview with cast of The Grey Wolves by Quinn Loftis


Hello everyone!  Welcome to TSK TSK What to Read!  I have had the opportunity to read a great series called The Grey Wolves by Quinn Loftis.  The first book in this fantastic series is called Prince of Wolves, followed by Blood Rites, and the third being Just One Drop.  I am eagerly awaiting book four, Out of the Dark, but here is a little insight in to that world.
The Grey Wolves is an action packed, fast paced series, that displays loyal friendships, snarky humor, great romance, and for you ladies, some hot guys...Quinn Loftis has created a world that you find yourself totally immersed in, emotionally attached, and physically aching for more...So, who are The Grey Wolves?  To truly understand them, you are definitely going to need to read the books, but here is a brief interview through written correspondence that I had the privilege of getting to know them a little more.
So, without further adieu....Here is the cast of The Grey Wolves series....We have Jacque, Sally, Jen, Fane, and Decebel.  I hope you enjoy learning a little more about them and find yourself as intrigued by them as I am.

And the questions begin:

1.  Since music seems to be such a bog part of your lives, what would be your favorite musician/band and favorite song right now?

Jacque: As you always know my taste in music and songs change according to my moods.  That said, there is a lot going on in the Romanian pack.  The stuff has hit the fan, so as of right now my favorite band is Florence and the Machine, and the song Shake It Out.  I mean the line "it's always darkest before the dawn" yeah, that's where we are right now.

Jen: I know what y'all are thinking...E.T.  right....nope.  Sorry to disappoint, but my favorite band is Evanescence, but right now I have two favorite songs.  I'm sure you guys can figure out why, I mean, I'm kind of in a tight spot. Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up and Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love. If you haven't heard them, stop reading this and go listen to them.  When you guys get to Dec's answer, don't tease him about his girly handwriting, that's my job.

Sally: I'm pretty simple, I looooove Jason Walker, and his song Down is my fav.  See, simple.

Fane:  Pearl Jam.  Favorite song right now, well as my mate said, it's pretty dark right now, so the song that keeps going through my head is 30 Seconds to Mars' Hurricane.

Decebel: I can tell you that right now the song I'm playing as I lay at night, unable to sleep is Won't Turn Back by Need To Breathe.  Jennifer, it's not girly handwriting.  I learned to write in the 1800's when neat handwriting was necessary.

(I sooo wanted you guys to see Decebel's handwriting, but blogger was being a bugger...)

2.  What is your most treasured possession?

Jacque:   That's an easy one, the ring that Fane gave me at our bonding ceremony.

Jen: It's not a what, it's a who....

Sally: A locket my great grandmother gave me.  I left it back in the states.  I was worried I'd lose it.  It's been passed down for generations.

Fane: Jacquelyn gave me the paper her vows were written on after our bonding ceremony.  That paper, with her words, promises engraved on my heart.  That is my most treasured possession.

Decebel: The saved text messages on my phone from when I was separated from Jennifer during the gathering.

3.  What is something that you have learned that you hated?

Jacque: I'm thinking you mean that something that was a hard lesson.  One of those, yeah I get it, but I don't have to like it things.  For me, it would be knowing my mother lied to me.  I understand why sh kept my father's secret and I might have done the same thing in her shoes.  But, that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

Jen: That it is possible for Jennifer Adams to need a guy, and not just any guy, a fur ball!  I mean seriously, what the hell is that all about?  I'm just saying...

Sally: I'm responsible for the health and well being of a pack of werewolves. I mean, gypsy blood? Really? You may say...but Sally, that's so cool...but all I can this is what if I mess up?  What if I can't do enough and something happens to someone I love?  Sorry, I didn't mean for this to turn in to a counseling session...

Fane: I can't always protect Jacquelyn.  I can't put her in a bubble and keep all the evil things from the one person in my life that I live and die for.  As Jen would say, it sucks serious moth balls.  I asked her why moth balls and her reply was, "Go suck some moth balls, then see if need to ask me again."

Decebel: I learned I hadn't been able to protect my mate.  No words describe what it feels like to lose the other half of your soul.

4.  Who do you consider your hero?

Jacque: My mom.  She loved a man that she knew could never truly be hers.  But she loved him anyways.  SHe told me once that to love guarantees pain at some time in your life and pain helps us grow and change.  But to never love, to never experience the joy and pain that come with love guarantees stagnancy.  She asked, "do you know what stagnancy is, how it is defined?" My answer, to not move.  She said, "Nope, it's worse than that kiddo.  Stagnancy means unmoving, foul or stale, not developing, inactive.  That is what happens to a person who doesn't take a risk on love."
Man, my mom is one smart cookie. :)

Jen: My hero's actually.  My two best friends.  Who else would put up with me?

Sally: I don't want to say this person's name because their ego doesn't need stroking.  But my hero is someone I love dearly and is all the things I wish I could be.  Bold, sexy, assertive, confident, completely comfortable in their own skin.  I wish I could not care about others opinions and just be.  That's what this person does.

Fane: My father.  The example he sets in how he loves his luna and his pack is unmatched by any other Alpha.  I would do well to be half as good as him.

Decebel: My mate.  I've never met someone so pig headed and stubborn.  She's mine.  Every ounce of fierce, loyalty, deep love, fervent determination, unwavering faithfulness, mine.  She chose me.  How can she not be my hero?

5.  Favorite superhero and why?

Jacque: Batman....He's HOT!
Jen:  Wolverine, duh, he's hotter!!

Sally:   Does James Bond count as a super hero?  If so, he's the hottest!!

Fane:  Wonder Woman...she's hot (two can play at this game, mate!)

Decebel: (Good call Fane) She-Ra....she's smokin'!!!

Jen: Whoa, whoa....hold the train...Wonder Woman and She-Ra? Really? Are you two blind?  I mean at least Cat Woman has a whip and depending on the comic book edition and if you're lucky... a tail.  Geez, I'm embarrassed.  Wonder Woman and might as well have said Judy Jetson.  Okay, sorry to interrupt the interview, I'm done now...

Question for Decebel:  What annoys you more than anything about Jen?

Decebel:   She's stubborn and she's stubborn.  Did I mention she is stubborn?
Question for Fane:  What do you think of Jacque's friends?  How much has changed in your opinion from day 1 until now?

Fane:  I think that Jacquelyn's friends are amazing.  She is lucky to have them and I'm lucky to have gained them as friends through her.  Jacquelyn has grown as a person and a mate.  She's beginning to realize who she is and who she wants to be.  I feel so blessed to get to start our journey together so young.

Question for Jacque:  What would you say is your happiest moment?

Jacque: Jen would tell you it is the day I met her.  Granted, when she walked up to me in first grade and said. "You will sit here by me because I am your new best friend." I mean, seriously, how could that not be my happiest moment, but, happiest moment....the night Fane and I bonded. I won't repeat the things he whispered that night, but that night was the happiest moment ever.
Question for Jen:  What kind of things embarrass you?

Jen: What does embarrass mean?  Oh, alright...things that embarrass me, well singing Katy Perry's E.T. while in the shower, smashed on my butt...wait it gets better....improvising words with werewolf body parts....wait for it....while the werewolf I am pining after listens....oh, oh and then running out butt-ass naked in front of said werewolf.  Yeah, think that covers it...
Question for Sally: What do you value in your friends?

Sally:  Loyalty and honesty.  And the ability to sit up all night and eat raw cookie dough watching chick flicks or horror flicks....depends on the events of the week that determine the movie genre.
I definitely want to say a huge "THANK YOU" to Quinn Loftis for giving us a chance to get to know this fabulous cast of The Grey Wolves....

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  1. I just read your Q&A and it was absolutely awesome! I've always wondered what the character would say to some of these questions...;D I love the Superhero part!^_^