Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scorched Skies (Fire Spirits #2) by Samantha Young


The White King has crossed the line, sounded the horn, sent out the wolves.

When blood is shed and life is lost the reality of Ari’s position as both hunter and prey finally sets in. It seems her father will stop at nothing to force her will to his own and distracted by Charlie’s latest mistake and her seemingly misguided attraction to Jai, Ari never thought to fear anyone else but the Jinn King.

Blindsided and attacked, Ari learns a new wolf has joined the hunt. A dark sorcerer believes he knows a way to bleed the power of the Seal and wield it as his own, and he is even less patient than The White King.

The War for the Seal has only just begun… and it’s time for Ari to turn it on its head.
It’s time for Ari to stop acting like the hunted.

It’s time for Ari to become the hunter.

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Shelley's Review
This stunning sequel takes off at a run and sets your heart racing and sputtering at the stealth in which Samantha nails us with her first devastating blow. Ari's heart is once again broken and she's forced to go on the run to hide from her pursuers.
With the White King, among others, seeking to control Ari and the power of the Seal; it's a war against time, unlimited powers and unseen enemies. Betrayals and manipulations make it hard for Ari and Jai...and Charlie, to know who to trust or where to turn.
I did promise you heartache. And there is plenty. But there is also hope in unexpected alliances and new found friendships. Events change quickly and drastically, but Scorched Skies shows Ari and her entourage with more cunning, resourcefulness and confidence that only comes from personal growth and the best of training. Some very mature decisions are made amid the chaos as more doubts are raised and others are laid to rest. Realizations, denials and fears are met with new strength and reinforced bonds. That's not to say that those bonds are not challenged by those who will not stop until they have Ari and the Seal in their possession.
This story is as much about the growth among each of the characters as it is about the fate of one girl and the Seal of Solomon. Charlie must come to terms with his power, his need for revenge and his ties to Ari. Jai struggles with his honor and obligations to his family and the Jinn and his true feelings. Ari, well, she's got a lot to sort through and much more to learn.
Along with Ari, we get a deeper look into her history, the mythology of the first Jinn, Azazil, Lilif, mother of the Kings and how it ties back to Jai and his family. The delivery of the facts and discoveries is clever and ignites your need to know more about this fascinating race and the innate behaviors that drive them and future destinies.
Scorched Skies is as full of emotion and action as Smokeless Fire, but what's great about this sequel is getting to know Ari, Charlie and Jai that much better, watching them open up to possibilities and see the truth that lays in their hearts.
There are enough twists and turns to keep you on edge, fully engaged and turning the page anticipating what's next. Of course you never really see what's coming. That's the beauty of this story. Just when you think the crew might catch a break, find a resolution or have a chance to explore their relationships further...well, you can never really let your guard down, can you, Ari? That's usually when all hell breaks loose. And of course you have to end with a good cliffhanger. Which Sam does. I'm now dying for the release of Borrowed Ember. I have to know where this is going, where it all ends and if Ari and Jai find their happy ever after. They do, don't they?? You'll just have to wait (impatiently) with me and see.



  1. If the book is as hot as the cover, I am in!

  2. Vintageelena, did you enter to win a copy? And yes, it is! *wink* ~Shelley

  3. To meet Samantha Young and tell her I love all her books