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The Amethyst Dragon series by D C Grace

Are you ready for some magic??? Well you're about to get spelled. We've got none other than the A-MAZ-ING Tryamon Blue from The Amethyst Dragon series (created by the equally A-MAZ-ING, D. C. Grace), here to ROCK your world!
Tryamon, aka Mony, is one of our favorite characters from the series- and one of our all time favorite Fae. Not only is she wicked cool and fascinating, smart, highly skilled in...well, many things, she also has crazy-sexy-cool taste in clothes- and men! We're so excited to have her here- we can hardly stand it!
If you're not already a fan of the series (and what rock have you been hiding under), here's your chance to get to know this elusive and mystical member of the Dragon Fae.
Tryamon is very well known among the faeries. She is after all, the daughter of the one and only Queen Mab, and as such is a member of the Seelie Court, where she is also one half of the Keepers of the Forest, along with her brother Raedself. She is a loving aunt to Prince Dademond Blue-Therror (our hero, Dade!). Sought out for her battle skills... and her prowess. She's a good fae to know- and have on your side. Mony is wild and free, always unexpected and just so much FUN! So...are you ready to roll with Fae royalty- and get schooled in the process?
Ok then...Please welcome to Tsk Tsk What to Read...the stunning Tryamon Blue!
Kathryn: Good day, Mony. Welcome. We know you're extremely busy- conquering evil villains and all, so we'll just get right to our questions, shall we? What does a Keeper of the Forest do?
Tryamon: In the simplest of terms, a Keeper protects forest life: trees, birds, flowers and animals. We nurture, we protect and we love. And in the human realm, we remind the mortals how precious that life is, as well.
K: That's just beautiful.
T: I am more than just a beautiful face. *fluffs hair*
S: I think I missed my true calling.
K: *shakes head* I think someone's calling you now... What do you love most about being a Keeper?
T: The fact that it requires little contact with mortals. No offense, but you people are far too driven by emotions, and place ridiculous expectations on each other. Creatures of the forest only seek one thing. Love.
K: Isn't that the truth. * looks pointedly at Shelley *
S: What? I'm very drawn to nature- especially the animals. I could do quite well without the humans, myself. Thank. You. Very. Much. *slouches in chair*
T: Indeed.
S: *sticks tongue out at Kathryn*
You have some amazing and outrageous outfits. What's your favorite?
T: My black leathers, of course! Any time I can strike fear in someone's heart, it is a damn good day for moi.
K: They are stunning. And really, Mony... You strike fear in everyone- without trying.
S: A true force of nature.
T: *grins devilishly* I love when mortals kiss up. I'll tell you when if I want you to stop.
*the girls share a grin*
S: So. Marshall. What can you tell us?
T: What do you want to know?
S: EVERYTHING?! *winks*
K: What is your favorite thing about him?
T: *leans in conspiratorially* I love that he smells of soap, spearmint gum and testosterone. We Fae can smell those things, you know. And sometimes I catch a hint of tobacco. Very... male.
*they all reflexively sniff the air*
S: You're fierce in a battle. Do you find fighting exciting?
T: I must confess, it is a rush. There is a feeling of near invincibility in wielding a pair of daggers and taking out a useless fop at forty paces.
S: Righteous!
K:*swallowing a lump in her throat* Very well, then... What is one of your secret indulgences?
T: If I told you it would no longer be a secret, now, would it? *grins mischievously*
*everyone chuckles*
K: Ok we'll leave it at that..for now. *winks*
S: What is something you will absolutely not do?
T: I will not give up my life in Avalon for a life in the mortal realm. Never. For no one.
S: *turns to Kathryn* I'd say she's pretty firm on that.
What is your fondest memory?
T: Where does one begin? So many choices! But I think the most pleasing to date was charming young Marshall when he stood ready to defend me against a dragon. He is ever the gentleman, and so terribly brave!
K: Aww... He is just the sweetest. And yes, so brave.
S: And so C.U.T.E!!!
K: What is the weirdest creature you have ever fought?
T: A ghastly Spriggan. I will tell you the story some time.
<in unison> PLEASE DO!!!
S: What do you love most about Avalon?
T: What don't I love about Avalon? I think my homeland, Tir na nog. Ours is the most beautiful, serene of all the territories.
S: It does sound like heaven. I've always wanted to visit.
K: Knowing you, you'd get drunk on faery wine and be lost forever.
S: And that would be bad...??!
T: You can drink the wine, that is a misconception. Each mortal's ability to handle it, however, is another story entirely. *raises one eyebrow knowingly*
* Shelley, again, sticks her tongue out at Kathryn*
K: Tell us something about your mother, Queen Mab that would surprise us.
T: Yes, she really is the tight-ass legend portrays her as.
<Shelley spits soda across the room as Kathryn hides a laugh.>
S: What is your biggest fear?
T: Loving and not being loved in return. Never finding my amalgamay. But I guard my heart well, so no worries, right?
S: Right there with ya, girlfriend!
K: But you haven't given up yet?!
T: That remains to be seen.
K: Do you believe Palamonge can be defeated?
T: Everyone has a weakness, no matter how evil or disgusting the offender. Of course that bastard can be defeated. Show me his soft point, I'll rid the universe of the donkey wanker now.
K: We can't wait to see that!
S: *snorts* Donkey wanker.
What is the most trouble you and Raedself got into as sprouts?
T: My darling brother Raedself was ever the goody-goody, even in sprouthood. But he followed me once when I went to the forest to practice my magic. We were still learning, and not to practice without our tutor or a practiced magic handler. Like it ever stopped me. Anyway, I got him to join me in a half-witted spell meant to protect our deer and keep them cool in the heat of the day. Imagine our surprise when the herds of Tir na nog were naked of fur from sun-up to sun-down that season. Father was none too pleased. Thankfully, it only lasted a season. Incidentally, Raedself felt so badly, he knitted sweaters for our naked deer.
K: *wiping tears from her eyes* That is the funniest and most disturbing thing ever!
S: I will never look at deer- or Raedself the same way again.
T: It took the herds of Tir na nog several seasons not to run when they saw him coming.
*Everyone laughs aloud*
K: Do you have a favorite Sentinel?
T: My nephew, Dademond, of course. And myself, but I'm sure you already knew that.
S: *coughs to regain composure* Of course.
What do you really think of Morgan Fe Fay?
T: I think she is the only Fae who can truly rattle my mother the queen, and that tickles me. *grins*
K: It tickles us too!
S: Oh yes, it certainly does. *whispers* She (Mab) can't hear is now can she? *glances nervously around the room*
T: Believe me, you would know if she heard.
Whew! *Shelley relaxes again in her chair*
K: What is the one thing you want most in the world?
T: You ask this knowing a faerie cannot lie, of course. What I want is the love of one I may never truly hold.
S: Sorry, Mony. That was not intended.
K: And we hope that for you as well. S: We truly do.
T: *waves her hand absently* Such is the burden of a courtier. It is what it is.
K: *turns to Shelley* Playing nice again?
S: *whispers to Kathryn* Well, yes...I love her. AND she terrifies me.
K: *shakes her head* Do you think Calieo can be saved from the darkness?
T: If the Fates have deemed it so.
K: I guess we'll see soon enough.
S: Such a terrible ordeal. He cannot be saved soon enough for me. *Kathryn gives Shelley a sideways glance and laughs*
K: What advice would you give to Dade? Shelby?
T: I would give them no advice. They are foolish young lovers who wouldn't listen anyway. I'll save my breath.
K: Well spoken
S: Aw, stupid young love... What do you hope to be remembered for?
T: *stands to show off her clothes* For my amazing fashion sense! It isn't easy ruling the forests and chopping down dark Fae while still looking this damn good!
K: We couldn't agree more!!! Have another pastry.
T: Don't mind if I do. *winks*
S: While Mony and Kathryn finish their refreshments, I want to say thank you to our readers for stopping by. As you NEVER say thank you to the fae, so please refrain from doing so in your comments. And with that...I do believe D. C. has a very special surprise EXCLUSIVELY for our Tsk Tsk What to Read followers. CHECK IT OUT...

 In the shadowy recesses of Orbis Alia, Avalon's darkest realm, the Winter Dragon weaves his intricate, evil spell like a spider web, delicately poised to ensnare his prey once and for all.

Yet somewhere in the land of Tir na nog, Dade Blue-Therror fights back with magic of his own. The crown prince of the Seelie Court will not lose his Chuisle, Shelby, to the madness of his greatest foe.

The battle of good versus evil is about to begin. Father against son, brother against brother. And for Dademond, the stakes have never been higher.

Now for the Sneak Peek in to Pixie Dust
Excerpt from Chapter Fourteen of Pixie Dust, as told by Leo

A twig snapped below me, but it was just a doe, foraging ina rich, green patch of

clover carpeting the ground. I turned my thoughts back toShelby, and met with a blade 

to my throat - literally.

“Not so smug now, are you, you traitorous lout?” It wasTryamon’s voice in my

ear. I should have known. The Keeper of the Forest had dupedme, taking the form of a

gentle forest animal to lull me into a sense of falsesecurity. The woman pressed against

my back, however, was anything but gentle.

“Smug? No, that was outright gloating you saw earlier,” Ireplied. I felt the edge

of Tryamon’s stiletto, threatening to slice into my jugularas I spoke. It was the weapon

she kept at her hip as Keeper rather than Sentinel. Made oflapis lazuli, I knew all too

well it could not only energize the throat chakra, butdestroy it as well. Nevertheless, I

couldn’t help but goad her: I was still riding high from mygo at Dade.

“Pish posh! Speak carefully if you want to ever speak again,daft fool,” she

hissed, her breath hot against my neck. “I could slit youfrom beak to bollocks for what

you’ve done to my nephew, and not lose a moment’s sleep overit.”

To prove she spoke the truth, Tryamon pressed therazor-sharp blade harder against my

throat. It was becoming difficult to breathe, but I wouldn’tshow her fear or weakness.

She was my enemy now, she’d chosen it when I offered peacein Orbis Alia and she

threatened my life.

~Copyright 2012

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