Friday, May 31, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Born on Fire by Amy Erstad

Book Title: Born of Fire
Author: Amy Erstad
Release Date: TBD

Humans are losing their devotion to the Gods. After everything the humans put themselves and others though; faith is still not high on their priority list. Even the Gods would think such things as wars would lead the humans back to them, but it is only a temporary fix. Their devotion still waivers. Other than Ra, no one seems to notice, or they just don’t care. They keep telling him it will get better with time, only it doesn’t. Worse yet, they keep denying his request for an earthly presence. He is sick of watching and waiting, and sick of being denied. He is not going to just stand by and let them keep denying him, he has his own plans. Plans put in place centuries ago, secretly. Now they shall all see what happens when he is forsaken.
                While Ra is making plans of his own, Kenna, on the earthly realm, is figuring out that the people she loves and trusts are keeping secrets from her. She wants to know what those secrets are, and she knows they have something to do with her nightmares, but no one is giving up any information. She is not too worried though. She has Keyara, her best friend, right there beside her. Together they work to try to unravel the mystery that her life has become. Together they stand when Kenna’s life is turned upside down by some handsome stranger. One that is familiar, yet unknown to Kenna. Together they will continue to stand, when the secrets are revealed, and both girls find they have destinies they never would have dreamed of.

 Ra and Lyssa
Trying to calm myself, I think about the One. I change the view on the crystal veil and say to myself, “She is special. Of all my creations, she shall be the most magnificent creature.”
I see Lyssa make her grand entrance into the room, making sure I know she is there. “Well you obviously must be talking about me.”
Turning around to face her, I roll my eyes and ask with malice in my voice, “What are you talking about this time?”
“The most magnificent creature of them all of course,” she replies
“You know, for once I wish you would stop walking in on me and acting like you own the place.”
                She looks at me, not giving an inch, glaring at me with an evil look in her eyes, and major attitude in her voice. “Oh right, what you are doing is sooooo important. Let me guess, you are watching your things yet again?” As I Watch the breeze blow the canopy curtains around, I see her start walking toward me, as seductively as one could walk. It is as her mood has changed with the flip of a dime. She is swaying her hips back and forth, batting her eyelashes, and running her hands from her stomach up the front of her chest, “You know, I could give you something important to do, and it would be a heck of a lot more fun than watching those things all day every day.”

Amy has been married for 16 years and shares two beautiful daughters with her husband. After being a stay at home mother for many years, she went back to school and graduated with her Associates Degree in Business Administration in 2009. When she is not working, she loves being able to travel whenever she can and has had the opportunity to visit several different countries with her family, and has even been able to live in some of them.
While it was never her dream to become a writer, she now loves every minute of her time spent in the writing world, as it gives her the opportunity to live in a world made out of imagination and sometimes dreams. She loves reading paranormal and fantasy books. 


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