Monday, May 13, 2013

Until I Break by M. Leighton

For Adults 18+ Only
"I’m intrigued. Tempted beyond what I’ve ever been before. To know her, to open her up. To break her."

In love, sometimes what you fear most is exactly what you need.

Laura Drake is an author. She writes bestselling paranormal romances that continue to top the charts. She is sharp. She is confident. She is in control.

And she doesn’t exist.

Samantha Jansen is the woman behind the wig, the woman most of the world doesn’t know exists. She is shy. She is insecure. She is nothing like her main character or her alter ego. She is scarred—deeply scarred—by a past she can’t let go of and a present she can’t make peace with.

Samantha’s dreams are consumed by one man, the broken hero from her books. Mason Strait is both her wildest fantasy and her most terrifying nightmare.

When Samantha meets Alec Brand, a corporate consultant, it is as though Mason has come to life. Alec is handsome to a fault, as elegant as he is arrogant, and more intense than any man has a right to be.

Samantha is soon sucked into a world that mirrors the fiction she writes. Just like her main character, Daire Kirby, Samantha finds herself unable to resist the forbidden lure of Alec. And just like Daire, she also finds that she is faced with taking a chance on a man who could either set her free or destroy her.

The scale tilts toward destruction when Samantha finds out that Alec is as much a work of fiction as Mason. And he has scars of his own, scars that could ruin them both.

**This book may be read as a stand-alone, as the story of Alec and Samantha comes to a conclusion in this book**

Shorter Bio:  New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, M. Leighton lives in the deep South with her super-hero husband and super-smart malti-poo.  She has a fondness for coffee and chocolate, loves the color red, laughs at almost anything and often stares out her window, daydreaming of far-away places.

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Ahhhh, I really don't think it is a shock to anyone on how much I love M. Leighton.  She is truly a beautiful individual with a hugeantic heart of gold....
So, its no surprise, I was chomping at the bit, jumping up and down, waving my hands in the air at the chance to be able to read Until I Break.  And then, that beautiful lovely arrived in the mail...Oh, it sooo made my day!!
I finished up the book I was currently reading, and immediately dove in to Until I Break.  I was dying with anticipation, eager to see what story was going to unfold between these pages in front of me.  With talk of it being a darker tale, my mind was swimming with possibilities on how the talented genius of M. Leighton was going to spin the wheel of fortune for the unsuspecting characters in Until I Break.
I opened up the book and began leaving reality to immerse myself in the world of Samantha Jansen.  Writer of a famous paranormal series, yet only the public knows her as Laura Drake.  Fully disguised, living a role where no one can connect her to her real life persona.  What would people think?  The things she puts in her books would draw lots of attention to herself and that is just something that she doesn't want.  Samantha lives with a past that has caused her to put up walls and carry around way too much baggage.  With the suggestion of her sister, Samantha, seeks out a therapist.  Solely online and under her writer persona, she meets Dr. B and passively works through her problems during their sessions...
But, so much changes in the moment of seeing HIM...The perfect guy, the one that is her Mason from her books. 
What seems like a chance encounter becomes much more.  One thing leads to the next and she is meeting Alec Brand.  You could feel the charm and charisma, the sexy hotness, the intense stare from his green eyes right along with Samantha.  I knew right then that they had an explosive chemistry.  Like two magnets being drawn to each force could keep them apart.
I absolutely LOVED being able to read through both main character's POV.  Being able to connect to each one, hearing their thoughts, feeling their emotions, just experiencing each moment with them..... allowing you to join them on this intricate complicated journey they are on.
But, Until I Break is not all about scorching heat between these two.  M. Leighton brought two individuals together that are so broken, dealing with demons from their past, that neither can see a solution or "cure" for their future.  I would ache wanting so much for Samantha and at the same moment ache for what Alec needed.  I would also get soooo mad at them. Here are two very passionate people, making a connection, and both being so reserved with opening up to the other.  Yes, I know, that is a defense mechanism, but it was hard watching it.  It didn't happen all the way through and seeing Samantha grow in to a strong confident woman fighting for what she wanted made my heart swell with pride.
But, the darkness is there.  Always laying doubt at one's feet.  Do these two overcome their past?  Do they find peace, love, and acceptance?
I think you know I won't tell you....I can say this...M. Leighton created a masterpiece.  She wove a profound, gut-wrenching, nail-biting, steamy romance that haunts your thoughts long after you leave that last page. 

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