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BLOG TOUR: Chase by Chantal Fernando & Dawn Martens

For Adult 18+ Readers
Welcome to our stop on the Chase Blog Tour. We were honored and thrilled to help spread the word for our dear friends, Chantal Fernando and Dawn Martens. And I'm super excited to bring you a little closer to the authors and their super HOT tale.

So I asked the girls to tell me why they chose to write contemporary romance. What it means to them. How it's affected or inspired them. How their own lives inspired their storylines. And why they think the genre is so damned hot right now.

Be careful what you wish for...;)
Dawn's (hilarious) two cents:
Book love -  I love the New Adult, contemporary romance genre because it’s fucking hot! Plus the characters are around my age group, so I can get more into the book. I also love a good sex scene. If I can masturbate while reading, the book earned 5stars to me! ;)  My favorite shit is guy wants girl, girl is hard to get, guy finally gets girl. Fucks up. Girl leaves, then guy spends time trying to get her back. In the end HEA. What REALLY pisses me off, is if the fucking book ends in a cliffhanger. Just shoot me! Fucking sucks donkey ass! Cheating pisses me off too. I don’t mind if it turns out there wasn’t any actual cheating. That’s fine. But actual cheating, the woman is a fucking moron if she takes him back! She might as well have a sign tattooed on her “Cheat on me, I’ll forgive you cuz I’m a retarded bitch.” Sorry, went off there didn’t I?  ha.  But wanna know what I love even more than that? Kristen Ashley! No one can write a fucking alpha male like her! She’s epic! Hell, when I first read a KA book, it was Until the sun falls from the Sky. After that, I immediately bought every single book she had out. After that, I couldn’t read ANYTHING else. So what did I do? I went and re-read every single one of her books. Multiple times. 6 or 7 months later I FINALLY was able to move on. How fucked up is that? LOL
Personal life – Some people have asked me if what I post on facebook is how I am in real life. Answer to that is YES. Ask anyone! I’m a fucking nut! Heck there was once I even gave my mother blow job advice! I’m cool like that! Does my mouth at times get me into trouble? Fuck yeah it does. But I’m just me, no other or better way to be I say! I swear, I talk sex, and anything else that comes to me. However, that all said, I’m one of the nicest people you’ll meet. I’m a sucker for friendships. Often I get walked all over, and my husband often gets pissed that I’m still friends with certain people because of how I’m treated. I’d do anything and everything for anyone. Just who I am. I also get hurt easily.. no joke. I’m tough with everything, but my feelings get hurt easily.  I’m also a klutz, but I blame the walls, trees, etc. Not my fault they are in the way of my walking. THEY walk into ME, not the other way around ;)  I also have a horrible fear of snakes. Can’t look at pictures, can’t watch cartoons of them. And being in a pet store that has snakes.. nope. I get hot/cold flashes, can’t breathe, just full out panic attacks.  There you have it. I’m fucking awesome ;)

And from the other author's chair, Chantal:
I chose to write contemporary romance because it is my favorite genre and has been for some time now. I started off reading only fantasy, and I still do sometimes, but I now mainly only read contemporary. I devour the genre; I read every latest release every month. Like Dawn, Kristen Ashley is in my opinion, one of the best in the business. The woman has talent, and I adore her books, no matter what she writes. I think Dawn and I bonded over this fact, lol. Why do I think women relate to this genre? I have no idea, maybe because although it is fiction, it could actually happen.
I am the opposite of Dawn. I am quiet, reserved and an introvert. I am very shy. I am very guarded and extremely picky about whom I let get close to me. Now having said all this, I have an extremely fun, quirky side. In fact, I am the one who does all the mucking around scenes in the books. All the nonsense Kade gets up to- that is all me and my weird imagination 
Writing is the best way I express myself.
And I LOVE it… <3

And now for my review and the GIVEAWAY... Moving in with a guy you only met once? Stupid.
But for student Layla Crawford, this was reality.
Chase Jackson is a renowned playboy and self professed commitment phobe, that is until he meets Layla.
Blinded by his intensity to have her, Chase will stop at nothing to make her his.
With a jealous ex and old conquests repeatedly making appearances, Chase' s skeletons come out of the closet one by one, each one pushing Layla further and further away.
Layla is determined to keep her distance. Chase now has to convince the only woman he has ever wanted that he is worth the gamble.

Chantal Fernando

I'm 26 and a mother of three beautiful little boys.
I've been happily married since I was 18 and live in Western Australia.
I love to read and write; I'm a dreamer.
Chase is my debut novel, written with my friend Dawn.

Dawn Martens

I drink too much, Swear too much, and Read too much. I don't have a filter, and I tend to speak before I think.
I live in Alberta Canada.
I have an amazing pain in the ass husband, and two little girls.
I have a huge love of reading. I've been a beta reader, and helped a few authors edit. On top of those things, because I don't plan to give them up, I figured it was time to take the leap and write a book.
It wouldn't be possible without my girl Chantal!!!

  Amazon UK
Amazon US

I'm just going to say it... I loved this story. I loved the plotline. The setting. I loved Layla. She was sweet, sassy and strong. Just a nice girl making her way. I loved and hated Chase. He was bossy, set in his ways, impatient, hostile... I could go on... and oh, yes- DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, and like Layla, I found him irresistible. Honestly, I found all three hotties in this uniquely twisted love story irresistible. <Don't tell the other two but James is my favorite. There's just something... well, that's for another time.>

Anyhoo, I got wrapped up in the characters pretty quickly and formed an affection for them all. Each has their charm and adorable and sometimes annoying quirks. And they were just a lot of fun to get to know and watch grow.

I enjoyed watching the dance between Layla and Chase. Seeing how Chase does an about face when he finds he cares for Layla. Something he's not used to. F*** ' em and leave 'em... or kick their asses out the door. That's been more his way.
Learning his history, along with Kade and James' really brings a better understanding of his abrasive and sometimes volatile personality. After a lot headaches and heartaches we finally see the real Chase.
CHASE is all at once a sweet, sexy, and wild story about taking chances, trusting fate and finding your one true love. A perfect Summer read that will leave you hot and thirsty for more.
This was an excellent debut and I'm so looking forward to discovering more about Kade when his own story releases next month. Until then, I highly recommend you grab CHASE and you head to the beach...;)

3 winners:  
1st place winner will get a signed copy, with a few of the fabulous swag items. stickers, magnets, a tote bag, poster, rack cards.
2nd place winner will get a signed copy and a rack card.
3rd place winner will receive an ecopy of Chase

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