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BLOG TOUR: Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom by Tiffany King

10 Things you may not know about Jordyn and her friends
Things that may or may not be answered in book 3. Wink-Wink.

By Tiffany King
* Jordyn loves grunge rock, but is especially fond of Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, and the Foo Fighters. She's not a fan of what's hot on the radio, but instead goes for the edgier garage bands.

 * Krista and Mark had second thoughts about taking in Jordyn when Haniel informed them they would have to keep Jordyn in the dark about her origins. Haniel actually had to talk to them several times before they finally agreed.

* Emrys has visited his father's grave during every single holiday since his father's passing. He has always blamed himself for his father's death and visits to appease his guilt for the sins he committed while he was alive.

* The Guides are secretly jealous of Jordyn's strength. They love the links they share with their Protectors, but wish they could stand beside them with equal strength.

* Jordyn is not a fan of chocolate. I know that's a scandalous fact, and I'm not sure she and I would be friends for that reason alone. Okay, kidding.

* Haniel is secretly threatened by the strong bond between Emrys and Jordyn. Especially since Jordyn seems to be keeping Haniel at arm's length. He worries that his place as her mentor will someday be eclipsed by the soul trader that has stolen her heart. These feelings confuse Haniel since human emotions are foreign to him.

* Jordyn has a strong desire to find out more about the girl whose soul possessed Jordyn's body before she was created.

* Jordyn has an intense love affair with TV. The shows she enjoys somehow fill the void in her mind that glaringly highlights the experiences she missed by not growing like a traditional child. She hopes the TV shows will help humanize her and make her not feel so different.

* Boon has a crush on Jordyn that goes beyond the superhero like worship even though he knows she is way too old for him.

* Jordyn's biggest fear is that she has no future. She is afraid that her life as a human will simply stop if the Light no longer finds her abilities useful.

My so-called family lied.
My friends lied.
The only guy I ever liked lied.
My mentor, the one I was supposed to trust lied.

My entire existence is built on lies and yet now they want my help. Scratch that, now
they need my help. I'll play the good soldier, but I am no longer the person I was before. This time it will be on my terms. I will trust no one.

I am a weapon. I am Jordyn.

Tiffany King is the author of The Saving Angels Series, Wishing for Someday Soon, Forever Changed, Unlikely Allies, Miss Me Not and Jordyn: A Daemon Hunter Novel book one. Writer by day and book fanatic the rest of the time, she is now pursuing her life-long dream of weaving tales for others to enjoy.
She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Five, if you count her three spoiled cats). Her addictions include: Her iphone and ipad, chocolate, Diet Coke, chocolate, Harry Potter, chocolate, and her favorite TV shows. Want to know what they are? Just ask.

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SQUEEE!! I was so excited to be able to be a part of this tour!! I love Tiffany King and was major excited to dive in to Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom.
AND...OH WOW!! What a journey we are taken on within these pages.  From start to finish you are hanging on to edge of your seat waiting to find out if things are going to turn out for the good.
My stomach was in knots thinking that I would get to the end and not be happy...I won't tell you if I was happy or not...You will have to read it and find out for yourself...
But, I will say this...I love Jordyn! She is a badass... kickass chick!! I enjoyed watching her grow so much through this book.  She had to go through so much to come out on the other side but she took on that battle and kicked its ass when she was done with it....
Now, even though this book is titled about Jordyn, we get to have more personal time with Emrys as well...YAY!!! I just love him and being able to be in his head and see him really take charge more was exciting!! 
Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom is an action packed, suspenseful tale that once you pick it up you won't put it down until you are completely finished.  Go get your copy today and find out for yourself why I love this series!!! :D

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