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Special INTERVIEW with Gabby & Lucas from Inception by Teal Haviland PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi everyone!!! I am super excited to be able to introduce these two fabulous people to you...After I read their story in Inception, which I fell in love with, I knew I had to get to know them better...and what a perfect opportunity as being able to interview them...
So, I am not going to hold this up any longer...Sit back, get comfortable...and meet Gabby and Lucas...
Gabby and Lucas
TSK TSK: YAY!!! I am so excited that you two agreed to answer my questions...I know you are lets jump right in...Gabby, what do you find the most appealing about Lucas? 
Gabby: His eyes . . . they are so intense and telling.
TSK TSK: And Lucas, what do you find the most appealing about Gabby?
Lucas: Her eyes. I’ve never seen anything like them. They can hold so much love and so much power all at once. She had me the moment I looked into them.
TSK TSK: WOW!! Interesting answers from you two...Ok, Gabby, what does Lucas do that drives you crazy? 
Gabby: It drives me crazy that he thinks I will grow tired of him. It’s not possible.
TSK TSK: Oooohhhh...and Lucas, what does Gabby do that drives you crazy?
Lucas:  I think she’s keeping something from me, and I wonder if she’ll ever be able to trust me with whatever it is.
TSK TSK: Uh-oh...secrets can hurt a relationship....which brings me to wonder Gabby, if wish you were human?
Gabby: No, especially now that Lucas has changed.
TSK TSK: So then Gabby, what do you find hardest about being the Angel of Karma?
Gabby:  Figuring out why humans make the decisions they make. It would be great to know what compels them so that I can give out karma in a way that will ensure that Light wins the Great War.
TSK TSK: So Lucas, how do you feel about Gabby being the Angel of Karma?
Lucas: I’m still pretty blown away by it, to be honest. I wonder if I’m dreaming every time I look at her. It’s humbling to know what she is capable of, that she is one of the most powerful angels ever created, and even more humbling to know she loves me.
TSK TSK: Awww Lucas...that's awesome!! Gabby, what would you say is your best memory?
Gabby: The way it felt when I found out that Lucas knew the truth about what happened Halloween night—the way he made me feel, to be more exact.
TSK TSK: What a beautiful memory Gabby...Lucas, Is there anything in your past that you wish you could change? If yes, what and why?
Lucas:  I wish I could keep my parents and grandparents from being murdered. I often wonder what life would have been like if I had them with me while I was growing up, if they were alive I wouldn’t have to, anymore.
TSK TSK: Last question Gabby...What do you find is the most beautiful thing on Earth?
Gabby:  There is no way to have the most beautiful things on Earth compete in my mind. Even death can have tremendous beauty.
TSK TSK: the fun stuff...Lets find out about their favorites and a little rapid fire THIS OR THAT!!
For Gabby and Lucas:

Gabrielle ~
~ Food – Anything that’s sweet. The more sugar, the better.
~ Color – Black
~ Time of day – Dawn
~ Sport – Don’t have one
~ Hobby – Now that I can have one while I’m in human form, photography and poetry.
Lucas ~
                ~ Food – Pizza
                ~ Color – Red
                ~ Time of day – Night
                ~ Sport – Football
                ~ Hobby – Playing guitar, although it has been a couple of years since I have played.

Beach or mountains? 
G ~ Beach    L ~ Mountains
Night owl or early bird?
 G ~ Night owl    L ~ Night owl
Drive or fly?
 G ~ Fly    L ~ Fly
Big celebrations or intimate get togethers? 
G ~Intimate get-togethers    L ~ Ditto
Salty or sweet? 
G ~ Sweet    L ~ Salty
Hugs or Kisses? 
G ~ Hmm . . . I don’t want to choose. Hugs.    L ~ Kisses

TSK TSK:  Squeee!!! That was just too awesome!! THANK YOU so much Gabby and Lucas!! 
So, want to know more about these two and all that happens to them?  Scroll down and read all about INCEPTION!!!  Make sure you keep scrolling so you can find out about the GIVEAWAY!!!

The world is in danger. Mankind is sinking deeper into darkness it cannot understand
Demons are easily capturing souls as they lead men and women down dangerous paths from which there is no return, while Javan, one of the Fallen, seeks an ancient book and the power it promises. If he succeeds, humans — and the world as they know it — will be destroyed.
There is someone who is capable of stopping Javan...
If she discovers him in time.
Gabrielle is one of the most powerful angels ever created, her job one of the most important. She has come to Earth to learn more about humans and what influences them, and to fight evil she sees growing at an alarming rate. She soon finds herself carelessly distracted with one human in particular, however. Lucas Watkins holds a promise of peace and love for Gabrielle that she never believed she could have again.
Caught between her new mortal ties and ancient immortal responsibilities, Gabrielle must race against what seems to be an ever-quickening clock to learn what she needs to know, uncover Javan’s plan, and find a way to stop him and all who live in Shadows.
Join Gabrielle and her allies in a story of love — past and present — fantastical beings, hidden realms, magic, fate, loss, and the fight of good versus evil in, The Reaping Chronicles.

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 Teal Haviland lives in Tennessee with her daughter and her four-legged friends. She enjoys photography, travel, reading, music, cooking, daydreaming, writing (of course), and above all spending time with her family and friends.
Teal grew up with a love for anything fantastical or outrageous. After years of dreaming of worlds where fairies, angels, demons, and shape shifters (to name a few) exist, she finally decided to begin writing her stories down. Inception, book one in her series The Reaping Chronicles, is her first published novel.

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