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*creeeeak...Big double doors open slowly to reveal Kathryn and Shelley donning dark cloaks and devilish grins...*
Welcome to our stop on the Spooktacular Halloween Blog Hop hosted by two sweet little witches, Sabrina and Pam from Sabrina's Paranormal Palace and Racing to Read. Please step into our Fright Night Theatre where we've each collected our Top 5 favorite SCARY movies of all time. Since we love all things paranormal we couldn't pass up the chance to share with you the big screen chillers and thrillers that fascinate us, creep us out, make us laugh nervously and uncontrollably, cover our eyes and peek through our fingers, scream bloody murder (or bloody Mary), and scare the ever living hell out of us.
Don't worry. You're safe with us. We've got the place protected with crystals and spells. Isn't that right, Kat? Kat??!!! Where could she have wandered off to? *shrugs* Never fear. I've got your back. Now where's my scythe? Bahaha. OK seriously, come on in. Make yourself at home. Nevermind the body parts. They're just decoration. I SWEAR.
We know we may have made you uneasy-caused you to pee your pants- or vomit. Cry out out for your mummy-and possibly question our sanity or yours. But don't run away scared until you've found our magic word in RED for the frightastic GIVEAWAY our hosts have set up for you. Follow the rest of the blogs on the hop to complete the sentence and fill out that Rafflecopter. Lots of treats to be had. And not one little trick. Well, we can't really promise that. You'll just have to take your chances..

You know I'm the wordy one, so you might want to get yourself a treat and settle in. Grab some classic movie CANDY. My faves are Milk Duds and Red Ropes. There's a funny story about the Milk Duds, but I'll safe that for another time. Let's get this show on the road...
#1 The BIRDS- 

A childhood classic, and the first thriller I remember watching. It was released the year I was born. Of course I had to wait a couple of years to enjoy this masterpiece. Yes, it scared the hell out of me and held me captive. The Birds made me a fan of Hitchcock and all things scary and unexplained. Despite the subsequent nightmares, my fear of the dark, and things that go bump in the night, from the ripe age of three I BEGGED my mom to let me watch anything and everything horror, suspense and supernatural. Lucky for me, she always obliged. She would tell you The Blob was the first movie to give me nightmares. That I don't recall, but she took great delight in sharing that silly and embarrassing fact. This one called to me. It began, morbidly, my fascination and love of birds, especially crows. The playground scene would later remind me of my grade school playground- chilling and thrilling me all at once- and making for many reenactments.  I could go on and on about this movie, but I'll move along...

Pinhead. Need I say more? This movie did crazy things to my psyche, my anxiety, and my stomach. I LOVED every second of it. The history of the puzzle box and the Cenobites was fascinating. I always love a horror movie that screws with spirituality a bit. The best test your beliefs and twists realities. Mixed with religion, hedonism, and sadomasochistic desires, Hellraiser does that tenfold. Frank was exciting, a bit exotic, and terrifying. And Clare? She was the most twisted b**** EVER. For me this is horror movie perfection. It's not for the weak. This is hardcore terror with HELL as your worst nightmare.
#3 Poltergeist-

 "They're here!" Another fun and chilling supernatural must see. So many great scenes but the empty pool scene gets me every time. The hype that followed the filming just ups the fear factor.

 I couldn't decide which I enjoy more. Both full of teen angst, sarcasm, and campy, predictable scenes. They both one managed to make me jump a few times. Scream kept me guessing whodunit with all its twists and turns. Made me crush on Skeet Ulrich. And that mask freaks me out to this day.
What I love most about The Craft? I love witch tales, and I adored Sara and her story, but it was the score that sold me. It set and enhanced each scene. One of the best ever-hello the Smith's, Peter Gabriel, and The Cars get covered here by some of the coolest bands of the 90's.It's a soundtrack I play often, especially this time of year. What creeped me out the most? You've got it- the snakes and bugs EVERYWHERE. Ewww. *shivers*

Complicated and totally disturbing. To think this baby started with a video game. Like Hellraiser, this throws in religious extremes and parallel worlds. And like the rest, I've seen this more times than I can count and I swear I see something new each time. This is one of the few that I can't really look at the mutants. The armless creatures or Lying Figures as they are named in the game, freak me the hell out.Pyramid Head is just plain frightening. And don't get me started on Cristabella. This movie is creepy on so many levels. And I think it's fantastic.

Ahhhh...So, here I am telling you about my TOP scary movies...I really had to think about this one...I have seen way too many and really, now a days, movies just don't scare me...But, I searched my brain, asked my hubby, and this is my list...
So, if you need anything...popcorn, soda, CANDY, or even your protective teddy bear, grab them all now....sit back and let the creepy crawly jitters come...

The very first time I saw this movie, I was around the age of 13.  I was staying with a friend and she lived out in the woods of all places.  It was just me and her at her house.  We turned the lights out and began watching the movie. Needless to say we couldn't finish that night.  Every little thing scared us to death.  So, we turned it off and waited to finish.  Even later in years, I have watched this movie and it still gets under my skin and scares me to death.  Maybe its the whole based on a true story and dealing with demons that the movie reflects, but to this day this movie ranks number one on the fear scale for me...

Well, now, as I mentioned in my intro that movies really just didn't scare me much anymore...well, my hubby wanted to see this movie about a year ago and of course we went.  I had no idea that this movie would scare the bejeesus out of me.  I am guessing the whole spirit thing is what gets me every time...But this movie totally caused me to jump out of my skin along with haunting me afterwards.  The way it ended completely done me over. I am getting chills about it right now just thinking about it...*shivers* 
#3 SAW -
Well, this movie gave me nightmares.  All I could think about was how this movie was going to plant the seed of ideas in some crazy people's minds.  Knowing that someone went through so much trouble to kidnap and torture you in to making such hard decisions only to know there really isn't a way out..Yeah..that is just freaking scary...
UGH...I just don't even want to think about it anymore...Needless to say...I never watched another of these movies afterward...
#4 THE RING - The Ring...When I first saw this, I think it was the first of its kind in which it had some creepy girl in it that could contort her body with the freaky music playing in the background.  It was also the whole prophecy surrounding it also.  Once you watch the video the phone will ring and then you have 7 days...The events that took place and the overall horror involved gave me the jitters. It really played tricks with your mind and movies like that are what really amp up the scare factor for me...

*chuckles* I bet you are wondering why I put this one here??? Well, first, I know it had a comedic undertone to it, yet when spiders is one of my biggest fears, this movie caused me to have panic attacks...Literally...I bet you are wondering why I watched it?? Yeah, I am wondering that myself right now too...But, needless to say, I did and as much as I can say, it scares me.  I mean, AHHHHH....Spiders everywhere...and big ones too...Killing people left and right...*grabs bag and breathes in and out to calm down*
Sorry...I think I am going to have to end this now...Time to get the bug spray and start killing...LOL

*Kat reappears out of nowhere*
Whew....I am so glad that is over...Aren't you Shell??? Shell??? Now she's disappeared... You never know where you'll end up in here. Just pray it's not one of the 13 gates of Hell. *chuckles* Oh well...we are very gracious that you decided to find your final rest here....for the night... and we do hope you enjoyed our FRIGHT NIGHT THEATRE...
Please be courteous and pick up all your trash as you leave...empty popcorn containers, CANDY wrappers, spilled guts...oh wait...*laughs hysterically*
That isn't possible is it...because once you come to FRIGHT NIGHT never leave...MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! 
"Tricky, tricky, tricky" Shell says as she floats down from the ceiling... THEN joins in the laughter *growing sounds of mournful wails and chains clanking reverberate through the walls* 
Uh-oh! Think it's time for our exit! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! 
*clasping hands the two rise together, flicker and vanish in midair their laughter trailing behind them*

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  1. LOOOLLLL omg you two seriously....laughing hysterically over here. Love this post soso much! And I love Silent Hill (movie and game!) - it scared the CRAP OUT OF ME watching that movie though. I had to close my eyes at the end, which has only happened to me ONCE before, and that was when I watched The Grudge!! OMMGGG....I to this day have not seen that movie completely, because my eyes were against my hubby's arm through the entire thing! It even gave me nightmares, just from the sounds my plugged ears couldn't keep out! eeeekks!!! I'm like you, Kat - the demon thing gets to me!! D;

    1. LOL!!! I am soooo glad you love the post Bailey!!!
      And you made me laugh so hard with your comment....Don't they make just some of the freakiest sounds in movies that totally creep and scare you???
      I remember The Grudge being like The Ring for me...*shivers*

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. LOL, Bailey! You totally rock! I'm so freaking afraid of spiders there is NO way I'm EVER watching Aracnophobia. I am cracking up over The Exorcist and The Ring though. Kat's other picks? FREAKY!!! This was a lot of fun and we're glad we joined Sabrina and Pam again this year. <3