Monday, February 10, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Dita of The Good Gods series by Staci Hart

 Woohoo! Here we are for the Good Gods Blog Tour. Thanks so much to Contagious Reads for putting together this special tour for one of my favorite new authors, Staci Hart. Staci has created the most unique world of Greek Gods and Goddesses in modern time. So for the next few days we'll be featuring some of these AMAZING, HOT, temperamental, and tricky Olympians, as well as the other stars (the humans) in the first book...

First up--- Aphrodite, or as she's affectionately known, Dita! She's a supercool, trendy, smart, sassy, and sexy goddess. She's a fierce competitor, with the heart of a hopeless romantic. She IS the goddess of LOVE after all. Check out all the AWESOME extras Staci has created to show off MY favorite goddess of them all...

Enjoy the pretty and don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY! ~Shell


Nickname: Dita (DEE-ta)

Looks like: 5'7”, long, wavy blond hair, blue eyes
Animal: Dove

Symbols: Seashell, Apple, Roses, Mirror
Goddess of: Love

 Dita in under 100:

A lover of love and all that surrounds it, though her own lovelife is a steaming hot mess. She's lived through eons, and is one of the oldest of the Olympians, even older than Zeus. She's friends with most everyone, though once she has a grudge, she hangs on to it for a very long time. Her best friend, Persephone, is the most important person in her life, and always makes her laugh. Dita also gives great hugs, loves bacon, and is a hoarder.


“Lex is a perfect match for him. She’s never been in love, so when it happens with Dean, it’s going to hit her like a freight train.”

“The love train?”

“Yes, filled up with chocolates, stuffed animals, and bad poetry. If I had to bet, which I realize we are, I’d say they’re perfect for each other.”


Perry looked up and smiled, but her mouth drooped when she saw Dita visibly upset. “What’s got your goat?”

“Psh, please. No one has sacrificed a goat to me in eons.


“No, you know what?” Dita waggled her finger at him. “You’re not going to ruin this for me. Suck it, son!” She crotch chopped WWE style, slamming her arms across her waist in an ‘x’ formation. She spun around and marched to the elevator, her hair swinging in time with her hips.


“I just want them to be happy.” Dita said quietly. “There’s so much hate and hurt in the world, and so much unnecessary pain for Lex and Dean right now. They need each other. She can heal him, and he deserves something real and true and good in his life. He deserves to find home.”

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