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DIGITAL or PRINT?? Which do you prefer?? #UTOPYACon2014

As UTOPYCon draws near, I start looking at the authors attending and thinking about having books signed...
It also brings that question that always runs through my head DIGITAL or PRINT???
Majority of the time I have already bought the digital copy, so, do I go ahead and buy the print??
And since this question doesn't necessarily revolve around conferences and signings, which format do you prefer??
I go back and forth in my own head but I wanted to find out what some of my friends thought about it..
So, I asked them these questions:

1.  Do you prefer DIGITAL or PRINT?
2.  When you attend a conference/signing, if you already own the digital, do you buy the print for collection? If you don't have the digital, do you buy the print to actually sit and read??
Here is what they had to say... 

Shelley Bunnell
Do you prefer digital or print?
I find both have their place. I like digital for the ease of convenience. I have a kindle so when I read an eBook, I am able to read it virtually anywhere. If it's low light, total darkness, OR I prefer candlelight to relax for the evening, I can still read the book on my phone. I have a first generation kindle. I find I read most digital ARC's on my phone's kindle app these days, since it is always on me. (I can easily sneak in a chapter or two while at work.) BUT... in the end, I LOVE my print books. I love to actually touch the artwork and raised lettering. Obviously the live version is much more brilliant and detailed. And yes, I'm a cover whore so the art really is important to me. I love the feel of the pages. The smell of the paper and ink. I like that I can use an actual bookmark. I can mark a quote or favorite passage with a Post-It®. Yes, I love those too! It's also easier to critique something printed out. You can underline, highlight- mark it with a red pen and let your inner teacher/editor fly. When I first got back into reading a few short years ago, I would write word or phase definitions and origins in pencil in the margins, and scribble notes about characters.  Now, I use a notebook if I feel the need to write something. PLUS! Hello! Autographs!!! You can't display a digital book on your bookshelves. So what is my answer? Print. Print. PRINT. I admit. I have a paper obsession. And it's not ending any time soon.
When you attend a conference/signing, if you already own the digital, do you buy the print for copy?

If I go to a signing I'm usually attending for an author I love and adore. Even if I've already read the digital I will get the print. Most likely, I already have it too. Why? Please see previous question and answer. I. Love. Print. I like proudly handing my book to the author. I want that personalized message inside the author has graciously given me. It's rare you don't get something special written for you. It's a big part of the experience. It gives me a reason to speak to the author. It shows I'm a big fan and supporter. It helps the author, the event, the stores, and the publishers. And it makes me giddy.
For a conference or panel, I'll go through the list of authors in attendance, gather the books I already have, and order those I haven't read or am interested in. This generally results in carrying bags of books to the event. At the event, if the books are on display, I'll grab a couple that I may have been on the fence about, or I'll cave under peer pressure and get one- or two after a friend has quite cleverly twisted my arm. Yeah, I'm hard to convince. *cough cough*  An example of my previously confessed print obsession??? For our annual Portland festival, Wordstock this year, I had several books already in possession. I even had a couple of print ARC's. The fest/conference/workshop hosts close to one hundred authors. It was quite a list to go through, but I had my faves. I purchased new releases and ordered from a local store. Dare I say I spent around $200?! Ugh. I had to have those books. Had to. BUT, to top it off, over the two day event, I spent another $150 more. Why all the mad spending? Well, sometimes you sit in on a panel and just enjoy what the author has to say SO much or you fall for their personality, you run right out the panel door, grab their book and boogie to their signing line hoping a friend has saved you a place, and that you make it in time. Other times, after passing the bookstore and author display tables a few times, the books just call to you. Or maybe that's just me. At any rate, I've never been to a signing where I didn't leave with more books than I started with. Especially when the signing is at our wonderful Powell's Books, where they ALWAYS have special editions and great sales at the time of the signing. They also make great displays. Impulse shoppers know what I'm talking about. Oh yes, they are a big contributor to my addiction. I may regret some of the spending, but I never regret getting the most out of an event and having new beauties and treasures to add to my shelves.

Candace Selph
I prefer print - but I usually get digital, for two reasons. 1 it is less expensive and I purchase a lot of books, 2 my husband hates to move things and makes me limit them. Typically at a conference/signing (the two I've been two) I have been known to purchase books I have digital copies of, but typically I try to avoid doing that (see reasons above) and the only ones I have reread were Quinn's because I'm that much of an addict

Ren Reidy
It's funny that you ask that. When I started readying, I always read print copies until I discovered indies and bought a kindle. I love the convenience of an ebook. If I loved the book then I most definitely buy the print copy when attending a con. There's something special about meeting an author and having them sign a book you enjoyed. I used to love ebooks but I've recently switched back to print copies. I love having a physical library even if I like the convenience of ebooks.
Oh, and Kathryn... I hate leaving a crease in the spine of my paperbacks. Another reason for ebooks LOL but when I do read them I'm very gentle.

Heather King
I prefer print but still love digital. I will buy print copies from my fave authors to have signed ones. I also love signed ARCS.
I love the cheaper prices and space saving features of ebooks, but if it's one of my faves and I can get it signed, I want a hard copy too especially if the cover is gorgeous or there is some kind of limited edition thing. Splintered, my avi, is so beautiful-it even has purple ink! Had to have that in hard copy. Lol
Misty Provencher
Starting to prefer digital, unless it's a book I HAVE TO HAVE in my library.  Then, I want both.  :)

Jackie McPherson
I tend to buy digital because it's easier & cheaper - but all my fave series I have to have in print, preferably signed.  Once it's in print, I will read it that way.  Any of my faves will get read several times. :)

All such great insights and opinions in the age old dilemma of buying either DIGITAL or PRINT...
Which do you prefer?? I would love to hear your thoughts...
Just comment below and let me know...

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