Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hear ye! Hear ye! ARE YOU LISTENING??? Gather 'round and settle in people! Kathryn and Shelley have a BIG announcement...*DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!*
Ahem *Shelley clears her throat and leans in* Is this mic on? *Kathryn pushes Shelley aside and steps up to the microphone*
[And so it begins...]
*In unison they shout* HOLY CROW- MACAROONS-CRAP BALLS! (Yes, we're quoting a couple of our fave heroines here)...
TSK TSK What to Read is ONE YEAR OLD!!! We know, right?! (Insert appropriate celebratory expletive.) Time flies when your nose is stuck in a good book- or two or three...

It's been a great ride so far. We've met so many wonderful folks; readers, authors, fellow bloggers, artists, and all sorts in between. Made amazing friendships all over the world- even in Hell- and strengthened those bonds that brought us together in the first place. Can we have a HELL YEAH, Road to Hell-Hellhound sisters?! And can we get a howl for the Grey Wolves Wolf Pack *AWOOOOOOOOOOO*?! YEAH!!!
It hasn't all been wine and roses. We've had to make hard decisions, compromises (it's a partnership here), and concessions, find our footing while diving off of cliffs and flying blind, and at times swallow our pride. There's been bloodshed, sweat and tears. Frantic late night calls, last minute changes and cancellations, a few missed opportunities- and few that made our year. Some people just blew us away. So yeah, it's really been pretty amazing.
But we're still learning the ropes, and discovering who we are and want to be in this HUGE and ever growing  book community. It's not easy. It's a lot of work... Meeting deadlines, finding our voices, attempting to be original and entertaining *cough*, honest, humble and helpful. We are here for the books and the wonderful word smiths that give us such beautiful and often terrifying escapes. We struggle at times to do a book and it's author justice when they've just blown us away and left us speechless, or to honestly critique with respect and insight for those that didn't. Sometimes you really want to just shout "WHY?!?!" "What were you thinking?!!" "OMG, that totally blows!" BUT we're here to encourage, maybe inspire and share, share, share. So though there has been heartache and pain, there has also been joy and love, and absolute awesomeness. (Yes, it's a word, dammmit!)
Not only have we read some of the best books we've EVER read this past year, we've been surprised, honored and immortalized in a few- even a New York Times Bestseller. Yep, we're bragging today-(just a wee bit),and still beaming and blushing. We've discovered and sponsored some brilliant Indies, and have been recognized and gifted by them for our efforts- which is beyond thrilling and humbling at all once. But we acquiesce, it's not really about us. It's about the BOOKS. The AUTHORS. And of course, the READERS. For without you all, well, we'd not have much to celebrate. And we may never have met...*sniffling* Oh, the HORROR! As it is, we can't imagine not being friends and compadres and NOT talking about books. Should that occur it may very well be the end of the world.
Now then, we couldn't end this post without a shout out to those who have been there from the start, become our best friends and biggest supporters and given us so much help, love, understanding and very special gifts that make our hearts swell, our tears flow (ok, that's mostly Shelley), and let us know we might actually be doing something right.
Our biggest love and thanks to...
Gracen Miller (whom without we would not have come together), Samantha Young, Nely Cab, Misty Provencher, Quinn Loftis, Michelle Leighton, Shelly Crane, K. A. Turner, D. C. Grace, Chantal Fernando, Andrea *Andie* Koz├íri (The Secret Sanctuary of Books), Jean Vallesteros (Jean BookNerd), Annabel Cadiz (Team Nerd Reviews). We know there are a TON of others we could name, but did you really want to hear more from us at this point? Yeah, that's what we thought. 

Now let's PAR-TAY!!!
So we know...enough with the rambling... let's get this party started. PARTY?! Where's the party? Oh, right...RIGHT HERE! And what's a party without fun and games, and presents, er- prizes and CAKE! *Wait! There's cake????* Of course there's cake...BEEFcake. As in swoonworthy, heartbreaking heroes and bad boys!
Ok. Ok. We'll get to the prizes. We've got two (2!!!!) fantabulous giveaways for you. Just our way of saying THANK YOU....for your support, your encouragement, and for being your awesomesauce selves.
Prize #1- A $50 GIFT CARD for (your choice) Amazon Books or Barnes and Noble. Simply fill out the rafflecopter form below. This contest will run for two weeks.
Prize #2- A SIGNED BOXED SET of hardcover-HARDCOVER TIGER'S CURSE saga by Colleen Houck *This is unfortunately US only* And for this one... you gotta work a little.
Whaddya gotta do??? Here are your choices ALL IN THE FORM OF A POEM: 1. Write a poem based on the TC saga. 2. Tell us why you should win- are you Colleen's biggest fan? Spoken your undying love for Ren or Kishan? Made Kelsey's famous cookies? OR do you have a story to tell about meeting Colleen? 3. If you haven't read the series, tell us why you'd like to have this beautiful set. This contest will run for 2 weeks. We'll pick our top 5 faves and then let choose our big winner.
Grab a beverage and some goodies and get creative- or just fill out the form. We can't wait to see what y'all come up with. AND best of luck to you all.

Now let's PAR-TAY!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Shelley: I want to give special "I love and respect you more than I can say" thanks to Kathryn for being the best blog partner a girl could ask for, for being an A-MAZ-ING friend-confidant sounding board-proofreader-critic-graphic genius and posting QUEEN.
Hey, is there any of that Micah Kool-aid around? *pours a goblet full* I raise my glass to you, and toast to another phenomenal year... and as many more as you can put up with my quirky, prone to passionate outbursts, procrastinating and ever forgetful and unorganized self.
I LOVE YA, GIRL! Without you I couldn't do this- well, and it certainly wouldn't be as much fun.
Kathryn: Awww girl...You know that I feel the exact same way about you...Major hugs to you and ALL that you do...You are just as much my confidant-sounding board-proofreader-critic-writing genuis- FRIEND EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!   I couldn't have asked for a better blog partner in all that we do...we have come so far in one year and I look forward to this year and many more!!
So, *raisies glass* I toast to you my dear sweet friend...May we have many more fun, eventful years like this one!!  CHEERS!!


  1. Thanks ladies!!! Hard to believe it already.., ;)

  2. Congrats you guys!!! Sooo proud of you!!!
    Here's for another year!!!!!
    -hugs Shelley-

    1. Thank you, Alba and for all of your support too!!! *hugs back* <3 <3 <3

  3. Congrats ladies!!! Can't wait to see what the next year brings for you both and your awesome blog. <3

    1. THANK YOU!!! For you as well. It's been a blast getting to know you. <3

  4. whooooooo party! CONGRATS ladies!!! You both friggin ROCK!!! <3

  5. are you guys kidding??? one year already?? wow, congrats then :)) You did a fabulous job guys!! LOVE you both!!

    1. YOU have been a FABULOUS friend and supporter and co-worker and...LOL. Andie, you've been nothing but AMAZING and we both love you so!!!! XOXOXO

  6. Hello Ladies!!! Happy Blogoversary!!!! One year! That is an awesome milestone!! I hope you have many more amazing years to come!

    Thanks for an incredible giveaway & good luck everyone!!!

  7. TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!! Thank you everyone for coming by!!!! We love you guys bunches!!! :)

  8. Congrats! 2nd giveaway entry!

    Blue, red, purple and green
    The covers sheen
    Makes my heart sing.

    Blue is the color of ren's eyes
    Tigers curse makes my imagination fly.
    Truth and lies are many parts that fill these pages.

    Red stands for the brother
    Part man part beast,
    One who lost his lover.
    But is worthy at least.

    Purple is the story or the dragons
    Love will be tested,
    Only one will be bested.

    Green is the one with the power
    Everyone's love is louder.
    Alas there can be only,
    One with the key to the girls heart.
    Who will be prepared to take part?

    Hopefully this counts as an entry for the boxed set of books! And thanks for giving me the chance to show off my creative side!

    1. That's fantastic, Alicia! You bet it counts! Thanks so much! And good luck! ~Shelley

    2. Thanks!


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    1. Vera--put this in the form of a poem and I'll enter you for the set. Did you enter the rafflecopter contest for the gift card? ~Shelley

  10. FYI: Just to clarify: To enter for the Tiger's Curse set your comments MUST be in the form of a POEM. You can send your poem to our email:

    Thanks everyone! Best of luck! ~S

    1. Also, please note the boxed set giveaway is US only. We're really sorry guys, but this is a huge package as they are large hardcover books.

  11. Haven't read this author before
    But I 'm always looking for more.
    I plan to add her to my list
    I have it clutched in my fist.
    Read the reviews on Amazon
    All of them were awesome.
    I love series of all kinds,
    this one appears to be a find.
    So, if I win
    the adventure can begin.

    vera28546 at yahoo (dot) com

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  13. Congrats girls!! You all r awesome and I wish the best for u in coming years! I can't believe u r only 1 yr old...ur blog posts r so amazing!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Cordelia! You made our day! :D ~S

  14. Congrats and HAPPY Anniversary to all you girls.
    Ok So Poem wise: (Here goes-I am not one for this...)

    Tiger's Curse is the first
    to break the ancient Indian Curse.

    Then comes come Tiger's quest
    but will it be the best

    Next come Tiger Voyage
    Will Kelsey have the courage

    Last would be Tiger's Destiny
    Would this be the Clarity

    (Ok I warned you I can do much with Poems but that was my best attempt, Series seems like would be a great one to read)

  15. Happy Anniversary Shelley and Kat!!!!

  16. A year already? HOLY CRAP time flies! CONGRATS my friends on your success!!! I am so happy for you! I remember when you first started this blog!! *HUGS YOU BOTH*

    1. IKR, Min?! Thanks, for all your support, sista! *HUGS ALL 'ROUND* <3 <3 <3

  17. I think I am the only person to have never read them:

    Watching the trailer made me drool,
    I want this set, I am no fool

  18. Awesome Giveaway and Happy 1st Birthday! *hugs you both* Here's to many more! *Picks up some Micah Kool-aid*

    I have not read them but they are on my TBR list and each time I see a review I want to read them even more!! And man those cover are gorgeous!


  19. Not great, but I came up with this in about five minutes while taking a study break. :)

    Two Indian princes, so different, yet so much alike,
    Will fall in love with one young girl.
    She will help them regain what was once theirs,
    break the evil curse.

    They face many dangers,
    Journey to mysterious lands,
    That no mortal eye has ever beheld before.

    Two great men,
    Fierce as tigers,
    Both beloved by the strong heroine.
    Which one will she choose?

  20. I wrote this in like five minutes. I've avoiding my online chemistry assignment. This poem does contain some little spoilers...

    (This poem is written from Kelsey's perspective.)

    One simple decision
    Forever changed my life.
    It took me on an unforgettable journey
    And even made me a wife.

    Taking a job at a traveling circus,
    Introduced me to Ren.
    A blue eyed man in a tiger’s body
    Stuck inside a pen.

    Reading to him made me feel again
    And soon love began to grow.
    Love for a man stuck in a curse
    From a world I would learn to know.

    Going to India changed my course
    and taught me many things.
    Family, friends, and love are a must
    And the happiness they bring.

    I’ve fallen in love with two tigers,
    But only one truly holds my heart.
    A blue eyed man with a poetic side
    From him, I’ll never part.

    I love this series. Colleen Houck made me fall in love with India. I've not read many books set in this world. This is easily one of my favorite series I've ever read. Team Ren <3 haha

    1. Fantastic, Kaitlyn. I feel the same way. I learned so much, and I loved how Colleen took from different mythologies to create this one of a kind tale. I truly love all of the characters, but I'll admit- I'm Team Ren too.
      Good luck! ;)~Shelley

  21. WOW!!! We sure have had some fab entries in the poem contest for the Tiger Saga SIGNED box set....
    AND...many, many THANKS to everyone coming by!! Thank you for being a part of our blogoversary and thank you to all the wonderful friends we have made along this FANTASTIC journey!!

    1. I AGREE, Kat! It's been fun reading the entries and comments. Just 3 days left. I'm super excited to see who will receive this BEAUTIFUL set.

      Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and throw your names in the hat. Your words mean so much to us and we tale them to heart.

      So... as it gets closer to announcement time, we wish you the best of luck, and in the meantime, HAPPY READING. ~Shelley