Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bloggers Blog Tour

Kathryn: Hi everyone! Shelley and Kathryn here! It's another first for the blog. We're doing a Bloggers Interview as part of the Bloggers <3 Bloggers Blog Tour put on by Tamara Beard at Indie Shop.
Shelley: Soooo, today we're chatting it up with Jamie from Bawaka
We're here to get the inside scoop. We like to know what makes people tick- and twitch. Juuuust kidding.
Kathryn: *whispers* No, no, she's not.
S: Whatevah! Let's just get this started, shall we???...
First of all, welcome to Tsk Tsk What to Read, Jaime and crew. 
K: We're thrilled to have you here for our first ever Blogger Tour interview. [Our first interview with someone other than an author or character. Woot!] Don't worry, we'll be kind.
*Jamie raises eyebrow skeptically *
S: And luckily today you won't have to contend with the minions.
J: Whew, pressure is somewhat off LOL.
*Shelley continues the security rundown*
S:We've got our demon wards up and angels at every corner. Yup. We called for reinforcements.
K: We got your back, girlfriend.
J: OH, thank goodness!!!
K: Can we continue together now so we don't leave poor Jamie dizzy? *narrows eyes at Shelley*
S: Sure. Fine. *sticks tongue out*
TSK TSK: Ok, first question: How did you come up with the name for the blog?
J: First let me say, "OMG! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!"
TSK TSK: * both girls blush brightly*
Thank you!
J: Eh hem now that that's out of the way, Bawaka started out just a simple mashed up togetherness of my besties from high school and I's last name: BA for Bauer, WA for Walker and the KA from my maiden name, Kamentz
TSK TSK: That's pretty cool.
Who all contributes, and how do you decide who does what?
J: HAHAHAHA Ummmm, well see, the contributors are Ruthi and Katy, Ruthi you know from R&M, she's my knightress of HTML codes. Katy from Book Dream Land helps me when she can.
There's not really a whole lot going on with my page. I leave it to them if they ever want to post something on my blog, they have that option. These girls rock!
TSK TSK: Knightress. Gotta remember that one. You have a cool spotlight called, "Feature Fan of the Week".
How did you come up with that? And how do you select the week's Fan?
J: Well, the Feature Fan was a mistake in a blessing. I was working on the Beyond The Veil blog tour for Miss Quinn Loftis and one of my favorite people took my questions to think they were for her. LOL so low and behold, a feature fan. I know I haven't been that active on it. I just started a new job and haven't really had a lot of time to go that way. I tried to pick my fans by who follows me or that I know.
TSK TSK: Still a pretty neat feature. What made you want to blog?
J: I am not sure. Really I just wanted in with the cool people you know, the cool crowd like y'all.
TSK TSK: *blushing again* Not sure we're part of the "cool people", but we know whatcha mean. If you could interview any author, who would you choose?
J: Um, Gosh. You would have to ask that.
TSK TSK: Yup. We ask the hard questions. *chuckles*
J: I am not really sure. I talk to some on a daily basis as it is. HMMMMMM ummmm pass please LOL ....wait!! Can I interview JK Rowling?
TSK TSK: Of course! Good choice, by the way. Do you have a special blog you stalk? What makes it a MUST Follow?
J: I have a few. I love all blogs really because I mean, trying to do one myself. That's a lot of hard work and dedication. I know you know. So I give lots of props to EVERYONE that has one.
TSK TSK: It is a lot of work. And we stalk quite a few too. What do you love most about blogging?
J: It's my blog. No one can tell me what to say or not say. My words only.
TSK TSK: AMEN! What do you dislike the most?
J: The fact that the scheduler DOESN'T work. I try to schedule a time and it neveeeerrr does what I ask it to do.
S: Lucky for me Kathryn gets to deal with all that- for now.
*Kathryn squints at Shelley and purses her lips*
K: I thought we were doing this interview together... Name one instance that made you proud to be a blogger OR where someone made your day...
J: Oh, when Quinn Loftis herself asked me to put together the Beyond The Veil blog tour, and let me tell you now, thank you so much for all your help. You helped me tremendously Miss Kathryn.
S: Awww. She's good like that.
K:*blushing* Awww....thank you...It was my pleasure!
S: Ok. Now she's forclempt, so I guess the next question is mine. If you could travel to any world from a favorite book, where would you go?
J: Any world? Hogwarts. Definitely.
K: And lastly... Do you judge a book by it's cover?
J: I try not too. I will admit I did it today. I felt really bad about it too. But I did read the back or insert and it just wasn't my cup of tea. If I don't like the cover, I will still read the inside. You never know when you will find a treasure.
S: Oh, girl! *pat Jamie's knee* We do it all the time. Though I'm pretty sure I'm the worst. Self proclaimed shameless cover whore. I'm a sucker for cover art.
K: Me too...I love covers, they draw me in, but like you Jaime, I will at least read the synopsis before judging too harshly.. HA!!

We had fun getting to know a little more about Jamie and her cute, cute blog. Please take the time to check it out yourself. Stop by introduce yourself. Be social. Isn't that what it's all about? (Just click on the pic and it will take you directly there...)

Yes. Yes, it is. So your mission is to check out each blog on the tour and sharing the love. Book Blogger Love.
Thank you to Tamara Beard for coming up with this wonderful tour. We're honored to be a part of it.
Also a big thank you to Frankie Rose for the Bloggers <3 Bloggers tour banner.
Happy reading, and Happy New Years Day! 

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