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Interview with Cast of Fire Spirits series by Samantha Young


Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog. It's an exciting week for fans of Samantha Young and her Fire Spirits series. With the early release of Scorched Skies, the Jinn lovers frenzy is in full effect.
We were lucky enough to have the stars; Ari, Charlie and Jai, literally "pop" in to chat with us a bit. Hopefully we can get some inside information before they head off to who knows where in a puff of smoke. Well, that's not exactly how they disappear. *wink*
So, without futher adieu, welcome to Tsk Tsk What to Read?...
Thanks so much for joining us today guys! It's great to meet you! Feel free to conjure any snacks or refreshments you may desire. Our fridge is stocked full just for you. We know you're very busy so we'll get right to asking the "burning" questions...

Ari, the journey to your destiny has been quite frightening at times and certainly challenging. What is the biggest lesson you've learned this far? The biggest surprise in the world of the Jinn? What do you miss the most about your "old" life?

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that,no matter how much I want to rely on myself and not on others,I’m not going to make it through this without a little (or in some cases A LOT) help from my friends. As for the biggest surprise [Ari snorts] I don’t know if I can choose one. It’s been surprise,after surprise,after surprise. I guess,though,discovering I’m the Seal takes the cake. That’s one surprise I could have done without.

Jai, what do you like about your job as a guardian? What do you dislike?
And while we're on the subject of your assignment...have you had feelings for a charge before? How do you plan to fight the feelings you have for Ari? Do you truly think you can?

There’s nothing about being a guardian I dislike. It’s an honor to guard Importants and I take that duty very seriously.

And I don’t think we know each other well enough to discuss Ari.

Charlie, don't look so shocked and surprised. It's totally obvious. And that brings us to your first question. Ari has been there for you through thick and thin. Stayed by your side when everyone else left you to your misery. You treated her pretty badly, which you justify. More or less. Do you think you are deserving of her love and loyalty? Do you really want her? Or has she become a means to an end?

OK,that was harsh. I don’t think I’m awake enough for this crap. [Charlie sighs]. I know I’ve messed things up with Ari,I don’t need the reminder. And just for the record,of course I really want her. Ari isn’t a game. And when this is all over,when I can finally put Mikey to rest,I’m going to try my best to deserve her.
We did say we'd get right to it. We don't mess around here. Please, have some fruit...*shoves tray of fresh exotic fruits in the boys faces to fend off "death stares"*...did it get cold in here?

Ari, since we've nailed the guys to the wall, indulge us with your gut responses to this query...
What are three things you like about Charlie? AND three things you like about Jai?

Uh… tell you now?In front of them?[Ari shifts uncomfortably] OK… Charlie is funny, loyal,and protective. Jai is… is… well,he really listens when I talk,and he makes me feel safe. And um… he has nice eyes.

Let's ask Charlie another toughie, shall we? Charlie? About the little deal you made with "you know who" you think you might regret it later? Aren't you afraid of what might be asked of you in return?

As I’ve already assured Jai,I know what I’m doing. Yeah,there is going to be consequences but I’ve already come to terms with the fact that anything will be worth it as long as it means avenging Mikey’s murder.

Jai, where is your favorite place to travel? And your favorite mode of travel?

I don’t really travel to sightsee,I’m always on a job. As for my favorite mode of travel… the Peripatos is practical and the most efficient,but personally I like driving.

For both Ari and Jai, what is your favorite power? Have you regretted using your powers at any time?

Ari: I’ve found telepathy really useful but conjuring stuff is really fun. As long as you’re fully aware of the consequences [shoots a pointed look at Jai]. As for regret… yes… you could say I’ve regretted using my power… [trails off into stubborn silence]

Jai: [Shoots Ari a somewhat suspicious look before turning to answer] I don’t have a favorite power. And no. I don’t do regret.

Charlie, do you think you'll be able to stay straight now that you've got a new lease on life, so to speak?

I admit I partied hard a while back but that’s over now. I have to stay focused for revenge’s sake and also for Ari. She needs me.

Jai, do you only read Sci-fi or are you open to other genres? Is Orson Scott Card your favorite author?

I like some Stephen King every now and then but yeah,Sci-fi. And yes,Orson is pretty good.

Ari, besides Metric (love them), what else is on your ipod playlist?

Oh gosh,a lot. Hmm… most recently Lana Del Ray,The Naked and the Famous. I also love Arcade Fire,Florence + the Machine, Silversun Pickups,Uh Huh Her… I could go on and on…

A question for all of you...what's your favorite way to spend your downtime?

Ari: Not fleeing from psychotic Jinn people.

Charlie: I second that.

Jai: Reading. [Turns to Charlie] Don’t think I didn’t notice you looking at me when the term ‘psychotic Jinn people’ was used.

Ari: [Sighs wearily shooting Charlie a look] I was talking about The White King and Dalí. I wasn’t talking about Jai.

Charlie: Yeah me too. I wasn’t talking about Jai at all.

Jai: You’re a dick.

[Ari clamps a hand over Charlie’s mouth before he can respond]

Jai, would you consider protecting Ari your most important assignment, ever?


How important is it to you to rebuild your families? Ari, do you think you can have a relationship with Derek, your father for all intents and purposes? Charlie, will you try to get your parents back to life too? And jai, do you want or care if your father ever respects and truly accepts you as his son?

Ari: I had hoped we could. But everything’s changed now.

Charlie: I have a lot to do once I get justice for Mike’s murder,and trying to get my parents back on track is one of them.

Jai: Who wrote these questions? I didn’t agree to these kinds of questions?

Charlie: Dude,you can’t answer a simple question?

Jai: [Glares at him] There’s nothing simple about that question.

Ari, will you search for your mother?

You know that’s always there at the back of my mind. I sometimes get flashes of that purple vase in The White King’s home. I don’t know what the future holds but I think if I ever got the opportunity I’d try to free her. I have a lot of questions for her.
What do you each of you really hope to accomplish now that you are all in the middle of the war for the Seal?

Charlie: Staying alive.

Ari: I second that.

Jai: Keeping Ari alive.

Well, we really hit you hard with the inqueries. We hope it didn't feel like an interrogation. We just really want to know what makes y'all tick. That said, we'll turn it over to you..
Is the anything you really want your fans to hear straight from the source? Any thoughts you'd like to leave us with?

Sam: There are many twists and turns in the road ahead for Ari,Jai and Charlie. Nothing in the world of the Jinn is straightforward. There are many mysteries,shady characters and yes,shocks,still to come.
Thanks again for joining us. We so appreciate you being here...

And just like that, *poof* they're outta here! Thanks everyone!  We hope you enjoyed the crew as much as we did!

Especially big thanks to Sam for allowing us this indulgence.

As always, happy reading!
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