Sunday, May 8, 2016

RELEASE DAY BLAST: The Empty Jar by M. Leighton


THE EMPTY JAR IS LIVE!  And what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a book like this, a poignant tale about the power of love.  This is what readers are saying about the new story from M. Leighton:

“The ultimate love story.”
“It is a masterpiece.”
“Heartbreaking. Hopeful. Brilliant.”
“Hands down the best book I have ever read.”
“If I could only tell you to read one book this year, it would be this book.”
“After today, life as I know it will be ‘AEJ’, after The Empty Jar. I will not be the same.”

This personal note is something the author asked that we share with you:


This book is not a romantic fairy tale. Yet, it’s the most romantic story I’ve ever told.  It’s a journey of pain and loss, of hope and happiness.  It’s both achingly tragic and exquisitely beautiful.  It’s a love story.  A true love story about real love. The kind that sees you through the night and holds you when you cry. The kind that won't give up and never lets go. The kind we all dream about and few find. But it’s real. I promise you, it’s real. I’ve seen this kind of love, and I've seen this kind of heartbreak. I got to see it up close and personal, and quite honestly, I will never be the same.  I hope it changes you as much as it changed me.

The Empty Jar

Three months touring Europe.
Romantic.  Dazzling.  Unforgettable.
The trip of a lifetime.

But some lifetimes are shorter…

We couldn’t have known it would work out this way.  No one could.  No one could’ve guessed that something so beautiful could be so tragic.

But it is tragic.
Yet so, so beautiful.

That’s what sacrifice is—beauty and tragedy.
It’s pain and suffering for something or someone you love.

And this is the ultimate sacrifice.
One stunning act of true love.

This is our story.

Our true love story.

Get your copy today!



Writing this review will not be an easy one.... There is so much that I can not reveal and that leaves me only expressing to you how much this book made me FEEL...
But truthfully...isn't that what you want to know?  I know that it is for me.  When I hear how a book emotionally captivated a reader it shows me how powerful of a story it was.
So, I am going to try my best to convey the amount of emotions I experienced in this book.  Because The Empty Jar takes you through a plethora of them.
To begin, let me start by saying that M. Leighton has truly written such a beautifully epic love story with this book.  While it has some exquisite romantic moments, the REAL love that is shown in the pages of The Empty Jar will totally melt your heart.  I can't help sighing over and over at how sweet and overall enchanting the scenes that Nate and Lena shared warmed my heart.
But while we get to experience these precious moments, we also endure some periods of tragedy that guts you...that hits you so hard in the heart that all those overwhelming emotions just begin to overflow and the tears slide down your cheeks because that is the only way to release all that has built up inside of you.  
The Empty Jar is one of those stories that will forever be with you. The love shared between Nate and Lena is the type everyone hopes for in this lifetime and to glimpse the amazingness of it on these pages and know that even though life is hard...HOPE is harder...AND sharing it all with that one person that loves you beyond everything else...THAT is what this book IS...
I still don't feel like words will truly express everything I FELT for this book.  I can say that after I read it I was left raw with experiencing ALL those emotions. There are only a few books in this world that have captured me heart and soul.  That have touched me in a way that you walk around for days thinking about it... HECK...let me just say months...and I am sure it will be years as time goes on...
I hope that as you have read this that you go and buy this book...I don't think a 5 star rating will ever do it justice.  It is worth so much more.  I highly recommend you getting The Empty Jar...You won't regret it!! TRUST ME!!

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