Wednesday, February 13, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Love is Lethal by David Chios

 Ahhh...We here at TSK TSK don't even know if we can truly express the excitement that comes with revealing the cover to this special book.  We both, Kathryn and Shelley, have had the pleasure of David composing one of his poems for us.  With such unique beauty, captured in words by the fantastic David Chios...*sighs*...telling you about it will not do it justice...
So, without further adieu...Feast your eyes on the lovely cover for Love is Lethal...


They Love me enough to giveme Life. 
Imagination is key in anyromance. Most romantics will agree that the right   gesture, assimple as can be, is enough to win them over. In this collection, I share thepoems written by me for but a few of the many that have touched me in this way.I am alive in their imaginations and in their hearts, and that is more lifethan I could ever ask for. 
set to release March 30th

David Chios was born into alittle girl’s dreams when she was 10 years old—being about the same age as she.Through the years, he resided in the girl’s mind as only a dream. It wasn’tuntil the birth of the novel Creatura that David set foot in the realworld to tell Isis’s and his story. Today, David resides within the reveries ofmany, working diligently to take over their hearts.
Occasionally, David stilldrops in to visit Nely Cab in her dreams.

Learn More About  Creatura byNely Cab:
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