Thursday, February 21, 2013

With All My Soul Mini-Reading Challenge

WAMS Mini-Reading Challenge

Hey guys, Shelley here! I have a little announcement for ya...
It is with great excitement and great sadness that I share with you I will be participating in the With All My Soul (WAMS) Mini Reading Challenge hosted by Rachel of Fiktshun. The excitement is obvious, it's a new Soul Screamers edition from Rachel Vincent, but why the sadness, you ask? It's also the series-ender. THE END. After WAMS there will be NO MORE Nash, Tod and Kaylee. *heavy sigh* Say it isn't so, Rachel! Say it isn't so!
While WAMS is the last book in  the series I still have the previous installment, Before I Wake to complete as well. So as usual much to do, much to do.
Why am I blathering about all this? Well guess what? YOU can join the challenge too!!! With All My Soul officially releases April 1, 2013, but with ARC's out and about the challenge will run from March 19th through the end of April. For all the deets follow the link below and get signed up:

FYI: Rachel also has a With All My Soul giveaway going on RIGHT NOW! Here's the link for that:

Though this is GOODBYE, I know I will never forgot this phenomenal world Rachel created for us. I also know I'm not alone in my emotional turmoil. ;)
So... I really hope you'll join me in saying farewell to these amazing characters. What better way to do that than with a bunch of reader/blogger friends?
I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks. So until discussions begin and reviews start pouring in... SIGN UP...Gear up...HAVE FUN and HAPPY READING!!! 

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