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BLOG TOUR: Mystique Antiques series by Elena Gray, Amber Scott, and Kelli McCracken

Silence is golden. Honesty...not so much.

Gwen Palmer's saucy mouth gets in the way of her heart's desire...again. Just when she is about to trade her baker's hat for a nun's habit, she comes face to face with her idol, Ethan Reynolds.

Ethan isn't immune to Gwen's loose lips. Nor her quirkiness. And something about her smile tugs at his heart. Will he look beyond her outrageous remarks and see the truth inside? Or will Gwen lose her one chance at true love?

Jonah McCabe made a horrible mistake six years ago that cost him his chance at happiness. Then fate interceded.

A last minute favor has him coming face to face with the past. Every beautiful inch of it. Her laughter still echoed in his mind. As did the pain in her voice the day she left.

Can he make things right in a race against the clock or will time continue to work against him?

A gold locket catches her eye and her heart. Inside the tiny gold frame is a picture of the one man she compares all others to. The one that got away..

Can this locket, one wish, bring back the love she lost?

 How We Became Friends...
(Amber) It all began with a blog tour. It was two years ago right about this time that I was touring Irish Moon. Kelli and Elena both commented and won a copy. They dug Irish Moon and started poking in on me during tours then joined forces with me as volunteers for Indie Book Collective back when it was just forming.

(Elena) Yes. Amber was one of the authors I stalked to find more books. It didn’t take long before I had all of them and wanted more!

(Kelli) I remember getting my first email from Amber while she was touring. Talk about a total fangirl moment. I think I still have that email... ~_^ When I started volunteering with the Indie Book Collective, not only did I get to work with Amber, I also met Elena a few months later. She was looking for a critique partner, just like I was. When I found out we wrote the same genre, I knew it was just meant to be.

(Amber) And then thanks to ParaYourNormal’s radio show, I got to hang with Kelli extra, co-hosting for a spell. Oh my gosh that show was fun. We had so many interesting authors on and the occasional what just happened moments that left us both laughing hard.

(Elena) I loved subbing for the show, too. You never know what is going to happen when you’re live. And now the three of us have started a live vlog for WTF. Writers Talking Fiction, where anything goes.

(Kelli) I had a lot of fun with ParaYourNormal. It showed me another side to this industry. Blogging and how important reviewers are to authors. But I had fun getting to know authors, asking questions for the interview and learning what makes them tick. We writers are a complex bunch with many layers just waiting to be peeled away. Now, with WTF, we’re peeling away our own layers, as well as the layers of our guests. ~_^

(Amber) I remember when we first started reading each other’s works in progress, talking about who our inner critics are. My inner critic is Charles. And, I have to say, Elena’s critic cracks me UP!

(Elena) Mine is very straightfoward and tends to drink too much. I’ve been in arguments with Kelli’s inner critic too. She never knows when to keep her mouth shut.

(Kelli) I think we’ve all argued with each other’s inner critics. They’re all opinionated little...
And don’t get me started on our muses. We can’t keep them out of the bar. They get into trouble there and then bring that trouble back for us to deal with.

(Amber) As critique partners, we have the rare but priceless relationships that we can take each other’s honesty, cheer each other on, and get creative together.

(Elena) And we go beyond critique partners. We have a sisterly bond and we support each other 100% not only in writing, but our personal lives as well.

(Kelli) I know Amber and Elena have kept me from going to a white padded room. That’s the beauty of our friendship. Through good times and bad, we’re here for each other, forcing each other to take another step in our careers. It’s like family.

(Amber) Yep, we’re a writing family. Only other writers can truly appreciate the struggle with husbands, kids, muses, characters, reviews and the magic one great chapter makes in all of it.

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