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CHASER (Bad Habits #2)
by Staci Hart
Released: October 15, 2015

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Everyone knows you should never say never.
Cooper Moore never saw Maggie Williams coming. She was just his best friend’s little sister, the curly-haired, freckle-faced girl from Mississippi who was absolutely off limits. And he never thought about her any other way — not until he saw her that night, broken and brave. From that moment on, he knew he’d do whatever it took to protect her, even if it meant he had to stay away.
Maggie never expected to find her fiancĂ© banging her maid of honor an hour before she was set to walk down the aisle, but life’s funny that way. The only option to save her sanity is to get the hell out of Jackson and move to New York where her brother lives. The only downside: Cooper is there too. And she just doesn’t know if she can stay away from him — the filthy rich, dead sexy playboy who’s allergic to commitment.
The second Maggie sees him again, she realizes he’ll be impossible to resist. Luckily, commitment is the last thing on her mind, and Cooper is the perfect escape. As long as she can keep her heart in check, everything will be just fine. Because she can never have feelings for him. Or at least that’s what she’ll keep telling herself.
Chaser is a standalone romantic comedy and book 2 of the Bad Habits series.


Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life -- a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can't forget that. She's also been a mom; she has three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She's been a wife; even though she's certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She's also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she's been drinking whiskey. Her favorite word starts with f and ends with k.
From roots in Houston, to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she's not writing, she's sleeping, gaming, or designing graphics.
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Two words, ladies. Cooper. Moore. Cooper. Moore. COOPER MOORE. *sigh* The Smile delivered. He exceeded nearly all of my dreams. He opened himself up to us in the most wonderful way. He was compassionate and kind, surprising and so exciting. He was reckless. And he was real.  He indulged Maggie and this reader. He sacrificed. He surrendered. And right before our eyes Coop become a man.

Maggie was adorable in Twisted and I wanted to be her new best friend. I was anxious to know more about her too, and really, really wanted to see her and Cooper get together. More than any of the crew, her past was haunting her, making her second guess and question every little thing.

She was hurt, insecure, indecisive, and in over her head. And she drove me insane. Don't get me wrong, I love her. She's a doll. Sweet, kind, deserves the world. But she was broken and her inability to handle things rationally and maturely made it difficult at times to keep sympathizing with her. This is only my opinion of course but the girl made me want to strangle her AND give her big push...

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. The big disaster that was going to rip our forbidden lovers apart. Maggie was in full blown duress. But for me it didn't come. Maggie and her allusions had me impatient and frustrated. And Lily... well, I kind of wanted to kick her tight ballerina ass.

Worst BFF advice EVER, Lily!!! I wanted to scream JUST. MOVE. ON!!!

Situations were blown out of proportion. It was worst case scenario all the way. I felt as if hearts were unnecessarily deceived and broken. My head and my heart ached.  I wanted Cooper and Maggie together. But I wanted it the easy way. And how could they ever be if the people in their world couldn't see the sacrifices and the possibilities? They weren't open to what we could see. What we knew in our hearts to be a perfect match. A karmic mending of lost souls.

It was a seriously rough ride.

In the end, Cooper and Maggie's story is a beautiful lesson in trusting yourself and the one's who hold your heart and livelihood in their hands. We learn a lot more about the different dynamics of each friendship. How despite the time and love shared between them all, they are still finding themselves and discovering they don't always see what's right in front of them.

After bearing witness and holding drunken vigils for their friends in hopes of cementing each couples happiness, I'm excited to see what comes next. Let's hope Patrick and Rose have gained some wisdom and perspective watching the messes that have surrounded them while wallowing in their own. I have a feeling theirs may be the bumpiest ride yet. Bring it on, Staci.

In the meantime, grab your copy of CHASER and get your smexy, mushy fix.

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