Friday, June 15, 2012

Creatura "The Lethal Book" Blog Tour

Kathryn: We're kicking off the Creatura Lethal tour right here and as an introduction, we've challenged the cast to tell us about themselves in no more than 3 sentences. So here they are; Isis, David, Claire, Nyx, the twins, Eryx and Galen (aka Gemini), Andy, and Gabriel.

Shelley: Welcome to Tsk Tsk What to Read, everyone! Who wants to start???

Galen: “I will begin, thank you.”

Andy: “Uh…not ! It’s Isis’ story. She should go first.”

Galen:  *rolls eyes* It’s always about Isis.

Isis: “I’m not ready. I need to think about this one.”

Nyx: “I’ll begin.” *clears throat* “I am mother to Galen, Eryx, an David, a wife and a lover of natural remedies. My hobbies include cooking and reading. For exercise, I shop while wearing couture fashion in five-inch heels. I can spot a lie a mile away.” Turns to look at Claire. “Your turn, dear.”

Claire: *nods* “Hi. I’m Isis’ mom. I love Italian food, 80’s music, watching movies, and my daughter…oh, and according to her I have no fashion sense.”

Isis: *smiles*

Andy: “I’ll go next. I’m Isis’ BFF. I hate it when people keep things from me.” *turns to eye Isis* “That’s why my boyfriend, Bill, doesn’t keep secrets from me.”

Galen: *mumbles to Eryx* “That isn’t what Bill tells me.”

Andy: *frowns* “What did you say?”

Galen: “That I should speak next…Hello, Kathryn and Shelley. I am Galen, by far the most attractive of the three brothers. I’m a warrior, a lover of life, and am considered a phenomenon by all women.” *raises an eye brow and grins* “Shelley, thank you for looking at me like eye candy. I know how hard it must be to exercise such self-control in my presence.”
*Shelley blushes uncontrollably but can't look away*

Nyx: *gasps and slaps Galen’s arm* Galen!

David: *puts a hand over his eyes and shakes his head*

Kathryn: Okaaay...who's next?

Gabriel: “I wanna go next. I don’t have anything to say about myself, but I did come here for a reason.” *looks at the floor* “I know Isis and David might have something going, but…” *glances at David out of the corner of his eye* “She was mine first, and I’m not letting her go.” *stares at David in the eye* “This isn’t over.” *lifts himself off the chair and to his feet and walks out of the room*
*Shelley raises an eyebrow at Kathryn*

Andy: *whispers* “Ooo…Scandal.”

David: *slightly lifts the corner of his upper lip, emitting a snarl*
   *Isis, Nyx, Eryx and Galen’s eyes widen*
Shelley and Kathryn: <We're getting a little worried here>

Claire: “Did you just growl?”

David: *not looking at Claire* “It was my stomach.”

Eryx: *repositioning himself on the seat* “Ehem…I should go next. As both my brothers, I too am a warrior. I tend to be the quiet one in the family because unlike my twin, Galen, I reflect on my words before I speak stupidities. Oh, and my favorite sport is Rugby.”
David: “My name is David Chios. I am in love with Isis Martin and she knows this well.” *reaches for Isis’ hand* “That’s the only thing about me you need to know.”

Isis: “My name is Isis Martin, and I can’t be described in three sentences or less because I am both more than human and less than human. I am, by some miraculous act, still alive. Creatura is the story of my first love, the story of my former life, and the story of my new birth.”

Claire: *with a puzzled expression* “Honey, what the hell are you talking about?”
Isis: *alarmed* “Uh…err…Just plugging the book, Mom.”

Andy: *crosses her arms over her chest and mumbles to herself* “Whatever.”

Nyx: “Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to present ourselves to the public, Shelley and Kathryn. *pulls Isis and David off the sofa and ushers them to the door, turning to look at Kathryn and Shelley* “Kiss, kiss, my dears. We must do this again. Until then, farewell.”

Isis: *with only her head and one waving hand peeking from behind the door* Thank you! Bye! 

*Kathryn and Shelley look at each other, stunned and wave toward the door* 

Kathryn: Well, we lost control of that real quick. 
Shelley: Indeed we did...

We here at TSK TSK What to Read are honored to host and also kick off
The Lethal Book Blog Tour and as you can see above, the characters of Creatura are a fun, lively, comical, and overly dramatic group...
So, we would like for you to take a look at our Reviews of Creatura if you would like and then make sure you take the time to check all the stops of the tour for interviews, guest posts, and participate in the HUGE GIVEAWAY set up just for this tour....

Creatura "The Lethal Book" Blog Tour Schedule 

June 15
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June 16
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June 17

June 17
June 18
Alchemy of Annes Anomalies
June 19
June 20
Paranormal Book Club
June 21
Shadow Mundane
June 22
Paranormal Reads
June 23
Leather and Lace13
June 24
Angel Haze
June 25
Delphina Reads too Much
June 26
Bibliophile Mystery
June 27
June 28
Books Complete Me
June 29
June 30
 Escaping One Book at a Time
July 1
Bad Boys
July 2
Starry Night Book Reviews
July 3
The Secret Sanctuary of Books
July 4
Kristina’s Books and More
July 5
Amber’s Supernatural and YA Review
July 6
Juniper Grove
July 7
Books with Bite
July 8
Jean BookNerd
July 9
Mad Sheep

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  1. oh my god!! I laughing my ass off here!! First Galen, then David, and then the

    "Well, we lost control of that real quick."
    "Indeed we did... " part...


    And WOW!! Can I enter the giveaway too?? :D

    1. Aren't they such a fun and great group to get to know???
      I laughed just as much Andie!!!

    2. The giveaway is international and open to everyone, including the participating bloggers.

  2. The novel is great , cannot wait to read it