Friday, June 1, 2012

Early Release for Bad Behavior by Kevin Hopson

Blurb for Early Release for Bad Behavior 
Most incarcerated men dream of being free one day,
 but death row inmate Jake Evans feels
differently. With prisoners suspiciously being dragged from their cells, 
only to return in anguish,
Jake wants no part of the outside world. 
However, when Jake's name is eventually called, 
he is left with no choice. What do the perpetrators want with him, 
and can he escape the fate others have already met?

Excerpt from Early Release for Bad Behavior
--A loud clanking noise echoed from the end of the corridor. Guards made their rounds on
an hourly basis, as every death row inmate had to be accounted for throughout the day. Perhaps
it was time for another head count, or maybe it was a trusty coming along to take sundry orders.
We were allowed to purchase certain items each week, including food, cigarettes, soap, and other
bare essentials. It was similar to living on your own, only you did not get air conditioning or a
nice view. I was never a smoker, but I did have a propensity for buying snacks. The procured
food certainly beat the garbage the prison dished out three times a day.
“Evans! Ready for leave!” A guard barked at me unexpectedly.
I dropped the towel in the sink and turned to face him. “What’s the reason?” My voice
lacked firmness due to the uneasiness I felt.
“Just do it.” Though not much of a physical specimen based on his balding, bronze
hair and flabby build, the guard’s stern-eyed stare forced me to take him seriously. I took the
mandatory orange top from the drawer beneath my bed and slipped it over my head.
“Arms out,” he said.
Every incarcerated man dreams of being on the outside one day, yet I was perfectly
content on staying in my cell. When you can literally walk your entire world in two or three
strides, it wears on you, and I had only been at El Dorado for a little over a month. In this case,
however, I feared meeting the same fate as those death row inmates who were dragged from their
cells before me.
I stepped forward and put my hands through the opening in the cell door. As the guard
slapped his handcuffs on me, droplets of sweat started to roll down my face, making their way
from the base of my shaved head past my hazel eyes. Despite the fact I was several inches
taller than him and in impeccable shape for a guy of forty-something, I experienced a sense of
helplessness. I was at the mercy of others now.--

Kevin Hopson--Author
Prior to hitting the fiction scene in 2009, Kevin was a freelance writer for several years, covering everything from finance to sports. His debut work, World of Ash, was released by MuseItUp Publishing in the fall of 2010. World of Ash was a Top 10 finisher in the 2010 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll, finishing number six in both the Short Story Horror and Short Story Science Fiction categories. Since then, he has had two other short stories released by MuseItUp Publishing - Earthly Forces and Early Release for Bad Behavior. In addition to being available individually in digital format, these stories are collected in print under the title Darkness Abound. Kevin's follow up to Early Release for Bad Behavior, a story titled A Gut Feeling, is featured in The Immanent World, a dark fiction anthology released by AOE Studios in March 2012. His most recent work, Three Miles Below, is currently scheduled for an October 2012 release by MuseItUp Publishing. Kevin's primary interests are in the science fiction, horror, paranormal, and crime fiction genres.

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