Sunday, June 10, 2012

Road to Hell Blog Tour

TSK TSK What to Read is excited to be hosting this tour of such a great author, Gracen Miller....And since it is June 11th, we are ready to KICK IT OFF!!

So, we at TSK TSK thought, hmmmm....what can we do to get the ball rolling and introduce the Road to Hell series to everyone???  Well, we thought we would give you all reasons on why you should read the Road to Hell series...So, sit back, take a load off, and follow along as we give our reasons on why you, a valued reader, should read this FANTASTIC series!!

Reasons to Read 
Road to Hell series

Kathryn's Reasons to read RTH

So, need a push in to why you should read this series... Well...

First...right now, the paranormal genre is swamped with stories that are cookie cutter... Well, RTH, has a refreshingly new, unique story line that isn't afraid to push the boundaries and envelop the reader in a world that is wicked, dark, and jammed pack with drama....

Second... How about a strong badass heroine!!! I love reading about a woman who grows throughout her trials, overcomes her weaknesses, and learns to rely on her instincts because this is what is going to keep her and her loved ones safe and protected...

Third...ahhh yes... On to the steamy part of the series... The HOT men... And let me tell you... They are swoon worthy!!! We will start with our King of Hell, Micah... Shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes..strong, assertive, never backs down, cocky, and just down right oozes sex...
Next we have our Sherlock, fighter of demons, Nix... Short dark blonde hair, green eyes, damn good fighter, loyal, and of course ruggedly handsome with a charisma to die for... And then there is our elusive immortal Zen... Dark brown hair, stunning silver eyes, gorgeous beyond all reason, and our keeper of balance...but... This isn't all of the HOT men in the Road to Hell series... You are going to have to read to find out more...

Fourth...this reason is going to be more personal...The Road to Hell series has become such a pivotal aspect in my life.  It is not just a series anymore, it is a family of readers known as hellhounds that genuinely LOVE this series, LOVE Gracen, LOVE the characters, and LOVE interacting/discussing all of the great things that has happened in the books or trying to guess what is going to happen in upcoming books.  When you join us on the Road to Hell, we are a fun, wicked, loyal, and down right naughty group to be a part of...

Shelley's Reasons YOU should read the Road to Hell series...starting TONIGHT! 
1. A heroine you can get behind. We meet Madsion as a sweet, beautiful, naive and troubled teenager and watch her bloom and grow into a fierce Momma and kick ass, not to be taken for granted, fine tuned evil obliterating machine. Madison is someone you want to have your back. And someone you don't want hunting you down.
She's also a real woman with everyday problems we can all relate to. She's smart, resourceful and she never, ever gives up, even if she loses her way.

2. Not just one HAWT leading man! This series is jam packed with the hottest men in fiction right now, and they range in looks; from Hollywood gorgeous, bad boy rugged, model perfection and other world grace, race; human Sherlocks, Fallen Angels, un-namable immortals and then some, and they each bring their own kind of POWER...KA-POW! They also differ greatly in personality making each of them SOOO interesting and enthralling...HAWT! HAWT! HAWT!
3. Ok, I told you about the hawt men, did I mention the scorching sex? This ain't your momma's romance novel. Never gratuitous but always emotional and intense. Sweet, steamy and all out; can't get enough of you-ravaging-what fantasies are made of-my god, did someone turn up the heat-damn,! Sorry, I lost myself for a moment there. If these scenes don't leave you hot and bothered...girlfriend, there's something wrong with you. It's electrifying.
4. Progression and no holds barred action. All of these characters grow and evolve with each installment. Is it always for the better...HELL NO! But that makes it all the more interesting. The changes they go through and sacrifices they make, alter them in surprising and unimaginable ways. Some will shock you and some will amaze you. Throughout the series there are major one on one power struggles and epic battles. Gracen brings it on full force. No one is safe or off limits and the whole world could end at any given moment. This is good vs evil like you've never read before.
So, have we enticed you enough?? Well, if you are still questioning yourself...over the next 15 days, please visit the following blogs and see interviews with Gracen, character interviews, reviews, and excerpts from the books...

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June 26 TSK TSK What to Read mentioned too....We have a GIVEAWAY to go along with this tour...
Some great prizes to be won and all you have to do is follow the guidelines in the rafflecopter below and be entered for a chance!

Here is a list of the prizes:

autographed copies of Madison's Life Lessons & Pandora's Box
Road to Hell t-shirt
Road to Hell swag
Road to Hell bracelet and bookmark (made by Sezzy Sparkles)

2nd prize:
Road to Hell t-shirt
Road to Hell swag
Road to Hell bracelet and bookmark (made by Sezzy Sparkles)

3rd prize:
Road to Hell swag
Road to Hell bracelet and bookmark (made by Sezzy Sparkles)

Gracen's Prize Pack

Hell's Phoenix T-shirt (L or XL)
Road to Hell series baseball cap
Road to Hell series Window Cling
Gracen Miller's Hellhound pin
Gracen Miller pen
Gracen Miller's Hellhound Rubber Bracelet
Skull Ring (in your size and your choice of colored skull to be arranged 
between you and Gracen)

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  1. All your reasons to read this series is right on!!!! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    Shelby Rodewald

  2. Thank You girls for putting this all together!! Love Y'all!!

  3. Thank you so much for scheduling this blog tour, Tsk Tsk, and THANK YOU for the awesome "reasons" why folks should be reading the Road to Hell series.


  4. It is Bitten by Love pleasure and privilege to host you!!! We love you Gracen!!!! Muwah!

  5. Aw, thanks Shelby. We'd like to think so. ;)
    Thank YOU, Andie for the AWESOME graphics! You ROCK!!! <3 <3 <3 Gracen, we LOVE you! You bring so much to our lives! Thank YOU, too! And thank you to all the wonderful blogs that have joined us on our first roll hosting a blog tour! Y'all ROCK too!!!
    ~Shelley xx

  6. thank you for both of these blog tours! I love love Gracen Miller and Nely Cab....oh and I have to brag just a little my name is gonna be printed on the back of Hell's Phoenix! LOVE YOU SO MUCH GRACEN MILLER!!!