Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Road to Hell Blog Tour

Rounding out the tour, we here at TSK TSK What to Read decided to send everyone off with a playlist that we feel speaks volumes for the Road to Hell series...
Hope you enjoy!!

Kathryn's RTH Playlist...
Where as there are soooo many songs that encompass this series to me, these are songs that I have listened to day in and day out and felt that they spoke volumes about the series. They aren't in any order and some songs represent all the books so far...So, enjoy!! 

1.  Soldiers by Otherwise
2.  Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin
3.  Breath by Breaking Benjamin
4.  Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars
5.  Love-Hate-Sex-Pain by Godsmack
6.  Forever by Papa Roach
7.  Burn by Papa Roach
8.  Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold
9.  Down with the Sickness by Disturbed
10.  Savior by Rise Against
11.  The Reason by Hoobastank
12.  Broken by Seether ft. Amy Lee
13.  I Don't Trust Myself by John Mayer
14.  Nobody by Keith Sweat
15.  For You by Staind
16.  Freek-A-Leek by Petey Pablo
17.  Nookie by Limp Bizkit
18.  My Immortal by Evanescence
19.. Send the Pain Below by Chevelle
20.  Comfortable Liar by Chevelle
21.  Revenge by Chevelle
22.  Face to the Floor by Chevelle
23.  Ruse by Chevelle

Shelley's RTH Playlist...

My list has somewhat of a timeline that runs true with the books, although there are several songs that you might find appropriate throughout the series.
  1. Magic Man- Heart
  2. In This Life- Chantal Kreviazuk
  3. Quicksand- Incubus
  4. Dig-Incubus
  5. *Hate Your Way- Nina Gordon
  6. Let It Die- Foo Fighters
  7. Stolen Car- Beth Orton
  8. Feelin Love- Paula Cole
  9. You Make A Fool Out Of Me- Brendan Benson
  10. All This and Nothing- Sponge
  11. Heavy- Collective Soul
  12. Once- Pearl Jam
  13. Done All Wrong- Black Rebel Motorcycle Gang
  14. Everything Zen- Bush
  15. Back Against The Wall- Cage The Elephant
  16. Black And White- Sarah McLachlan
  17. Ways And Means- Snow Patrol
  18. No Light- Florence And The Machine
  19. I Will Possess Your Heart- Death Cab For Cutie
  20. Satellite Mind- Metric
  21. So Far From Your Weapon- The Dead Weather
  22. All You Want- Dido
  23. Leave Out All The Rest- Linkin Park
  24. She Says- Howie Day
  25. The Royal We- Silversun Pickups
  26. Universe & U- KT Tunstall
*I wasn't able to find the video for Hate Your Way. I encourage you to look it up yourself. It really hits home for Madison while she struggles with her love for Micah in Madison's Life Lessons. And it ROCKS! 

And now...Wow! It's hard to believe we're at the end of the tour! We've had fun sharing our love for Gracen and her amazing series...visiting the participating blogs; reading wild and crazy cast interviews, great reviews and seeing the extras some of the girls threw in to make it even more exciting. So first off...THANK YOU BLOGGERS! You're all ROCKOLICOUS!!! We appreciate all you've done and without you, well we couldn't have pulled this off. We LOVE our Hellhound sisters and we're very thankful for all the friendships we've made as a result of meeting, reading and falling in with Gracen and her unique and thrilling Road to Hell world.
And with that...THANK YOU, GRACEN MILLER! For your friendship, the love and support you show your fans, supporters and aspiring writers...for a sexy, terrifying world we never want to leave and characters we can't bear to say goodbye to. You are a bright and shining star and to us, you always shine brilliantly. WE LOVE YOU, MOMMA!
And lastly, to all the readers and followers who came out to support Gracen by entering all the giveaways and sharing like crazy. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We've made new friends, added to the Hellhound family and hopefully gotten Gracen more of the exposure she and the Road to Hell series deserve. Again, we couldn't have accomplished any of this without YOU!
We sincerely hope you grow to love these characters the way we do. We're very excited...ok, we're salivating...awaiting the final installment, Genesis Queen. Be sure to stay tuned for details as we get them. Visit our facebook page, Gracen's and the Road to Hell series Fan Page, often, for up to the minute news on all things Gracen Miller and RTH.

Happy reading! ~Kathryn and Shelley

**Don't forget...a Couple more days to enter to win these FABULOUS prizes....**

Here is a list of the prizes:

autographed copies of Madison's Life Lessons & Pandora's Box
Road to Hell t-shirt
Road to Hell swag
Road to Hell bracelet and bookmark (made by Sezzy Sparkles)

2nd prize:
Road to Hell t-shirt
Road to Hell swag
Road to Hell bracelet and bookmark (made by Sezzy Sparkles)

3rd prize:
Road to Hell swag
Road to Hell bracelet and bookmark (made by Sezzy Sparkles)

Gracen's Prize Pack

Hell's Phoenix T-shirt (L or XL)
Road to Hell series baseball cap
Road to Hell series Window Cling
Gracen Miller's Hellhound pin
Gracen Miller pen
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