Monday, April 15, 2013

Twice Tempted Read-a-Long

Hey Jeaniene Frost fans- and those thinking of becoming fans (and if you're a paranormal romance reader, really why wouldn't you)!

With the release of her HAWT vampire leader,Vlad's second book Twice Tempted, TSK, TSK, What to Read? and The Secret Sanctuary of Books have joined forces to bring you a fun and easy read-along. The reading officially begins April 16 and the Read Along will conclude on May 9, 2013.

If you haven't read book one, Once Burned, NO WORRIES--- Jeaniene has it on Amazon kindle for only $1.99 <here> OR the mass market paperback for $5.75 <here>… with our read-along beginning on the 15th, you've got plenty of time to get caught up.

16th: Prologue, Chapter 1-2
17th: Chapter 3-4
18th: Chapter 5-6
19th: Chapter 7-8
20th: Chapter 9-10
21st: Chapter 11-12
22nd: Chapter 13-14
23rd: Chapter 15-16
24th: Chapter 17-18
25th: Chapter 19-20
26th: Chapter 21-22
27th: Chapter 23-24
28th: Chapter 25-26
29th: Chapter 27-28
30th: Chapter 29-30
1st: Chapter 31-32
2nd: Chapter 33-34
3rd: Chapter 35-36
4th: Chapter 37-38
5th: Chapter 39-40
6th: Chapter 41-42
7th: Chapter 43-44
8th: Chapter 45-46
9th: Wrap up


  • - SIGN UP
  • - Read along
  • - Actively join in our chapter by chapter discussions
  • - COMPLETE the book to receive a free gift and be entered to win our GIVEAWAYS.

Read in any way you can! That means you can read on kindle, or the physical book or just listen to the audiobook. You can join in at the start of the read along, a few days after we start, the middle etc. You can read the book through in one night or read two chapter a night, like We're going to do. This read-along is open internationally, anyone is welcomed to join.
Each morning We will post a short discussion post with FUN question(s) relating to the chapters we just read the night before. We'll include the links for each post on the date that's listed above. No right or wrong answers, it is not a quiz afterall ;) However, please be respectful to everyone's comments. And please do not post spoilers, as some readers will be reading TT for the first time.

So, how do you can fully participate? It's simple. Join the discussion. Meaning, leave a comment on our discussion posts, answer the fun question. Your comments can be as short or as long as you need them to be. If you're an anonymous commenter, you will need to include your name and email you've signed up with,  in your comment in order to be entered to win. Anonymous comments without names and emails included will not be entered. We will be checking the comments when the giveaway ends to make sure the winner faithfully took part in the read along. Also, if you want, feel free to write your own blogposts with your thoughts on the chapters, come back to us on each day and leave a comment with a link to your post along with your answers.

It’s not a must, but We would appreciate if you’d grab and put the Twice Tempted Read A Long button in your post. Or if you don’t write any post, you can put it in your sidebar, linking here, to let your followers know about this read-along.
If you complete Twice Tempted and participate in the majority of discussion, you will receive a beautiful Twice Tempted Read-along BOOKMARK and you'll also be entered to win a SIGNED copy of Twice Tempted. We'll have one US and one International winner. 
Signing Up & The Giveaway: As well as commenting, you do need to sign up for the read along in order to be entered to into the giveaway. Please be sure to fill out the form below. When the giveaway is over, We will contact our winners as well as delete the form, so no personal information is saved. As mentioned above, you do need to be an active participant in order to be entered to win!

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