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REVIEW: Violet Dawn by Lynn Rush

Hey guys! Shelley here! *book nerd wave* Welcome back to the blog! First--- I want to say a big THANK YOU to Lynn Rush and her awesome publicist Michele Trent, for gifting the ARC of this absolutely fantastic new edition to Lynn's Violet Night trilogy.
Our blog was part of Lynn's Release Day Blog Party yesterday, and I'm thrilled to be able to bring you my review today.
We've shared the news so I'm going straight in to my review...

In the darkest place, the Light shines brightest.
Emma’s love saved Jake from life as a vampire. But their happily ever after is threatened by a savage Vamp seeking retribution for destroying the Avenos Trinity of Evil.
A mysterious stranger enters the mix, coinciding with the first Vamp attack in months. Emma’s new friendship, and the suspicion and deceit surrounding it, further drives a wedge between her and Jake.
To complicate things, Emma is bitten by a Vamp with abilities no one has ever seen before, and that bite has left its mark.
A mark that might tear Jake and Emma apart forever…

Driven to write, Lynn Rush often sees her characters by closing her eyes watching their story unfold in her mind. Lynn Rush is a pen name that is a combination of two sources – Lynn, the first name of her mother-in-law, who passed away and Rush – since the author is a former inline speed skater and mountain biker. All of Rush’s books are dedicated to Lynn, her namesake, and a portion of the proceeds benefits cancer research and awareness. 


I was already a fan of our heroine Emma. And the love of her life Jake? GAWD! what's not to love? But these two (and Lynn, of course) just blew me away here. They are the perfect team. Sure they're still young, and doubts can sprout up out of nowhere, but their love for each other never wavers. Regardless of any doubts, fears or challenges, they manage to realize their love is real and nothing can break them apart... right? RIGHT!?!? That's what we've come to believe. But can the Big Bad Evil and his minions be their undoing?
Well, well, well. They certainly are put to the test and then some. I don't know what it is about my favorite authors lately, but man--- they have really had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails (and hey, I'm NOT a nail biter, dammit), clutching my chest, rooting, cheering and SHOUTING for my heroes, and cursing out loud every time I have to put their book down. Lynn made this book was no exception. Seriously... when I had to go to work, answer the phone or the door--- go to SLEEP, I cussed and swore like nobody's business.
I was so immediately wrapped back up into Emma and Jake's world. I wanted to read from start to finish and never put the book down. It nearly killed me. I had a hard time pulling myself away.
As usual, the story was nonstop action and romance... the sweetest, most honest, wonderful *sigh* romance.
And I couldn't get enough.
Lynn weaves a most fabulous web of secrets, lies, betrayal, HISTORY, mystery and paranormal intrigue, that you can't help but get caught up in. She writing is so strong that you physically feel everything the pair goes through. And as vamp hunters and young lovers, they go through a LOT. Like I said- nonstop action-surprises-twists and turns- AND an amazing cast of characters.
While my heart pounded never really knowing if my friends were going to live through this installment, I was also elated with their growth, and thrilled by the relationships they've held onto and continued to build. The friendships here know no bounds. The loyalty and protective natures of the core characters drives the story as much as the Hunter destiny's. And what's really amazing is the depths each of them will go to help each other.
Of course I loved Jake and Emma--- and hoped with all my heart that they could hold on and make it through. But who really stole my heart this time around was Emma's bff Ava. The girl's a spitfire and a constant surprise. We also see an cameo or two from an old friend that I love as well.
Ok, ok... enough with the mushy gushing. Violet Dawn is not all fun and games. Well, there were a lot of games, just not the fun kind. We had old and new enemies with more tricks up their sleeves and a lust for vengeance and violence--- and Emma. The Hunter's come up against their toughest foe yet. Bloodthirsty, smart, INSANE, and able to do things they've never seen or heard of. This story is intense. Violent. And enthralling.
Do they get the bad guy(s)? Does everyone survive? Do Emma and Jake come out stronger than ever? Obviously you'll have to read the book yourself to find out, but I will tell you, the ending is perfect, and I can't wait to see how Lynn will wrap this all up with the next and final installment. One thing's for sure--- the Big Bad is still out there and I have a feeling we ain't seen nothing yet.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read Violet Dawn. I'm really happy you enjoyed the story!!!