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BLOG TOUR: JAMB (Cornerstone series) by Misty Provencher

Welcome to our stop on Misty Provencher's JAMB Release Blog Tour! We are super excited to bring you THE Contego Power Couple Garrett and Nalena! Yup, we got 'em right cheer, babee! Oh! We've got our reviews of JAMB AND smashing GIVEAWAYS for ya as well.
Let's get to it, shall we?

Tsk Tsk: So, Garrett and Nali, What is one thing that the other does that drives you bats*** crazy?
Nalena:  He is soooo polite and gives people the benefit of the doubt.  Like with Jen- I wanted him to throw her out of his house, but he was calm and heard her out. I love it about him, but it drives me crazy too.  
Tsk Tsk: Sweet. But we can see where it would get irritating. Sorry, Garrett.
Garrett:  (laughing) You do the same thing with Milo, don't you? (Nalena rolls her eyes at him, but laughs too) What she does that really drives me crazy is simple.  She wears this vanilla almond lip gloss.  She tastes like Heaven.
Tsk Tsk: *Ahem* Yes, so we've heard. *crooked smiles to Nali*
Do you see marriage and children in your future?
(Nalena blushes)

 Garrett:  Sure, but we have to get through binding first and that's totally freaking her out.
(Nalena nods)  
Nalena:  It is.
Tsk Tsk: Oh yes, the BINDING. It's an intense and serious thing for a first love, right.
What is your biggest fear?  
Nalena: I think it's...
Garrett:  Sorry, I don't think we should answer that question. We're in charge of watching over others. I don't think anyone should have their fingers on our pulse, if you know what I mean. No offense.
Tsk Tsk: None taken, of course. We'll move on...
What do you love the most about each other?  

Nalena: His nose.  
Garrett: Here I was thinking there was something irresistible about my personality.  
Nalena: Well, sure, he's got a million things that I love about him, but it comes down to his nose. His nose is so smooth, you've never felt one like it.
*the girls share a giggle *

(Garrett rubs his nose)
Garrett: Really? That's all it takes?  
Nalena: (leaning over, kisses him) Hardly. 
Tsk Tsk: What is your favorite thing to do together?  
Garrett: I like sparring with her. I get to put my hands all over her.
Nalena: I just love talking to him. But letting him put his hands all over me...I hadn't thought of that. That's my favorite now too.  

Tsk Tsk: Is it getting hot in here?
Name something the other does that you think is "cute".  

Garrett: She sniffs me. She thinks I don't know, but I always see her close her eyes and then she breathes me in. Hands down, the cutest thing ever.  
Nalena:  How embarrassing!
Garrett:  It's true, isn't it?  
Nalena:  That's what's so cute about him. He smells like citrus and snow and everything good.
I can't help smelling him!  

Tsk Tsk: That is pretty cute, Nali. *loudly whispers* It is pretty intoxicating.
What song reminds you of the other?  
Nalena: (looking at Garrett) I Belong to You by Lauren O'Connell?  
Garrett: Definitely.
Tsk Tsk: What is one thing you would change if you could?  
Nalena:  There'd be no Cusps, no upset in the world.  
Garrett:  Peace would be great.
Tsk Tsk: That's a beautiful thought.
Do you see an end to the War?  

Garrett: The Addo says the battles always end, but the war, the war is just the two sides of humanity, always trying to stay balanced. It can never end.  
Nalena:  I still like to pretend that the Addo is wrong about that.  
Garrett:  THAT is the second cutest thing she does. She pretends the best things possible.  She's irresistible.   
Tsk Tsk: Aw... we think you're both irresistible. Thanks so much for joining us.
Garrett and Nalena: Thanks for having us!
Tsk Tsk: There ya go, folks. What a fun little chat. Aren't they just adorable? And sweet. And strong. And courageous. Ok, you get the picture. We. Just. Love. Them.

And now for more about the series and the third installment. Isn't that why we're here...

 A second ago, Nalena opened her eyes. And she was safe in Garrett’s arms. Then it all comes rushing back—the riots, The Fury, the Cusp. The Ianua community is in a major jam. Forced into survival mode, the Ianua are holed up in the fortress of the Hotel Celare. Each Cura’s top-ranking members have gathered to guard the last remaining Addo, as the entire community also scrambles to trust one another and organize a new game plan to overthrow The Fury. The trick is to keep the human race alive. But The Fury’s game has changed. They have a Mastermind at the helm and he is out to destroy the Ianua. Terrifying and brilliant, this mysterious Mastermind has organized and focused The Fury like never before. He has recruited the Simple and unleashed the Cusp’s wide-spread chaos all around the world. And behind the scenes of this big picture, Nalena and everyone around her are busy trying to keep up, while also absorbing the rapid-fire aftershocks of their changing lives. There are traitors everywhere. While The Cusp is expected to bring twists and turns, Nalena and Garrett never expected it to throw a silverware-drawer full of forks into the road. Each path tests their loyalty and their faith and makes them question who is who. Including themselves. And each other. And in the end, some things, you can never see coming.

Wow! Misty does it again. If you've read any of the Cornerstone series, you know it's a story richly detailed with an intricate and always intense plotline. Jamb is no exception.
Jamb picks up right where Keystone left us... in the middle of an uproar, full of chaos with everyone questioning loyalties, and Nalena recovering and trying to make sense of it all. That's no easy task. The Ianua's Cura's are crumbling. Addo Larry's Cura is isolated, and all out war seems inevitable.
It's absolute insanity. With so much lost in the previous installment it's hard to believe the stakes could get any higher, that there could be more loss and sacrifice, that emotions could be heightened nearly to the point of frenzy, but that's exactly what happens here. And it calls for extreme measures.
So much information is thrown at Nali that she has a hard time knowing what to believe, who to trust, what to do next, and whether she can depend on her father as her Connection and Garrett as her Vieo. It creates the inability to see the truth right before your eyes. And makes her position, responsibilities and cool more difficult to control.
This story sent me on the biggest roller coaster ride EVER. Each time I thought Nalena and crew made some headway, another wrench is tossed in the spoke and the tables turn. Even as I read passages of speculating, calculating, and planning, I was on the edge of my seat quickly turning page after page trying to anticipate what was coming next. Now I'm pretty good at predicting scenarios, but Misty fooled me again and again, amping up my emotions and fueling my anxiety as I hoped and prayed, chewing my nails to the quick, that everyone would come out alive.
So much is crammed into this beauty that it's easy to get lost in it. You get so caught up in the Ianua world, their way of thinking, their community, and you find yourself questioning what and who you believe, who Nalena should follow and how this could possibly end in any way but badly. So you hold your breathe; anticipation and hope building to the last page where...
You guessed it. Another. Major. CLIFFHANGER. UGH! Mary, Jesus and Joseph! Sweet agony and torture. But never fear, Misty leaves you with just enough hope that everyone returns and they may finally be able to Reset and save mankind. Well, she leaves you hoping anyway...
Jamb is full of action, passion, thrills and surprises. And though it was often dark, gut wrenching, shocking and downright sad, it filled my heart with more love for these fantastic characters, and left me itching to get my hands on book four. Is it ready yet, Misty???

HOLY FREAKIN CRAP!!! I mean...OH WOW!! JAMB is just sooo phenomenal...I am sitting here trying to take it all in and wrap my brain around all that happened....Whew!!! From start to finish you are thrust back in to the world of Nalena and Garrett and let me say, IT IS A DOOZY!! 
Immediately we are drawn in to the events that left us at the end of Keystone. The world is falling apart and everyone is in a disarray.  We begin understanding the lengths in which they are going to have to go through in order to gain control of the chaos outside because, in order to control it, they must first control what is going on right under their own roof.
Oh goodness, I couldn't get enough of this story.  It literally took me on an emotional roller coaster. There were moments of joy, passion, relief, grief, anger, worry...I was totally immersed in the lives of these characters.  So invested that I was completely SHOCKED at the events that passed as I drove further along in the story.  I became so pissed...I mean PISSED at what was transpiring.  Albeit, I knew the reasoning behind it, but so angry that it had to happen.  Man, my chest got so tight because I could feel the pain and hurt from Nalena and all I could do was keep reading, HOPING that things were going to turn around.  I truly just wanted to skip this part and get to the end...The world has become such a dark place and finding the right people to trust seems almost impossible. So, as I pushed through the difficult part, I kept thinking, ok, lets get this wrapped up nice and neat....then, in the back of my head I heard Misty's evil laugh...Yeah, we still have another book after this, so, we are left with a cliffhanger...OMG...falling off the cliff dying because I know what happens....*shakes head and sighs*
So, I now reflect on all that I took in....My thoughts have ultimately changed about certain characters when secrets were revealed.  Finally some of my questions were answered that have been plaguing me, yet at the exact time, causing new ones to form.  Learning more about Milo gave me a new appreciation for him.  And the relationship of Nalena and Garrett touches my soul with such adoration.  I absolutely LOVE reading about them.  
So, I am now waiting for book 4...yes Misty...I want it now...but I know, I can't rush genius... brilliance....This book is creatively unique, suspenseful, twisted, with emotional gut-wrenching moments that have you screaming at your book...If you haven't picked up this series yet...What are you waiting for??

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  1. THANK YOU TWO SO MUCH!! I love the reviews and Garrett and Nali were so honored to do the interview with you! Thanks so much for reading and I'm so wildly happy to hear that you enjoyed the story- you've got me walking on clouds the rest of the day. Thank you! :)

    1. Misty,
      Absolutely LOVED every minute of it!! You SO ROCK!! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you do!!

    2. Um, yes... you sure know how to put a girl through the ringer (and I mean ME!!!). As always you keep me captivated and begging for more. Your creativity is boundless and YOU are brilliant and amazeballs! Luvs ya!!!