Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Delta Project: Hide by Jessica Jaster

D005 has been a part of a secret government program known as the Delta Project her entire life. She has been genetically modified to be stronger, faster, smarter and to heal faster. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, weaponry and battle tactics, she has been worked to physical and mental exhaustion every day of her life. Raised without love or care of any kind, she has no idea what it means to be happy – to be free. And now she has run away. But then she wakes up on the rocky shore of the Missouri River with no memory of how she got there, or why there are bullet wounds, scratches and bruises riddling her body. Her entire past has become a blank sheet except for a recurring nightmare of her running through the woods with dogs chasing her and voices shouting at her that she can never hide. As she struggles to understand the kind of life she has never had, emotions she has never felt before, and the mystery of her past, she is helped by Brianna Hartman and Reid Phelps – the two teenagers who discover her. When she goes to live with Brianna at the Hartman Ranch, she must also learn to deal with Bri’s brother, the gruff Cormac Hartman, who is running from his own past. He seems to hate her from the word go, but when she discovers his crude attitude is just his way of dealing with the hurt he is feeling, she decides to make it her mission to draw him back into life. Then a mysterious stranger comes to the ranch and her new world comes crashing down around her as her past comes back to haunt her.

Jessica Jaster lives in Iowa with her husband and her (currently) one year old and two year old. She has always had an over-active imagination and has been making stories up in her head for herself for as long as she can remember and finally decided to start writing them down (when she is not busy chasing the two little ones around anyway) and sharing them with anyone interested. Most ideas she has so far for her novels are for young adults, some fantasy, some science fiction and some normal contemporary story-lines.

ARGH!!  Yeah, that is me mad that this book had to end...With only 182 pages, I really would have loved another couple of hundred just so I could stay wrapped up in these characters....I mean, WOW!!  Just WOW!!!
Jessica Jaster has written a tale that from the minute you start reading the prologue, you are HOOKED!!  
Delta Project: Hide centers around one particular heroine that has genuinely blown me away.  D005, Jane, Weston...yeah, she goes by all those names...why, you say??  Well, you are going to have to read this FANTASTIC book to find out....But, to continue on, Weston is such a well developed, strong, interesting, intriguing, unique character that I have immediately connected with.  You are drawn in to her struggles, you are just as curious about her past as she is, you are pulled in to deciphering exactly what it is she is capable of doing, and just ultimately captivated by this young woman.  Her interactions with the new people in her life like Bri, Reid, and the reserved, good-looking Cormac keep you on your toes and have you biting your nails for what is coming next.  
Wonderfully written, with suspenseful and enthralling events that keep you entranced all the way you just enough at vital points to satisfy your questions, but yet keeping you totally engrossed in what is still to come...
Yet..Alas, the end did come and it left me wanting soooo much more...Truly dying here waiting for the next installment..
HIGHLY RECOMMEND...Don't miss out on this one!!

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A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Mary at Booknerds Across America for hosting this GREAT Jessica Jaster for creating a fabulous story to fall in to!! 

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