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BLOG TOUR: The Warrior and the Flower by Camille Picott

Welcome to our stop on The Warrior and the Flower Blog Tour. First, thanks so much to Candace at Candace's Book Blog for hosting this tour, and to Camille for providing this phenomenal story to me for review. I only hope I do it justice. I worked very hard at not giving away any details. This is a tale you must fully experience yourself. No sneaks. No spoilers. So with that said, I now invite you to discover Camille's amazing world of Cloud Shamans, warriors, mystical creatures, and the heart of one small girl that challenges them all. I hope you enjoy my review, and don't miss the fantastic GIVEAWAY provided by our wonderful hosts.

Happy reading! ~ Shell

To celebrate Chinese New Year the tour is running Jan. 27th-31st with mostly reviews and only a few interviews and spotlight posts.  Be sure to check out the tour page with additional info and list of tour stops.

Yi, a retired soldier, has lost everything he loves—his wife, his daughter, and his home. He seeks refuge from his heartache by plunging into a secret mission for the World Emperor. The assignment takes him to the doorstep of a brothel, where he witnesses the madam beating a young girl. Drawn by the child’s striking resemblance to his lost daughter, Yi rushes to her defense and negotiates for her purchase—after all, how hard can it be to care for one little girl? But between the child’s inquisitive nature and the dangerous secret she carries, he gets more than he bargained for.

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About the Author: 
Camille Picott is a fifth-generation Chinese American. She writes science fiction and fantasy books with Asian characters and/or Asian settings. Camille grew up reading speculative fiction stories largely devoid of Asian characters and culture. This, coupled with a passion for her heritage, is the reason she strives to bring some aspect of Eastern myth, legend, culture, and ethnicity to all of her writings. To visit Camille, go to

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What a magnificent tale. Camille Picott has woven a spectacular fantasy without all the elaborate world building and difficult language. She manages (seemingly) effortlessly to narrate this exciting and thrill packed story without heavy descriptives and complicated terms. Yet she's able to capture the lush scenery, the beauty and ugliness of a society steeped in culture and tradition and on the verge of war, and most of all, the instantaneous and loving bond between a decorated warrior and a mere child.
I found myself quickly absorbed in the story and eager to follow our unlikely, but inevitable companions on their journey. From the moment they meet, it's easy to see Yi and Tulip have a rare connection. Their banter  and inner monologues offer lightheartedness and a bit of laughter to their often dire circumstances. The affection that they share is endearing and left me melting in familial goo.
Tulip's voice is so innocent and bright in such and dark and deary setting. She's the perfect balance to Yi's battle weary and broken soul.

While Tulip often steals the spotlight with her little girl reasonings and warrior-like instincts- and abilities, there is another that was just as fascinating... the kylin. Specifically, Yi's obedient beast Fire Foot, who also immediately falls for Tulip's charms. The kylin are spectacular creatures and Fire Foot shows a tremendous amount of personality, especially when Tulip is astride him and in command.
There is great magic spun throughout the story. And we learn right along with Tulip how these powers work in the different kingdoms. Magic, mystery, mythology and even street gangs, add to the intrigue, mischief and mayhem of this marvelous experience. I found it to be refreshing and unique, and completely captivating.
The Warrior and the Flower is so well written and entertaining that it has carved itself a place among my favorite YA fantasies such as Cinda Chima's Seven Realms, Ellen Oh's Prophecy, and Jay Kristoff's The Lotus War. It does deal with some colorful and adult situations so I don't recommend it for anyone under thirteen, but I do suggest you grab this one if you enjoy an excellent adventure. Warrior will satisfy your need for a well executed storyline, lively, bold, believable and lovable characters, and far off ,otherworldly and exotic lands.
This story captured my full attention and held me it's hostage to the much to soon but incredible ending, and left me eager to continue Yi and Tulip's momentous journey. The sequel cannot come out quickly enough. I need more of these amazing characters ASAP. ;)

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  1. I'm kind of in love with your review. I think you summed it up perfectly! It is amazing that this felt like an easier fantasy to read, but it never felt lacking in any way. Gorgeous review!
    Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop!

  2. Not lacking in the least! It was a joy to read. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. And, WOW! Your kind words made my day! I didn't think I could explain how much I loved everything about this book. XXX ~

  3. Thank you so much for your kind and flattering review! I am so glad you enjoyed the story!

  4. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! :)

  5. This is on my tbr, and thanks for hosting!