Friday, January 31, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Wild Things (Chicagoland Vampires # 9) by Chloe Neill

I am beyond excited to be able to be a part of this AMAZING blog tour for WILD THINGS by Chloe Neill.
One of my all time favorite series, I am so happy to be able to share it with all you today!!!
So, check out the book, my review, and of course....ENTER the FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!!!
Thank you so much to Chloe Neill for this AWESOME series and FANTASTIC blog tour!!!

Since Merit was turned into a vampire, and the protector of Chicago’s Cadogan House, it’s been a wild ride. She and Master vampire Ethan Sullivan have helped make Cadogan’s vampires the strongest in North America, and forged ties with paranormal folk of all breeds and creeds, living or dead…or both.
But now those alliances are about to be tested. A strange and twisted magic has ripped through the North American Central Pack, and Merit’s closest friends are caught in the crosshairs.  Gabriel Keene, the Pack Apex, looks to Merit and Ethan for help.  But who—or what—could possibly be powerful enough to out-magic a shifter?

Merit is about to go toe to toe, and cold steel to cold heart, to find out.

SQUEEE!!!! Wild Things, book 9 in the Chicagoland Vampires series, absolutely ROCKS just as much as it's predecessors did.  It is the most awesome thing to be able to find a series in which every book captures your intrigue and keeps you captivated.  From start to finish, you are held by the suspense and mystery,  greatly anticipating the HUGE wrap up of the crazy events that Merit, Ethan, and the other Cadogan Vampires find themselves in.
Since I first discovered this series, I eagerly await each release and dive in the minute it reaches my hands.  
I bet you are wondering, "why do I like the Chicagoland Vampires series so much?"
Well, Chloe Neill is a brilliant writer that has built a fantastical world around vampires.  But, it is not just the paranormal factor that makes it amazing.  Each of her characters are intricately designed, connecting you to their story, making you FEEL that this world, this FANTASTICAL world could actually be real.
Falling in to books like this is pure ecstasy for me as a reader.  
So, here I am letting you know that as we have reached book 9, I am still excited to dig right in to some of my favorite characters and laugh, love, fight, and uncover mysteries right along side of them.
So, we pick up in Wild Things where it continues right where Biting Bad finishes.  Everything seems to have settled some and a new direction is arise for the Cadogan Vampires.
But, with unfortunate events and prejudices from the city that they live in, Merit and Ethan have to seek refuge from some otherworldly allies.
I am not going to reveal any spoilers, I just don't like doing that.  I am even trying to keep it as clean for people who have yet to have discovered this awesome series...
Wild Things gives you everything you could want in a book.  You are filled with a plethora of emotions.  I was laughing, angry, worried, shocked, and of course turned on from the HOT romance of my two beloved main characters.  Merit is an outstanding heroine that speaks her mind, is independent yet knows when it is important to rely on others, strong and vulnerable, smart, funny, and truly has a heart of gold when it comes to the ones she loves.  I love reading about her, in fact...I WANT TO BE HER...LOL!!! I mean, come on...her boyfriend is the one and only ETHAN...*fanning myself* Yes need to find out all about him if you haven't....
*sighs* Ok...back on track...
Wild Things encompasses many elements that make this a fantastic novel.  I already mentioned the emotions you get from reading it, but tie in a well developed cast and an ingenious storyline that keeps you on your toes; this book is an incredible addition to the superb collection of this series.
A definite MUST READ!!!

The fun doesn’t stop here. Want more chances to win? You can also enter Chloe’s Wild Things Grand Prize Giveaway, which runs January 27  through February 7 on Chloe’s web site.
What is the Grand Prize Giveaway prize?

  • A Kindle Paperwhite
  • A $50 Amazon gift card!
  • A complete set of Chicagoland Vampires Audiobook CDs (graciously provided by Tantor Audio)
  • An autographed Chicagoland Vampires or Dark Elite novel
  • Two Cadogan House Novitiate Luggage Tags
  • A Cadogan House lanyard and BITING BAD All Access Pass
  • Chicagoland Vampires bookmarks, pens, buttons, and swag!
In addition to the grand prize giveaway, which will be given away on Chloe's site, You can get an extra chance to win some of the awesome SWAG from listed above from TSK TSK What to Read....
TO WIN...Merit loves her Chicago foods....tell me...What is your favorite food and why is it your favorite??

GOOD LUCK!! And THANK YOU for stopping by!!  Make sure you check out the other stops on the tour...
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  12. Really great review. Makes me even more eager to read.
    My favorite food is lumpia. I grew up eating it as a kid and I can never get enough. Mallowcakes are really yummy to, I always get my family up north to send me some.

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