Monday, January 27, 2014



I am super excited to bring this to you today...

Your help is needed....

A fabulous awesome group of authors have come together to create an anthology of works just for UTopYA...
How fantastic is that??  *Squeeee*

Those authors include:
Amanda Havard
C.A. Kunz
Raine Thomas
Sarah Ross
Amy Bartol
Tiffany King
Heather Hildenbrand
Tammy Blackwell

I bet you are wondering, how am I going to help??
Well, I am glad you asked...

We would LOVE for you all to CHOOSE the title of this AMAZING anthology.
In the poll below, you will see 4 titles that have been nominated and now it is up to you lovely people to decide on the FINAL leading title!!

So, get to voting...this will only last until Thursday at 8 pm when the poll closes.  

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Heather of SupaGurl Books

Choose your favorite title for the anthology.
Take Me to Your Reader
Close Encounters of the Written Kind
2014: A utopYA Oddity

Poll Maker

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