Wednesday, April 16, 2014

REVIEW: Two Little Lies by Adam Kunz

Lies can be very dangerous and deadly little things.
Almost four years after Laney Matthews survived a brush with death at the hands of Robbie Jameson, she has finally picked up the pieces of her life and started over. She’s made new friends, began dating again, attended countless therapy sessions, and is about to graduate in the spring from Blackburn University. Ever since that fateful night, Laney has tried to surround herself with positivity, and so far it’s been successful … but that’s all about to come crashing down.
When Laney receives news of Robbie’s release from prison, her bubble of security bursts and she begins to withdraw from everyday life. Her friends come to the rescue with a fun winter break getaway in order to clear their heads and shake off the end of semester finals. It’s here that Laney comes face to face again with Brent Lyles, the one true love that got away, and she begins to realize maybe he’s the exact thing that’s been missing in her crazy life.
Something’s amiss at the sprawling rental property though, and when things take a deadly turn, Laney and her friends are forced to fight for their lives. Has Robbie returned to finish what he started years ago? And is Laney prepared to stand up to her past demons once and for all?
The key to her survival this time though will be trust—a feeling she hasn’t embraced in quite some time.

Adam Kunz is the A in C.A. Kunz, the bestselling mother and son author duo. Growing up, he always had a fondness for R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series. So, it was a no brainer when he decided to write his own novels that they’d be thrilling mysteries with a dash of horror and a hint of romance.

When he’s not busy writing, Adam enjoys his job at a theme park in Orlando, Florida as a d├ęcor consultant. This job brings him face to face with all sorts of nightmarish creatures, especially when he decorates the haunted houses for the park's annual Halloween event. Many joke that his addiction to Starbucks coffee will most likely be his downfall later in life.

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Oooooohhhh...Adam Kunz knows how to write a stellar suspenseful thriller.  Man...He keeps me on the edge of my seat with his stories...
In this installment, we meet our heroine Laney.  Laney has had some major bumps in the road in her life and all she is trying to do is move on and get passed the events that have happened in her past.
The very beginning of this book is one of those scenes that you look around making sure you are safe in your own home...You feel the tingling in your stomach and it edges its way up in to your chest as you keep reading...Yes...My nerves were on high alert b/c what transpires in these beginning pages sets the tone for the whole book...
OH MY WORD...All you can think and feel is for Laney and what she endured...You connect with her and feel her pain, anxiety, insecurities...
We move forward and she is now in college. As the anniversary of that horrible night comes upon her, her best friends decide it is time to get away and have some fun...
I bet you can guess where this is kind of going eh???
Well, don't be fooled...Adam Kunz is famous for making you look one way and then BAM, complete whiplash from being thrown the huge surprise!!!
So of course, nothing goes as planned...Mysterious things begin to happen and this puts Laney on pins and needles...Not to mention an unforeseen guest arrives and makes everything that more interesting...*wink, wink*

I was biting my nails at the suspense of the events transpiring.  And when everything was finally revealed , my mouth was gaping open in utter shock!!!
Adam Kunz is pure genius and creates stories that are action packed, suspenseful, and loaded with that mysterious intrigue that keeps you guessing until the very end...

A definite MUST READ!!! 

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